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Thousands of Polish women attend Czarny Piątek rally in Warsaw

SigSauer 4 | 397
24 Mar 2018 #31

Yea, look at these two Waffen-SS members.

OP jon357 69 | 18,420
24 Mar 2018 #32
The waffen-SS hasn't existed for decades. It isn't the useful idiots that make the trouble; they just silently sit by while it happens. It's these inbreds that do the organising and the shouting.

Such a contrast with the Polish Czarny Protest, which really is a grassroots thing.

Bieganski 17 | 896
24 Mar 2018 #33
55 000 assuming that is a correct number (I doubt it) is not that many...those are just some commie trash.

The Bolshevik Revolution was not lead by millions but only by a party numbering in its tens of thousands. History records that the commie trash back then went on to enslave and murder others in the hundreds of millions.

If this 55,000 crowd of feminists got their way with abortion on demand how many millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions of Polish children would eventually be aborted in decades to come?

This will only lead to a lower population of native Poles. These latter-day communists know this and having created the problem their final solution would be replacement levels of immigrants from poor, low IQ, overpopulated regions of the world.

Feminism's mantra is that it seeks equality but this is a lie.

Feminism grew out of the Marxist Frankfurt School and its sinister creed of "Critical Theory".

Feminism is nothing more than one of many wrecking bars used to destroy homogenous Western societies because this is the ultimate goal of Critical Theory.

So the crowd of 55,000 are indeed commie trash.

Everything they are marching about can be related to this article:

"...the fundamental themes of social criticism that Marx puts forward...and a critique of the social relations...have clear implications for a theory of gender emancipation. Thus Marx's principles lay the ground for a formulation of a socialist feminism."

cms neuf - | 1,663
24 Mar 2018 #34
Can you find any writing by Adorno or Horkeimer or Leopold that mentions abortion ? It was several decades ago that i studied that and it was dull but i dont remember any of it discussing abortion.

In fact i had not thought about it for years until i read Andrew Breitbarts half baked book last year, and on googling "Frankfurt school abortion" then the first few pages are by anti semitic whackjobs, mostly in the US. But I am sure you can put me right.

There were I am sure a good number of PiS voters in those crowds yesterday - PiS did very well among working class mums in 2015 but a lot were on the streets.
Ironside 51 | 11,510
24 Mar 2018 #35
Commie trash!!!???

Sure, and idiots there are everywhere. Basically those crazy commie people are on the fringes of society. By the way what rights? Those BS trump up 'rights' that suppose to protect women from the 'oppressive patriarchy'? Are you a one of that crazy bunch?

A very broad cross-section of society atten

Yes, a crazy commie, ignorant trash from all walks of life.

Such a contrast with the Polish Czarny Protest, which really is a grassroots thing.

how many times you will post those same few pictures with the same few people from early 90'?It boring.
I can find 10 people who believe to be an alien or tons of them to who claim to be incarnation of Alexander the Great or any other give historical person.

It doesn't say anything about nothing but you and your obsessions.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
24 Mar 2018 #36
So the crowd of 55,000 are indeed commie trash.

It's such a shame that a Canadian like yourself calls Polish women "Trash". One would be well advised to remember that defaming Polish women, as an integral part of the Polish Nation, is an offence.
Bieganski 17 | 896
24 Mar 2018 #37
"Polish women" you say or women who discovered their Jewish roots (along with homosexuals who start threads like this one) and now arrogantly believe they are representative of all actual Polish women?
Sparks11 - | 335
24 Mar 2018 #38
It seems the people calljng the protestors crazy feminists dont really have any connection with polish society.
cms neuf - | 1,663
24 Mar 2018 #39
Or any connection to women - I think they are all single guys
Bieganski 17 | 896
24 Mar 2018 #40
Feminists preach gender equality but practice anything but that. Feminism is only about establishing so-called "rights" for women (which includes abortion) at the full expense of wider society.

Poland is merely another battlefront in feminism's war against traditional family values which places procreation in high esteem.

