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What's your connection with Poland? Penpals.

av_ziad - | 1
29 Aug 2016 #332
Merged: searching for extrovert friends in Rzeszow

hi I'm Ziad
I going to travel to Rzeszow after 2 weeks
and I'm this guy who loves to have friends from different culture
I'm from Egyptian origin
and I speak English and Arabic
I'm student in the university of technology and management
I will so glad if you contact me
this my WhatsApp no 00966541074375
Chorwat - | 2
7 Sep 2016 #333
Merged: Croatians in Poland

Where can I find Croatians in Poland? I'm going on Erasmus and I want to party with my men
thenewchapter - | 1
21 Oct 2016 #334
Merged: Where can I make friends who speak English in Slupsk?

Hi there,
I'm a Thai girl who recently moved to Slupsk and I am trying to make some friends. I lived in America for 10 years so I can speak English very well, but no I can't speak polish at all. So far, I haven't met anyone who speaks English enough to hold a conversation. I did some research but haven't found any meet up groups for foreigners or newcomers. Where do I start? Any suggestions?
mafketis 35 | 11,709
21 Oct 2016 #335
recently moved to Slupsk

why did you do that?

but no I can't speak polish at all

are you learning?

haven't met anyone who speaks English enough to hold a conversation

Nor are you very likely to in Slupsk....

haven't found any meet up groups for foreigners or newcomers. Where do I start? Any suggestions?

Słupsk isn't very big or very attractive to Polish people, let alone foreigners. You might check the bus/train connections to Kołobrzeg or even better, the Tri-city area (Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia).

Your best bet in Słupsk is becoming conversationally competent in Polish. People are probably curious about you and if they realize they can talk to you you'll probably find people start inviting you for dinner and the like. Staying with English alone is not likely to be that useful in making friends there (imagine you're a foreigner who shows up in Thailand somewhere like Khon Kaen or Mae Sot (just picked some random cities from a map).
Lyzko 40 | 8,753
21 Oct 2016 #336

Do yourself and your host country a big, big favor and LEARN POLISH, at least enough to get by or why not just visit the country as a plain old sightseer and then return to Thailand!

English isn't going to get you too far or win you many browny points in Poland:-)
TheOther 6 | 3,692
22 Oct 2016 #337
Personally, I learned my English from Poland through the BBC

Really? Respect! I thought you spent a few years in the UK.
johnny reb 40 | 7,786
22 Oct 2016 #338
I thought

Well said, there are many people here that deserve such respect and Ziemowit is surely one of them.
Lyzko 40 | 8,753
22 Oct 2016 #339
Had Ziemowit learned through our ABC, his English wouldn't be nearly as good!
johnny reb 40 | 7,786
22 Oct 2016 #340
his English wouldn't be nearly as good!

His English would score in the top 10% of the college graduates in America. IMO
Lyzko 40 | 8,753
22 Oct 2016 #341
Though not necessarily if he'd learned his English through present-day US radio or TV, that's my point! Newscasters of today don't hold a candle to those of yore aka Collingwood, Severeid, Cronkite or Murrow!

Rahul katti - | 1
27 Oct 2016 #342
[moved from]

You are intrested friendship with me ?
kiepski - | 3
6 Jan 2017 #343

Any English speaking Polish folks from Biala Podlaska, or Riverhead, NY?

Hi, I am looking to chat with anybody in Riverhead, NY and Biała Podlaska. I live in Riverhead, and stayed in Biała Podlaska for 6 months. I loved that small city, my ex-wife is from there. I plan on visiting there again in the near future. I am just trying to make new friends (you can never have enough friends!).
Tomasz Krynski - | 5
6 Jan 2017 #344
Hi there,

Though I am from West Pomeranian Voivodeship (Szczecin), I join in as I totally agree with you about never having enough friends. ;)
kiepski - | 3
7 Jan 2017 #345
Hi Tomasz- I had a girlfriend here in Riverhead some years ago who was from (Szczecin).
Lyzko 40 | 8,753
13 Jan 2017 #347

I was in Szczecin my first (and regrettably ONLY) time in Poland, round about the mid-90's! Charming Old Town and castle, what I observed:-)

No one spoke English, but then I didn't expect it, as I was there on a day trip from Berlin, and so was interested in using Polish.

Oddly enough, people didn't seem to understand German either, at least, not willing to admit it! On the whole, I enjoyed myself and would return there, if I could.

How do you call Das Stettiner Haff? "Morze Szczecinska"??
kiepski - | 3
15 Jan 2017 #348
Tomasz, no I have never been to Szczecin. I spent most of my time in Biała Podlaska, and many weekends at our small cottage in Kock. Of course, I was in Warsaw several times, and Lublin as well. I hope to visit Krakow next.
Lyzko 40 | 8,753
19 Jan 2017 #349
Szczecin unfortunately is the only Polish city I've visited!

