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Pop A Cork - Wine

Alien 20 | 5,227
1 Jan 2023 #151
tell it to alcoholics

to alcoholics is ......too late, anyway. Tell it to nonalcoholics.
Alien 20 | 5,227
27 Jan 2023 #152
Heineken cold with self made pizza. @Alien is happy.
johnny reb 50 | 7,221
27 Jan 2023 #153
Beef jerky & Mountain Dew is the best non alcoholic buzz a guy could get.
All those toxic chemicals and additives infused at once is one hell of a buzz.
Makes me shake like a pup shltting a peach pit.
Alien 20 | 5,227
9 Feb 2023 #154
Amarone della Valpolicella 2011, classic good wine from Italy.
Miloslaw 21 | 4,790
9 Feb 2023 #155
The reasons to ban alcohol looked very serious to them.

Yes, and prohibition proved how wrong they were.

But tell it to alcoholics.

My God! What a misery you are!
Life is short.
Enjoy it as best you can!
Alien 20 | 5,227
15 Feb 2023 #156
Life is short

.....and under the influence of alcohol will be shorter, but much more bearable.
Paulina 17 | 4,489
1 Mar 2023 #157
@Alien, keychains for you :D:

Alien 20 | 5,227
1 Mar 2023 #158
Sorry but I don't know how to open it and I'm not on Facebook.
OP AntV 4 | 623
14 Apr 2023 #159
I shall slay this bottle tonight as I did to its twin brother Easter Sunday.

A chardonnay from South Africa that has a hint of butteriness that yields to a delightful bite of acidity. Think a CA chardonnay hooking up with a Chablis to produce an offspring where the genes of the Chablis are dominant.

Not an excellent wine, but more than worthy to occupy a glass that is well-attended to.

Alien 20 | 5,227
18 Apr 2023 #160
Not an excellent wine,

White dry wine is never excellent.
johnny reb 50 | 7,221
19 Apr 2023 #161
Here's one for you Ms. Atch
Google: How the Irish pour a shot in an Irish Pub

Wish I could understand what they are saying in the back ground.
And look ....... It's Yeager Meister that he is pouring to boot ! :-)
Alien 20 | 5,227
20 Apr 2023 #162
Appassimento Salento by Gianluigi Borsari in a beautiful box is made partly from raisins. It is not really sweet, more something between dry and sweet. Vintage 2014. It will be our companion this weekend.
OP AntV 4 | 623
20 Apr 2023 #163
White dry wine is never excellent

I dissent. I have come across some excellent dry white wines. I had a semillon a bit ago that was so good it nearly made my face melt-same with a tr├Âcken riesling.


You're talking my language, Alien. That dried grape method produces some fantastic wines that are rich and broad. Italian wines are underrated as a whole, IMO.
Miloslaw 21 | 4,790
20 Apr 2023 #164
Italian wines are underrated as a whole, IMO.

They are, and the main reason is that they keep most of the best ones for themselves and don't export them!
I was never a great fan of Italian wines until some Italian friends brought me back some fine examples when returning from their holidays there.
johnny reb 50 | 7,221
21 Apr 2023 #165
until some Italian friends brought me back some fine examples

Do you remember the names of it ?
Was it White or Red and do you remember what area of Italy it came from ?
Alien 20 | 5,227
23 Apr 2023 #166
@johnny reb
Vino da tavola - fable vine.
Alien 20 | 5,227
30 Apr 2023 #168
Tomorrow May 1. What wine do workers drink?
Lyzko 45 | 9,518
4 May 2023 #170
Thought Zubrowka was more of a type of Schnaps.
Not as strong though as bimber:-) I might well be wrong.
Alien 20 | 5,227
4 May 2023 #171
Zubrowka was

┼╗ubr├│wka is definitely not a working-class drink.
Miloslaw 21 | 4,790
4 May 2023 #172

Is it too expensive in Poland now?
It never used to be.
Alien 20 | 5,227
5 May 2023 #173
too expensive

Not too expensive but to sophisticated. They prefer clear vodkas like Wyborowa.
jon357 75 | 22,638
12 May 2023 #174
┼╗ubr├│wka is definitely not a working-class drink.

It tends to be the one that people outside Poland remember due to the bit of grass in it.

I'd say it's a working class drink; more than that however, it's a summer drink served with apple juice.


Neither expensive nor particularly sophisticated. As I said, it's a summer drink served in ordinary bars.

A bit out of fashion too nowadays.

Wyborowa (that and ┼╗ytnia tend to be what I buy) aren't huge sellers nowadays. The proletarian vodkas of choice tend to be Soplica, Bols, etc plus whatever's being advertised most on tv. That or the awful 1906 vodka that Legia fans buy.
Alien 20 | 5,227
27 May 2023 #175
For the last week we were sipping Chianti Classico from 2009 selected by Tesco. Wine with the Polish tag, i.e. bought in Polish Tesco. In the meantime, Tesco has already withdrawn from Poland. Real shame. Now, if I want to buy something in Tesco, I have to go to the Czech Republic. Wine, meanwhile 14 years old , very good. Simply classic. Tesco knew how to select good wines. I miss this store.
Alien 20 | 5,227
31 May 2023 #176
I have been wondering for a long time why Ukraine was so fiercely defending one little-known city of Bakhmut. I was just as surprised why the Russians so persistently want to conquer this city. I understood it only when I found out that they call this city Artemovsk. And then I remembered that the largest European producer of sparkling wines is located in Artemovsk, not only that, he also uses the Krymsekt brand. And finally, in the cellars of this plant there were 5 million bottles of champagne wine, some very old and expensive. Well, it's clear now, it was worth fighting for.
OP AntV 4 | 623
5 Jun 2023 #177

Well written. :)

Below is a delicious Portugese wine from the native alicante bouschet grape. Brimming with lush dark fruit and a not subtle spice note. My wife says it has a vanilla whipped cream note. The wine needles the tongue and has a soft tannic presence. It's a worthy bottle.

Alien 20 | 5,227
9 Jun 2023 #178
It's a worthy bottle.

Certainly, but I see you also have interesting books for this wine. If I got it right, that thing about the Vatican and Edith Stein?
OP AntV 4 | 623
9 Jun 2023 #179
If I got it right, that thing about the Vatican and Edith Stein?

You got it right. :)

The Vatican one is called "Reclaiming Vatican II - What it (really) said, what it means, and how it calls us to renew the church" written by a young priest Fr Blake Britton. It's basically about how the liberal and conservative reactionaries misunderstand the council. That V2 was neither liberal nor conservative, but an orthodoxy meant to sanctify today's world. IMO, it should be read in every Catholic school and seminary.

The other is Edith Stein's autobiography, Life in a Jewish Family 1891-1916. She couldn't finish it, as she was sent to Auschwitz.

The quality of the wine matched the quality of those books.
OP AntV 4 | 623
10 Jun 2023 #180
Simce the inestimable Alien appears to like pairing good wine with good books:

The Pica Zabal is from the esteemed Rioja region of Spain and comes from its prized temperanillo grape. This bottle has a lush berry, particularly raspberry, aroma with an accompanying chocolate/mocha note. It assaults the tongue briefly then gives way to a gentle tannic grip.

Sophocles, well, what's to say. Undeniable genius. Oedipus Rex's theme of objectively right and wring acts is timeless. The question of justice. And so on. Classic.

Two soul enriching opus.

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