Additionally, cuckolds, simps and beta male providers who obediently and obsequiously carry water for feminism in the desperate hope they will get laid in return simply do not represent or inspire real men.
cms neuf - | 1,663
24 Mar 2018 #41
But this law is not about abortion at will - its about having to give birth to disabled children
Bieganski 17 | 896
24 Mar 2018 #42

That argument is simply a wedge.

Before it was that children were being born following rape and incest.

Then despite having modern medical care that women were dying giving child birth.

Now children are being born disabled.

Why not just come out and admit that you like the Nazis and today's feminist fanatics believe in eugenics?

If you truly believed in aborting children because they would be born disabled then you would have to support euthanasia for teens and adults who become disabled later in life even though they were born healthy.

Face it, feminism wants to give women rights and opportunities without ever being subjected to any responsibilities for others or their own actions.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
24 Mar 2018 #43
Thousands LOL. It was FEW THOUSANDS THROUGHOUT WHOLE POLAND wich is 38 million people. A margin.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
24 Mar 2018 #44
weirdly I kind of agree with you B.,
why should a child be aborted, for example, because it has Downs Syndrome?
People with Downs Syndrome can lead perfectly good productive lives.
And if not Downs, then what? where do you draw the line?
Although if was told I was carrying a baby, for example, without a brain, I would consider abortion.
Lucky for me I am past reproductive age.
Anyway in the UK at least, if you have a child that you don't want to raise, the state will take over.

But trust me, women do take responsibility for their actions. They have no choice.
Bieganski 17 | 896
24 Mar 2018 #45
Laws reflect the values of society. True Poles value and protect the life of their children.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
24 Mar 2018 #46
well aren't you a Septic? Who are you to start spouting your nationalistic hatred to women who have been raped or are carrying a child who has no chance of 'viable life'?
Bieganski 17 | 896
24 Mar 2018 #47

More hackneyed feminist talking points.

"All women are raped! All women are carrying children with no chance of a viable life! All women will die if they try to give birth!"

Hey feminista, why not take your hyper-emotional show on the road and preach your "equality" message in the third world where your talking points are actually happing and on a grand scale to boot?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
24 Mar 2018 #48
no that is not what I said, if you read carefully.

And where have I said that 'all women are raped..' etc? oh yes nowhere.

Honestly all these f.ucked up boysies who don't have to face any responsibility for anyone in their lives, online, spouting woman hating shite.

Where is my 'equality' message? oh yes I said nothing of the kind.

SigSauer 4 | 397
24 Mar 2018 #49
Hmm...can we take this in a different direction, maybe you two could knock it off.

As far as feminism goes it's a joke in America. They've allied themselves with actual communists who denigrate capitalism, with the domestic terrorist organizations Antifa and Black Lives Matter. What any of those orgs have to do with feminism is totally beyond me. I think the movement had some purpose years ago, but as far as the 3rd wavers, bunch of extremely fat lards with purple hair who didn't get enough hugs looking for a way to be relevant. And they spout all that 'body acceptance' for literally being obese and unhealthy.

I'm totally fine with women terminating pregnancy due to rape or an unviable fetus, only a sick bastard would make a woman deliver a baby that will die shortly after birth.
Bieganski 17 | 896
24 Mar 2018 #51
who don't have to face any responsibility for anyone

Hilarious! You are so content in your privileged feminist bubble.

Hey feminist you need to stand up and thank men for the safety, security, care and comfort you enjoy and clearly take for granted.

Ever hear of taxation? You know the kind that men pay into their whole but shorter lives compared to women who on average live longer and ultimately reap all the benefits?

Ever hear of alimony and the courts which disproportionally side with women?

Ever hear of child support and the courts which disproportionally side with women?

Ever hear of a father of a child being asked if it should be aborted and if he says no his position on the matter is both respected and honored?

Ever hear of any feminists marching to give men (who are disproportionally homeless compare to women) access to shelter like women are given?

Ever hear of any feminists marching to insist that women are no longer handed smaller fines and shorter prison sentences compared to men who are disproportionally given more punitive measures even when the same crime is committed?