I've heard Krakow is the most aesthetically pleasing, and what I've seen of Wrocław, the main market square (Główny Rynek) is full of delightful dining spots and shops:-)
Tomasz Krynski - | 5
20 Jan 2017 #350

That "Das Stettiner Haff" is Zalew Szczeciński in Polish. I don't really know if 'zalew' and 'zatoka' (bay) can be the 100% synonyms, but the idea is simmilar.

Zalew is very close to the Baltic Sea.

Today, Szczecin is full of tourists and most people speak English. Every restaurant has employees, who speak either English or German, though the latter is not that popular.

I bet 90% of people, who are 20-35 yrs old speak English and at least 25% of them use if fluently.
Lyzko 40 | 8,753
20 Jan 2017 #351
I'd nonetheless still love to return, Tomasz! You haven't dissuaded me:-)
glasgowbuddy - | 1
24 Feb 2017 #352

Warsaw friend 25/02/17 to 27/02/17

I am a solo traveller from Scotland. I am coming to Warsaw for tow days from 25/02/2017 to 27/02/2017.

I am in search for a friend from Poland who can show me some interesting places in Warsaw. I am staying in Novotel Warszawa Centrum.

At morning I like to visit interesting places in Warsaw and evening like to spend time in clubs / Nice Restaurants.

Please contact 0044 7459500167
Lyzko 40 | 8,753
24 Feb 2017 #353
There used to be a sort of night club type place called "Krokodil", but I'd ask a native Varsovian.... preferrably over fourty about that:-) During the Communist Era, there were lots of hot spots, as well as after-hours places which were of course all illegal, but people went there anyway.

Heard Warsaw's much like any other teeming metropolis, but most Poles (as well as foreign tourists) whom I've spoken to think that Kraków and Wrocław are much more attractive!

Anyway, enjoy.
Shizuka 10 | 44
18 Jul 2017 #354

Any Polish in winnipeg?

Cześć ;D
I live in Winnipeg in Canada, I have lived in Poland for a year because I like Poland very much.
I visited Poland several times before I actually lived there, learned the language.
I am getting missed Poland, so searched about Polish community here, seems like it does exsist, but not so actively..
I would like to meet polish people living in winnipeg if they are willing to :)

Nie można po polsku dobrze, ale lubi to! chce kolezanka/kolezanki z polski w tutaj w winnipegi.
Filipe Hanasz - | 1
6 Nov 2017 #355

Hi everyone

Hi everyone my name is Filipe hanasz I was born in Warsaw Poland 17 years ago at age three I was adopted by American parents.I have lived in California 14 years now.And would like to learn more about my people and country :)
Sunnylve1 - | 1
28 Dec 2017 #356

Looking a friendship

I am uk want to live and open a restaurant business in Poland so I need to find a person who I can trust build a good relationship and can become my business partner please reply anyone who are interesting for further details thanks
Slavictor 6 | 198
15 Mar 2018 #357

Asking Poles if they seek incineration

I haven't been in the forums for a few years so I thought a return was due.

I'd like to speak with native Poles currently living in Poland who enjoy living, who wish to continue living and would like to see every living thing on Planet Earth continue living. I hope there will be at least a few who may show interest. Thank you!
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
15 Mar 2018 #358
Hey don't tell me you are the Wawel dragon , didn't someone stuff a barrel of tar in your gob a while back , better still watch out putin might turn your gas off then you will be in trouble.
Slavictor 6 | 198
20 Mar 2018 #359
Hey don't tell me you are the Wawel dragon

I wrote the post as an inducement. Poland is part of NATO and ABM missiles stationed there. NATO wants to strike Russia. Russia will retaliate, incinerating Poland. It's why I ask if people in Poland choose to exist or choose to remain in NATO. And it won't be dragons that breathe fire on Poland.
johnny reb 40 | 7,786
4 Apr 2018 #360
why I ask if people in Poland choose to exist or choose to remain in NATO

Your home Country (Canada) is in NATO also.
It would only take ONE nuke on Toronto and Canada would be wiped out.
Poland is taking care of herself against a Russian attack.
WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland signed the largest arms procurement deal in its history on Wednesday, agreeing with the United States to buy Raytheon Co's (RTN.N) Patriot missile defense system for $4.75 billion in a major step to modernize its forces against a bolder Russia.

What has Canada done lately in case Russia decides to take out Toronto with one ?
So I ask you the same question as you ask Poland, "Do people in Canada choose to exist or choose to remain in NATO ?

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