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What is strategic meaning of Poland in Europe and in the world?

Crow 155 | 9,030
8 May 2010 #1
If we were to analyze Polish history and even recent events one inevitable question crossing our minds. That is question of Poland`s strategic importance. Obviously, Poland has significant strategic importance- its only conclusion. But, what is exact importance of Polish state and, for whom?

i contemplate on those questions last few days, for answers on those questions openings another questions and interesting conclusions. What others here think about these questions?
rychlik 41 | 372
8 May 2010 #2
Poland has some of the best arable land in Europe. Not too dry like Southern Europe and not too mountainous like the land locked countries of Central Europe. Perfect for self sustaining a country. Poland is just slightly smaller than Germany, but Germany has roughly 80 million people while Poland has 38.5 million. Poland has room to grow still for another hundred years. Germany doesn't have that luxury.

Strictly politically speaking? Well, Poland borders Russia. America would love to see a weakened Russia disintegrate. Inevitably in the future, I think Poland will be a part of this strategy. It all depends how well the relations between the Americans and Poles go.
Miguel Colombia - | 351
8 May 2010 #3
I am sorry to say this ,but I don't think Poland has a big meaning in the current world...
Husariawiktoria 1 | 7
8 May 2010 #4
Poland has throughout its history been all about its position ( strategic ) in Europe.

966 when Mieszko I accepted Christianity really set Poland on its path of ' eastern bridge of Europe to Russia / Asia '

The middle ages saw Poland sandwiched between orthodoxy to the east ( Russia ) and Lutheranism / Protestantism to its west ( Prussia / Germany ). This set the stage for many conflicts in Polish history.

Cossacks, Teutonic knights, Turkish armies and Hetman from Ukraine all shaped Polish history and the people as well. If Poland had been located elsewhere as a country its strategic position would not be as important. The Polish lands were a nexus of many peoples crossing paths.

WWII also saw Nazi Germany invade for ( one of many reasons ) the rich mineral and chemical deposits that Poland has. The Russians saw the same advantage as well.

Geographically, I agree with both Crow and ryclik. Good land was one of the reasons Poland prospered. There was a good balance between population, land and farm. I also agree that Poland in the future will be used as a pawn to taunt, antagonize and otherwise hassle Russia at the USA's pleasure. Hopefully, Polish leadership will see what the benefit is to Poland before saying ' yes ' to whatever the US wants.
8 May 2010 #5
Perfect for self sustaining a country.

Better than self-sustaining. Polish agriculture could feed 120 million men if necessary.
Some investment would be needed, but we have the capability of sustaining a population
three times the size of ours.

What is strategic meaning of Poland in Europe and in the world

To be honest, Crow - I am sick and tired of Poland's strategic meaning, Poland's mission
in Europe, Poland being on the crossroads, Poland being in the center of overlapping
spheres of influence etc. etc.

For once in history, I would like Poland to have no strategic meaning whatsoever.
If we could only be considered a completely insignificant country and left well alone,
so we can work peacefully and steadily to make our country a better place to live in
for our children and grand-children. That's all I want.

I don't think Poland has a big meaning in the current world...

I hope you're right, Miguel. I really hope you're right.
Bratwurst Boy 11 | 11,775
8 May 2010 #6
*Just thinks about an "Axis of quiet and peace" stretching from France over Germany to Poland*
8 May 2010 #7
I'll drink to that!
1jola 14 | 1,879
8 May 2010 #8
Stalin had repeatedly said the same thing. :)
OP Crow 155 | 9,030
8 May 2010 #9
To be honest, Crow - I am sick and tired of Poland's strategic meaning

well, i understand you brate. i completely understand you. But, sometimes, maybe even in most cases, we don`t chose our role. On the other side, our roles aren`t just occasional and random events of destine. No, far from that. Our role is designed by our own capabilities and intersection of paths of different interests thru our realm.

America would love to see a weakened Russia disintegrate.

yes. USA is open here

Well, Poland borders Russia.

its exactly thing that could actually save Poland. No, not in the sense of salvation of Slavdom in Poland by `mighty` Russia. No, not in that sense.

i mean, in the sense, that Poland and Russia could combine their defensive strategies when becomes obvious that without mutual coordination Poland and Russia don`t have chance to survive in global arena.

