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Using Super Glue on a open wound/cut on the head

johnny reb 37 | 7,652
27 Sep 2021 #31
In life, you need to grab onto something and claim it as your own where no one hears you scream.

In your case............ would that be your pecker ?
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
27 Sep 2021 #32
I do that anyway daily :) Just like Paulina.
johnny reb 37 | 7,652
27 Sep 2021 #33
Are you so insecure that you have to always diminish women ?
Or are you just tired of getting your ass kicked by men ?
OP Cargo pants 3 | 1,198
27 Sep 2021 #34
Buddy,want some better fun instead of thinking about sex,try playing with the brains of some vulnerable loners on here.I promise its more fun.You can do wonders with your key board.See I made that loner change his white knee high socks,lol made him admit he will accept my urine and with another one,I am aiming to get both to clinch there dentures so hard while posting that they will need new ones.Hope I succeed,and trust me is more fun and you will not need super glue but a good laugh thats even better then orgasm.
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
27 Sep 2021 #35
How would you feel if you lived in such a weird fuking country where its full of male apes on testostorone and sterids and unapproachable or gold digger women and chicks everywhere and females who refuse to even make eye contact and no bathrooms anywhere or even coffee shops and a bunch of either restaurants or zabkas tores at every corner and just nothing outside maybe sports which how much of that can you do in a day or working out before getting tired to do? and no where to even get laid ever? Can you imagine having to live in an ex communist country with weird people like this and either patologia everywhere or unfriendly chicks and no one to fuk?
OP Cargo pants 3 | 1,198
27 Sep 2021 #36
a weird fuking country

Poland?I strongly disagree there man,its a beautiful country with lots of opportunities.

gold digger women

LOL they are everywhere,in the US also except there expectations are way higher.

weird peopl

Not all but some YES,you can see some here in the PF also.
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
27 Sep 2021 #37
It is an ex communist country where no woman is approachable of any age, dont smile dont make eye contact, wlak super fast especially in lodz literally a white ghetto city in poland probably the worst. It doesnt even have coffee shops or places to take a **** outside piotrkowska street. youd be happy living like this? And again me standing up for myself just because i am in an ex comunist cirminal country where the nightclubs are filled with scum (bald headed skinheads neo nazis and polak antionalist son steroids or thieves and other weirdo eastern european scum) and gold diggers is not a bad thing or fault of mine. The only sane solution is to save money and learn new languages. who would live like this?

If theyre not weird how the fuk was your eperience aproaching any female here outside being set up for your money like actually having a conversation with one in a bus, on the street, coffee shops etc. like people in usa do?

Dude in Germany I talked to multiple females of vairus ages in Berlin. I dont have a eprsonality like an arab or black guy and if a female doesnt make eye contact or is unapproachable i have a hard time even uttering a word especially like lodz when they race 100 miels an hour walking and dont even make eye contact despite the fact this behavior wouldnt help them against the patologia since unlike me they just would chase them or turn thema round or even get physical and touch people like i described in the off topic forum numerous times that happened to me since living in this ghetto city.

Its a new thing for me too guys since prison I assumed I didnt have to do it anymore"

the worse thing about them and literally of the females of any age here and people in general is all they care about money or what they can get out of you. You seriusly would be happy living in such a place or culture?

is this the sort of culture you would want to make a nest in or raise your kids to be like them and only use people? is this what you would want out of life?
Bobko 11 | 1,119
17 Dec 2021 #38
What's next? A thread about constipation?

Constipation is no joking matter.
Alien 12 | 1,973
17 Dec 2021 #39
Ban from PF is also some sort of verbal constipation.
Bobko 11 | 1,119
17 Dec 2021 #40

Most unfortunate, but all the same very surprising. The good news for Sralecz is that Poland has the answer to his problems - apple juice! This is an upside he probably did not consider when being shipped out from California.
PlasticPole 7 | 2,650
18 Dec 2021 #41
I have never tried it but I did put superglue on my fingers to play guitar. I would not put it on a wound.
Joker 2 | 2,548
18 Dec 2021 #42
I did put superglue on my fingers to play guitar.

Why would you do that?

Ive used superglue for small cuts before when I didnt have a bandage.
Alien 12 | 1,973
30 Jan 2022 #43
If you play guitar you must have hardened fingertips. Some can do it with super glue.

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