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What's your connection with Poland? Penpals.

Slavictor 6 | 198
5 Apr 2018 #361
Your home Country (Canada) is in NATO also

Unfortunately yes. Canadians are forced to pay some of the highest taxes in the World and disproportionately contribute to NATO. And for what.

So, you think I am wagging a finger at you? Poland is right next door to Russia. Canadians don't even generally concern themselves with Russia, it's far away in their minds. Canada is right next door to the United States. Poland is as far away from the USA as Canada from Russia. This being the case, Canadian leadership is securely under the same influence as the leadership of Poland. Canada relies too much on trade with the USA to give them the finger. I have said for many years, along with others before me, Canada could be completely self-supporting. The talent is here, the land and the resources. 2nd largest country in the World. Canada's products are treasured the World over. "Made in Canada" is gold. We are fighting our own battles with immigration. Poland is an oasis this way and I don't want to see it spoiled like Germany, France, Sweden or us. Did you know that 30 Per Centof Vancouver is Chinese?

Unfortunately as I mentioned in another thread, Poland will be incinerated. NATO's defenses won't be sufficient, and the only reason Poland is a target is because it is a NATO member. Parts of Canada will disappear too, but a lot of it is not inhabited. Which is why I stated in a few other threads that all efforts to make peace with Russia should be made. Where are the anti-war protests on this?
johnny reb 40 | 7,786
5 Apr 2018 #362
Canadians are forced to pay some of the highest taxes in the World

Yes, I have heard about your "free" health care system.

Where are the anti-war protests on this?

We did our part in our day with the gals burning their bras and the guys burning their draft cards.......Your Turn.
I think you're wrong about the war.... just a couple of old roosters struggling a little bit trying to get in a good position for their country, not a fight.
Slavictor 6 | 198
6 Apr 2018 #363
Your Turn.

It's everybody's turn on this one. No one is off the hook. I do hope I'm wrong about the threat but I think it's real. These guys are like a toothache, they don't give up. Neocons wanted to hit Russia when it was weak but JFK put the brakes on that. The goal still stands (see Wolfowitz Doctrine). How many Vasili Arkhipov's will there be this time around.
URFRIEND4life20 - | 1
17 Apr 2018 #364

Warsaw 420 (SE3LL)

Hi guys ,
Im here a completely new person and id like to get new contacts in the capital of Poland.
We can make a 420 or talk or something else there is to do in this beautiful city.
I leave here my email :
If anyone wants to contact me just send me an email with ur phone number ill call u back 4 sure.
Zwyczajny - | 1
13 Dec 2018 #365
Hello! i've just register on site:). I found this site accidentally, but i'm very happy about that. I'm from Poland, so if you want to ask something dont worry, hope i can help. Regards!
Lyzko 40 | 8,753
16 Jan 2019 #366

You have received from me an e-mail in "private-Message"-Box?
Welcome renewed in PF!
johnny reb 40 | 7,786
19 Feb 2019 #367
My Polish Pen Pal lives in an area called Bielsko - Biala.
I know nothing about this area where I plan on visiting when I come to Poland.
She seems to be a very pleasant and honest person with a great sense of humor.
For some reason it is like pulling teeth to get her to tell me about the area in any detail.
Are any of you Poles familiar with this area to fill me in a tad about it.
mafketis 35 | 11,709
19 Feb 2019 #368
I know nothing about this area

I was there a couple of days in the early 1990s, I imagine it's a lot different now. Nothing special, though the mountains nearby might be nice. While it's not usually considered part of the Okręg katowicki I took the train from there to Katowice and it was solid urban-industrial areas the whole way...
johnny reb 40 | 7,786
19 Feb 2019 #369
Thanks for the train info. as I may do that too as I have a friend in Katowice too.
In fact she is in the States as we speak working but will be returning home this summer for a friends wedding.
Much appreciated Maf.
20 Feb 2019 #370
I learn it to dream in Poland and I wanted to die in the west
LeaYork - | 2
23 Feb 2019 #371

