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Studying Computer Science in Poland - books to read before entering the University

bledi 2 | 11
25 Oct 2011 #1
Hello everyone.
Is there anybody who was studying Computer Science? If yes I'm looking for some suggestions about books to read before entering the University.
P.S I don't speak enough polish as to be able to read,learn or analyze a book so ENGLISH suggestions only!
Thanks in advance!
gumishu 15 | 6,184
25 Oct 2011 #2
if you are going to study computer science in Poland all you initially need is solid base in mathematics - I don't know how a recrutation process for foreign students in Polish universities looks like - but if there is an entry exam then it is gonna be mathematics on a pretty high level - what is more you would do yourself a favour if you manage to learn at least part of the higher mathematics (integrals, series, sequences, two argument functions and similar) before you enroll - it will save you a lot of stress - the courses of mathematics (there are a couple of separate courses like algebra, mathematical analysis, set theory and logics) are very intensive and it is possible that you won't be able to catch up with their pace

also basic knowledge of algorithms and perhaps a knowledge of one of basic programming languages will help - if you learned object programming before joining a CS course you will be all right for the first 2-3 years
OP bledi 2 | 11
25 Oct 2011 #3
Thanks Gumishu,I was studying geography(it's what I liked at the time :P) and it came out that finding a work which requires bachelor's degree in geography is almost impossible :(

You're the man.

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