Anyway, nice to see you display your wishful thinking about my mother. But since she is Polish she values life and doesn't support abortion.
OP jon357 69 | 18,420
24 Mar 2018 #52
" thank men for the safety, security, care and comfort you enjoy and clearly take for granted."

I think that some of the losers who say things like the sentence you just quoted really believe it was true.

The thousands of ordinary women who took part in the Czarny Protest are up against that (and are used to dealing with such attitudes). Now they're marching because of state sponsored aggression against them.
gregy741 4 | 1,204
24 Mar 2018 #53
few days ago i saw feminist protest,protesting about white man privilege position.funny thing about this was that few meters away 10 "white privileged guys" were working ,laying pavement curbs.this video looked hilarious .here at 0:30 hahahhaahaha white privilege life in nutshell

get their university loans and grants paid from taxes of those hard working men.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
24 Mar 2018 #54
This photo wasn't taken at Marsz Niepodległości. It might have been taken during the Independence Day celebrations but not at the march. You can see the Unknown Soldier's Tomb in the background of the photo, and it wasn't on the march's track or whatever trasa marszu is called in English.

As for Czarny Protest, for a lot of women, it's about their rights to choose if they have a choice in these three exceptions when abortion is legal in Poland. Mind you, Polish women and men (!) attend such demonstrations only when a complete ban on abortion is mentioned.

No one forces a woman to abort a baby if she wants to give birth even if:
-the baby was conceived as a result of rape
-the mother's life is endangered
-the foetus is irreparably damaged
But don't make them give birth in such cases either.
Would all of these defenders of abortion take care of a baby of their wife/girlfriend's rapist? Or risk her life - sometimes it's not 'just' a wife/girlfriend but also the mother of your children. Would you risk them being orphaned?

I have no idea what I would do in these three cases as I don't support abortion as such. But I believe we should have a choice.
SigSauer 4 | 397
24 Mar 2018 #55
That's immaterial. It's a fact that the neo Nazi element numbered only a few hundred people from all legitimate reporting, save for CNN. They used that opportunity to slander Poland for not kowtowing to their multicultural wet dream.
OP jon357 69 | 18,420
25 Mar 2018 #56
a fact that the neo Nazi element numbered only a few hundred people

That fact is in itself deeply disturbing.

The Polish women at the Cazrny Piatek rally were far more representative of the educated population as a whole.
SigSauer 4 | 397
25 Mar 2018 #57
If 300 people carrying a red flag with a hammer and sickle wearing Lenin t-shirts show up at your next favorite left wing event, should I find that troubling and paint the other 60,000 reasonable left leaning folks with a broad brush? The fact 300 idiots showed up to an apolitical event, a national event, says absolutely nothing and you're drawing an inference where absolutely none exists. I think the real crux of your underlying argument is that you despise patriotism and nation-states, and if that is the case, just say so.
cms neuf - | 1,663
25 Mar 2018 #58
I don't know how many neo Nazis there are but when I have seen the march a few years ago it is thousands not hundreds. What is for sure is that a large proportion of the crowd are either drunk or on speed. Maybe about a third of them. For sure it is the last place I would take a small kid.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
25 Mar 2018 #59

That's what the Saxon Palace used to look like. The Unknown Soldier's Tomb are just few arcades left from the palace. The rest was destroyed by Nazis.

So no, that is not totally immaterial as there shouldn't be such people there at all.
Poles had celebrated the Independence Day long before anyone even thought of marsz niepodległości. I remember official celeberations at the Tomb gathered families of three generations. Then several years ago things changed with the march. There have been cases of hooligans vandalising the capital. Now the Nazis.

The Independence Day is not what it used to be.
Ironside 51 | 11,510
25 Mar 2018 #60
a few hundred people

Well under one hundred and that is not certain if some of them were antifa - provocateurs. There is no Nazi or neo Nazi problem in Poland. Commies are trying to create it is artificially or by calling anyone they disagree with that that name,.

In short it is all propaganda BS.

Its works if you take a look at

So no

post. As she is a representative sample of the Polish populace . lol!

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