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Tesco abandon Poland

peterweg 37 | 2,319
19 Jun 2020 #1
British retailer leaves Poland

Tesco expects the total net proceeds from the transaction will amount to ca. PLN 0.82 billion in cash, according to the statement. Tesco will allocate the proceeds to general corporate purposes.
The transaction, encompassing 301 Tesco stores in Poland, distribution centers and headquarters.

Tesco has seen "significant progress in our business in Central Europe, but continue to see market challenges in Poland," CEO Dave Lewis

Compared to the selling price Tesco obtained for its Thailand stores, it doesn't look like it was profitable in Poland.
Crow 150 | 9,550
19 Jun 2020 #2
Poland should better balance betweem circles of interests.
Lenka 3 | 2,731
19 Jun 2020 #3
Tesco seems to be pulling out of everywhere
johnny reb 31 | 5,749
19 Jun 2020 #4
Not really as they are expanding in other countries.
The move to close stores on Sundays created "market challenges" in Poland.
That meant business in the country lagged behind the "stronger market positions with good growth prospects" in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, on which the Tesco will now focus.

Tesco will still keep 19 independently owned stores in Poland.
Once Poland sees the lease obligation price falling it may be incentive for someone to pick up buy back shares offered by Tesco.
Just another marketing ploy by big business to restructure.
Lenka 3 | 2,731
19 Jun 2020 #5
Tesco pulls out of Asia:
Ptaki666 - | 2
19 Jun 2020 #6
That's too bad. Ive been to Tesco a few times and they have everything. It's the same as Walmart or Target in the USA. I hope they dont close Biedronka next, it's my favorite grocery sklep.
Joker 2 | 1,964
20 Jun 2020 #7
Where are you going to buy all your stuff from China now? Hey, this is a blessing in disguise!!
cms neuf - | 1,607
20 Jun 2020 #8
Any other store.

I think the other retailers have just as much from China, probably more.
20 Jun 2020 #9
Tesco manufacture thousands of their own brand food items.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,104
20 Jun 2020 #10
Tesco & Biedronka are the crappiest stores.So unorganized,and mostly cheap products.During lockdown I once went to buy mayonnaise to make tuna salad as they were the only one open,had crappy brand with no variety.Freaking crap tasted like some motor oil and killed my expensive tuna can.Auchan & Carrfour are the best, well lit,organized and brand names with variety.Guess people like to buy cheap food.
johnny reb 31 | 5,749
20 Jun 2020 #11
Guess people like to buy cheap food.

Like the saying goes Cargo, "Good food is not cheap and cheap food is not good."
Hopefully Poland will never see the junk food stores that the U.S.A. has like Dollar General and Family Tree.
Everything in the store is $1.
These stores have been popping up all over America in economically disadvantaged areas.
The foods are sub standard and causing poor people to buy the crap making them very unhealthy with high fat, salt and sugar contents.
This causes all kinds of health issues from obesity, heart decease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
Most of the crap comes from China.
A couple of items like 'Polish mushrooms' in a jar for $1 is one heck of a deal however.
Cheap foods ruin a persons health which in essence costs Poland's health care system a ton of money in the long run.
You should be very glad that Tesco has moved out Poland.
Lenka 3 | 2,731
20 Jun 2020 #12
As any supermarket it has healthy and unhealthy food. Tesco withdrawal from Poland won't change anything
jon357 67 | 17,511
20 Jun 2020 #13
Tesco withdrawal from Poland won't change anything

Quite. Most of the big ones were sold a few years ago, and the ex-Lider Price Tescos have been largely eclipsed by Biedronka.

There's a gap in the market for a discount retailer though, and sooner or later one will appear.
20 Jun 2020 #14
Biedronka is hopefully local-owned.
Atch 16 | 3,361
21 Jun 2020 #15
Tesco & Biedronka are the crappiest stores.

Biedronka is not that bad. It depends on the branch. In my local Biedronka the quality and freshness of the fruit and veg is much better than my local Auchan. The fish in Biedronka is frequently fresher than Auchan. The meat is similar. It's very hard to get decent meat in Poland. Biedronka's bread is far superior to Auchan's. Biedronka also stocks many of the same brands as Auchan.

