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Poles are getting rich...

10 Nov 2010 #61
That's how it was in 1950's, 60' and early 1970'. America seemed to have been on top then. Those low prices are not working too well for Americans. Wages stagnated since 1970's and the middle class has been decimated.

The prices are still working well now, I just don't know for how long. The middle class was just fine until a couple of years ago. There were a few bumps in the past, but short - lived.

I'd say what big corporations have been doing for the last 100+ years doing is in fact Wild West.

It is the big corporations and big industries which employ people and pay good salaries. No mom's and pop's shop can ever accomplish that.
21 Mar 2011 #62
Credit Suisse

Does Credit Suisse has the access to other banks accounts ?
21 Sep 2023 #63
In the 12 years since this thread appeared, prosperity in Poland has increased significantly. However, we should not forget that this is mainly due to the European Union.

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