Inevitably in the future, I think Poland will be a part of this strategy.

USA trying

but, it would be proved as mission impossible and, even extreme measures by USA and her friends in the world won`t be enough to navigate Poland onto the path of self destruction.
rock - | 429
8 May 2010 #10
There is not any strategic meaning of Poland today.
She is just one of the countries controlled by Germany and France in EU.
If EU's plan for future is becoming like United States, then this kind of questions has no meaning.
Bratwurst Boy 11 | 11,775
8 May 2010 #11
She is just one of the countries controlled by Germany and France in EU.

Our control sucks! :(

Remember the Kazcinsky Twins? If we had had one ounce influence they could never had made Germany's diplomatic life as miserable as they did...
OP Crow 155 | 9,030
8 May 2010 #12
There is not any strategic meaning of Poland today.

i would give you at least one strategic importance of Poland. That is, without Poland there is no Slavic world on the long run

what i mean,... if we hypothetically imagine situation that Poland stop to be Slavic after completely assimilated by non-Slavs, in some distant future, that would for sure represent final blow onto the body and soul of Slavic world. Without Slavic Poles (40 mil in Poland and plus about 10 mil in the world), Slavic world would suffer such a tremendous loss that it would be impossible to compensate (assimilation/minus of 50 mil. people for Slavic world means automatically 50 mil plus for non-Slavic world). Not to mention territory of Poland, in any sense

That`s why, in nearest future, we can expect all kind of pressures on Slaveno-Polish soul by hostile non-Slavs and, in the same time enormous Russian effort to improve relations with Poland.

So, manipulation with Poland against Russia goes in primarily two directions. On the long run it is assimilation of Poland into the non-Slavic entity. With it, it is expected Poland to become natural enemy of Russia instead possible (as long as Poles are Slavs) natural Russian partner. Second solution for Poland (in the eyes of hostile non-Slavs), is use of Poland (no matter still Slavic) in some eventual war against Russia where would Poles and Russians scatter each others.

from a book The Clash of Civilizations by Samuel P. Huntington >>>

clash of civilizations

you would note how author tendentiously avoiding to even mention Slavic world as unique old civilization but instead of that underlining religious aspect of division in the world, with it, `explaining` why he don`t see Slavic civilization. Seams that author count on religious antagonisms among Slavs

List of possible civilizations (according to S. Huntington):

* Western civilization, centered on Australasia, Northern America, and Europe (excluding Orthodox Eastern and South-Eastern Europe but including Catholic Central and East-Central Europe). Huntington also includes the rest of Oceania. Whether Latin America and the former member states of the Soviet Union are included, or are instead their own separate civilizations, will be an important future consideration for those regions, according to Huntington.


you know the rules regarding copy/paste
rock - | 429
9 May 2010 #13
What happens to EU according to him ?
The Saffer
18 Mar 2016 #14
Merged: U.K., Hungary Support Poland against German pressure on loss of sovereignty

While Germany's man at the E.U. Parliament, tried to bully Poland into subservience to the E.U. bureaucracy, British and Hungarian PM's supported Poland against any further infringement of sovereignty:

'"The main principle is the double standard is not allowed in the European Union, and the double standard was against Poland and we don't like it. Simple," Orban told reporters on Friday, adding that he doesn't think it's fair to request something of one member state that is not practiced by all. "Fairness is important. More respect for Poland, that's the Hungarian position."'
Orban was referring to the U.K. having no equivalent of a constitutional court with the power to invalidate legislation. Cameron clearly understood that requiring Poland to roll back democratic reforms of the communist era Constitutional Tribunal was an infringement of Polish sovereignty, and if this could be imposed on Poland, then the U.K. might be next.

This is not the kind of power grab by the E.U. bureaucrats that would play out well in the British Isles in the upcoming Brexit referendum. The unadulterated Orwellian double-speak about upholding democratic rules while actually eradicating them would also destroy Britain's doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty if unchecked. Bravo to Mr. Cameroon for upholding that principle, and Poland's democratic right to assert it, in the face of outright E.U. hypocrisy.
OP Crow 155 | 9,030
18 Mar 2016 #15
i sense that Britain becoming reasonable and now starts to better coordinate its politics with Slavs. See, they needed just a little push
TheOther 6 | 3,674
19 Mar 2016 #16
i sense that Britain becoming reasonable

With Cameron at the top? Good luck with that.
OP Crow 155 | 9,030
19 Mar 2016 #17
Poland is just slightly smaller than Germany, but Germany has roughly 80 million people while Poland has 38.5 million.