Biedronka is hopefully local-owned.

It's Portuguese.
Lenka 3 | 2,731
21 Jun 2020 #16
Not surprising really. Lots of customers plus little space (compared to Auchan for example) equals quick turn around of stock.
For a proper shop my choice went to Kaufland
kaprys 3 | 2,501
21 Jun 2020 #17
You can't really expect super quality stuff at supermarkets.
I haven't done shopping at Tesco in Poland as there are none where I live here but I did in London. Just supermarket stuff.

And bread they sold was far worse than anything I got in Poland.
Biedronka, Lidl, Auchan, Carrefour or Tesco have their own cheaper 'versions' of popular products. Others probably do, too.
I actually think Biedronka sells some nice stuff compared to others. I'd rather buy something labelled biedronka than Auchan.
But it may depend on a store.
Also if you go to a bigger store, it's obvious they have a wider range of products.
Atch 16 | 3,361
21 Jun 2020 #18
Lots of customers plus little space (compared to Auchan

Absolutely. Higher turnover of stock equals fresher perishable produce. Auchan is shocking really. Once, the potatoes had become so rotten and mouldy that you could smell them about five metres away!
Cargo pants 3 | 1,104
21 Jun 2020 #19
It depends on the branch

I agree there but still the way they stock up there products and the lights etc just puts me off.I still feel that even international chains here are still not capable to do business professionally.Look at conv stores like Zabka etc have no health and beauty products and operate basically selling alcohol and grocery.They are more like mini grocery stores rather then conv stores.Biedronka looks to me like a mini cash and carry,to find what you want one has to walk around the store and might find it at some odd place.I only like there quality of pistachios thats all,meat as you said I wont know as I dont buy it here.
pawian 179 | 16,294
21 Jun 2020 #20
After French GEANT and German REAL, it is the third retailer that is closing up its business here.

I must say I liked going there. I appreciated their 24/7 approach and used to do shopping there regularly once a week. I liked the friendly decor and vast spaces. The selection was very decent.

But it was about 10 years ago and some things have changed since then. The nearest Tesco hypermarket is 8 km away from my place, while Auchan and Carrefour only 2 km. It is natural I prefer a shorter distance.

Besides, Auchan has had a better pricing policy and it matters to me coz I am frugal with shopping. Carrefour gives 20% discount on shopping - 10% for big familes and credit card users respectively. I am not sure if Tesco had any discounts like that.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,340
21 Jun 2020 #21
REAL is getting broke up in Germany....the future of the staff doesn't look good...
pawian 179 | 16,294
21 Jun 2020 #22
BB, I must say I pity them but I don`t pity the company. It was the worst retail chain I have ever used. Whenever I went there, I felt uneasy. Not because of prejudice of mine, no, you know I like Germans. But the atmosphere inside the shop was strange. The same with Lidl nowadays- that black decor they introduced last year makes me feel sick. There are two Lidl stores in close vicinity but I visit them only when I have to . Sorry to say it, but I think those German businessmen don`t know how to make a place look friendly.

Look below, black outside and inside. Yes, I know black is considered elegant but to me it is really depressing.

Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,340
21 Jun 2020 #23
....not my cup of tea either....maybe we are to old for such fashion!
Lenka 3 | 2,731
21 Jun 2020 #24
I love the exterior!
pawian 179 | 16,294
21 Jun 2020 #25
Good for you.

What did you think of Tesco stores in Poland or wherever else? Did you do any shopping there?
Ironside 51 | 11,510
22 Jun 2020 #26
Ah don't do that. Do not abandon Poland, what we had was beautiful, I beg you to stay! I love you.

Very dramatic topic. 😁
pawian 179 | 16,294
22 Jun 2020 #27
Very dramatic topic

But we can`t only deal with LGBT, peadophilia in Church and similarly stressful stuff. We also need ordinary topics to relax.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,104
24 Jun 2020 #28
I just saw M&S food products sold at in Poland.I wonder how they are doing it.
24 Jun 2020 #29
Is Żabka at least Polish-owned?
cms neuf - | 1,607
24 Jun 2020 #30
It's owned by a consortium of US and European funds

But there is plenty of Polish owners retail - in food, fashion, home, gas stations etc

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