Hi any Polish guys in York uk

Hi I like Polish men, Polish Rock music and would like some Polish friends
I'm 43, female, not single but never mind 😉😁
25 Feb 2019 #372
I feel appreciated and valued by being born in Poland
Miloslaw 15 | 4,697
25 Feb 2019 #373
Just a shame that you are just a bagel......
Lyzko 40 | 8,753
28 Feb 2019 #374
Better a bagel than a Polish rockLOL
johnny reb 40 | 7,786
9 Mar 2019 #375
I'm 43, female, not single but never mind

Do you have an Open Marriage or do you just consciously commit adultery when you get an itch ?
22 Apr 2019 #376

Moving to Poland AND going to meet someone there from the net

I am moving to Poland on August 1 due to the fact that I can no longer afford to live in New York City and my lease ends on July 31. It was between Poland and Taiwan which also has a cheaper cost of living and I speak both Polish and Chinese. I have met a guy on the net and he says we can be in a relationship so I am also trying to slim down before going there. I have a lot to do in these days before going there!
janbo 1 | 1
6 Mar 2020 #377

Any Ex Pats in my area (Jelenia Gora)?

I have been living over close to Swieradow Zdroj and unfortunately despite many years of trying am still pretty hopeless with my Polish. Therefore was wondering if there might be any ex Pats close by that might want to share a few beers and the odd soccer game on TV !! We can also share notes on all the thinsg that we like and those that wind us up about living here.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
6 Mar 2020 #378
close to Swieradow Zdroj

Hope it's not mirsk .

Get in touch with john and barbara at the Blue beetroot in boleswawiec, they will put you in touch with local expats .

any other help send me a pm.

Is that polskie indian restaurant still open in swieradow, not far from greek place.
LostSoul 3 | 84
19 Jun 2020 #379

Hi, I'm new here

I just wanted to say hello.
johnny reb 40 | 7,786
20 Jun 2020 #380
Hello and welcome L.S. to the P.F.
Hopefully you will stick around and share with us Yankee's some first hand insight of Poland.
Paki_American - | 1
10 Sep 2020 #381

American Pakistani Young Male

Any Polish girl interested in American Pakistani Guy? Looking forward to finding you.
Ducati 14 - | 1
8 Nov 2020 #383
My Father was born in Poland in the twenties and in 1939 he and his older brother where forced to leave their beloved Poland, they both survived but my dad ended up in the UK his older brother in Bavaria they had a reunion in 1974 i was there Dad was going to take me and mum to Poland in 1976 but sadly passed away in 1975.In 2019 I made that journey for him and for me for over 30 years my heart was yearning to do I had a wonderous week in The Old Town Warsaw I met my family visited my Grandfathers grave, I saw the field where my fathers house once was. I had a magical time and met many people who offered me friendship and treated me as one of their own even though I could not speak Polish. Poland I salute and thank you from my heart.

Strzelec35 36 | 988
9 Apr 2021 #384
your article reminds me of an interesting article i read about jadk tramiel or trzemiel who as born and grew up in Poland and after the war ended up in the us where he started or formed i think commodore. he was behind amiga btw. he went back with his sons and they looked up their old hime or areas they lived i think kielce or radom or something. super great read.
Bristol4Pol - | 2
13 Apr 2021 #385

New to Bristol

Hi! I am British and moved to Bristol recently. I am looking to meet big Polish guys who want fun
amiga500 3 | 1,260
13 Apr 2021 #386
Talk to user Jon357. Sounds like you would be right up his alley. He's in England now, but unf he's a Pom.
Bristol4Pol - | 2
13 Apr 2021 #387
Ha! Sounds like you're setting him up!? I like big tall Polish men
drzewoskidean - | 1
15 Jul 2021 #388

hello polska!

I'm a 3rd generation polish american man and interested in learing more about poland from polish people. Looking to connect and understand as I may not be able to travel to poland as I once wanted to. Thank you for the add.

Grandfather was from Poland. Mother was proud of Polish heritage.
GefreiterKania 25 | 1,123
16 Jul 2021 #389
I'm a 3rd generation polish american man and interested in learing more about poland from polish people

Hello, Dean. Nice to have you here with us. Welcome to PF! :)
Paulina 13 | 3,424
16 Jul 2021 #390
@drzewoskidean, welcome to PF! :)

interested in learing more about poland from polish people

I recommend looking through the thread "Poland in photo riddles - part 2" - you can learn a thing or two and it's fun :))

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