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From Barbarossa to Berlin - one of the greatest books I've ever read guys

Strzelec35 36 | 928
3 Mar 2021 #1
I read this book as either a late teenager or early in my 20s and it impacted me greatly this was when I still lived in the USA and was looking for something strong some identity with and cling to some history anything as i was being harassed in junior and high school and still could never belong over there, not just be a stupid pollack but be proud of my heritage of being Slavic or east European. Its amazing especially since it is written by an American or British person named Alan Clark. It was still when borders were around now its only barns and nobles in us in brick mortar bookstores i would just kick it at and read historical and martial art books and magazines.

"This book is devoted to the longest and greatest land battle which mankind has ever fought. Its outcome recast the world balance of power and completed the destruction or the old Europe, which world war 1 had began. Its victor emerged as the only power capable of challenging and perhaps defeating the United States in those very fields of technology and material power in which the new world had gone accustomed to pre-eminence."

I dont have it anymore or need to find it. ut inside the book there is a quote how a German said now war has began and this was before Moscow he basically said how this is the enemy that may end them. may end the Reich. they dont cry out or feel pain and act like it was expected or not a shock to them basically the toughest humans they ever came across and faced.

This is another one by John Erickson called the road to Stalingrad I also read the road to Berlin or the sequel in prison:
OP Strzelec35 36 | 928
3 Mar 2021 #2
"From this study is one able to draw any conclusions? I believe the answer is yes but they are not in a kind which we in the west can service much comfort. It does seem that the Russians could have won the war on their own or at least fought the Germans to a standstill. Without much help from the West. Such relief as they derive from our participation - the distraction of a few enemy units, the supply of a large quantity of material - which was marginal, not critical. That is to say it affected the duration but not the outcome of the struggle."
jon357 72 | 21,259
5 Mar 2021 #3
Have you read the Anthony Beevor books on teh Battle of Stalingrad and the Fall of Berlin?

They're good to read and give a lot of insight into what actually happened.
Miloslaw 18 | 4,554
5 Mar 2021 #4
Anything by Norman Davies.. especially his books on Poland and Europe in general.
I recommend "Gods Playground", one of my favourite books.
OP Strzelec35 36 | 928
5 Mar 2021 #5
jon, Ive read Stalingrad it was good. Ive read some of the sequel but found it ok. Miroslav, nah those books are boring and essentially Polish propaganda like support of the already debunked suvorov myth on Stalin invading Europe etc. just more Polish propaganda this time by some Russian hating British guy. plus they are dry to read. its like reading david glantz. beevor is good tho. also if youre into half truths or myths of Stalingrad ear of the rats was good about the sniper battle.
Miloslaw 18 | 4,554
5 Mar 2021 #6
polish propaganda

Norman Davis is Welsh you twat.....
OP Strzelec35 36 | 928
5 Mar 2021 #7
anyone that believes suvorov or that sort of propaganda im not even going to bother reading the rest. anyone that believes crap that has been debunked time again isnt worth reading. or how he made some statement saying Poland was in war or some crap until 1989. so Walesa is a hero to him it seems either way i wont bother reading any of his stuff.
Miloslaw 18 | 4,554
5 Mar 2021 #8
I wont bother reading any of his stuff.

That is fine.
You have every human right to remain an ignoramous.
And further more, I will protect your right to achieve that goal!!
OP Strzelec35 36 | 928
5 Mar 2021 #9
nobody that isnt some ridiculous right wing eastern European nationalists will take suvorov seriously and he has been debunked everywhere including on youtube:

it is nazi way of thinking and propaganda. Poland has a lot of ignoramuses tho so they sell his books.
Miloslaw 18 | 4,554
5 Mar 2021 #10
poland has a lot of ignoramuses

Definately not a Pole.....are you Russsian or Ukranian?
OP Strzelec35 36 | 928
5 Mar 2021 #11
You should read this book called Lithuania a history. It talks about Poland a lot and the commonwealth and was written by a Lithuanian guy. So now arussians for you to smear and he says pretty much the truth in it. I believe thie is it I read this book in prison at corcoran or satf:

" "During 1918-20 Lithuania successfully fought a war with newly independent Poland to defend its independence. At the end of 1920, however, Poland annexed Lithuania's capital city and province of Vilnius, which it held until World War II. Lithuania refused to have diplomatic relations with Poland until 1938 on the grounds that Poland illegally held the Vilnius region."

" Lithuanians retained their nature-centered religion until 14th century, earning the fame of Europe's last pagans.
The golden age of Lithuanian history starts with the Gediminaiciai dynasty. The patriarch of this dynasty was Vytenis, whose son Gediminas established Vilnius in 132."

if you want the history of Poland this book is pretty good:

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