Mainly that is to be thanked to Germany. Was it Lech KaczyƄski who told exactly that in one occasion (maybe in EU parliament) in reply to some German politician who stated that Poland have much smaller population then Germany, referring to right on influence within EU?

Not to mention that are most of Germans Slavs in origin, forcible germanized and, to put cross on myself, soon to be turkinized and arabized.

With Cameron at the top?

well, maybe Prince Charles can do something about that. In two day visit to Serbia he told to Serbs that is Britain with them. He was honest for sure
TheOther 6 | 3,674
19 Mar 2016 #18
Mainly that is to be thanked to Germany

You mean that Poland is only slightly smaller than Germany? ;)
Marsupial - | 881
19 Mar 2016 #19
The strategic importance of Poland hasn't changed that much really. It is still in the middle and still borders important powers. The only thing that changes is who is with whom and so on. Poland can never be with russia in the present circumstances there in Moscow. While this is the case usa and the others will always be more important and it would take a major ruski effort to change this, an effort beyond the current russian rhetoric, they just don't know how to do it. Whoever said above it doesn't have any meaning, you are poorely informed to say the least.
Barton Fink
19 Mar 2016 #20
Poland has no strategic meaning or influence in the world or even Europe for that matter.
A simple way to work out whether a country is to work out what impact a country suddenly dissapearing would have on the world's economy.

Countries like Haiti, Bangladesh etc fit this description, Poland to a lesser extent.
OP Crow 155 | 9,030
19 Mar 2016 #21
Contemplating on Poland`s strategic situation i founded myself mentally deranged and found myself deeply lost. Its also that Charles who visited my country. i am now in internal conflict with myself, too. Charles love Serbia and i want to love Britain to return that love.

So people, all in all, i don`t know am i crazy or utter weakling but i entered my anglicized phase. you all know that (i never tried to hide my shame) i sometimes had may germanized phases but right in this moment my personality exist, from one side as 300% Polish (being Serbian) and, from the other side convinced to be omnipotent Anglo. i would issue 10 prayers to Svetovid and 20 to Jesus (i know Svetovid won`t be jealous, as Jesus knows to be). For sure i`ll be better then and i would again, as relatively sane continue to contribute here.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
19 Mar 2016 #22
Crow get a grip, stand for Serbia , do not bow to the British empire look forward to the day when all Slavic brothers will be re-united.
OP Crow 155 | 9,030
22 Mar 2016 #23
To put cross on myself i am again old myself. i escaped Anglicization.

Anyway, back to topic. i think that is Poland strategically increasingly interesting, after things like this Brussels. Term Drang Nach Osten may in the future gets different meaning then back in past, one day when western Europeans starts to abandoning their own countries and massively move on the east of Europe.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
22 Mar 2016 #24
"i am again old myself" glad to hear it Crow now go forth and spread the word, the Slavic lands will be the last bastion of freedom and Christianity in Europe.
Ironside 53 | 12,409
22 Mar 2016 #25
Poland has no strategic meaning

Hmm... that what you think. Err ..? or you don't!

A simple way to work out whether a country is to work out what impact a country suddenly dissapearing would have on the world's economy

If I take above as an example of your thought process I doubt your ability to reason whiting the frame set by logical thinking. In other words abstract thinking is not your forte.

Countries like Haiti, Bangladesh etc fit this description

Hey, you stated your opinion without any argument or prove to support it. You know what they say about opinions - everybody has one.
Now fink me dong peasano.
nothanks - | 633
23 Mar 2016 #26
Polska's job is to remain one of the remaining White nations on this Planet
InPolska 10 | 1,818
23 Mar 2016 #27
Poland's only "role" is unfortunately to keep supplying cheap labor to western capitalists.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
23 Mar 2016 #28
Not for long once Turkey is on board 30 million Turks wil be moving to work in Europe their current average wage is 200 euros a month less than the Polish average.
OP Crow 155 | 9,030
23 Mar 2016 #29
This is Poland`s strategic situation, looking from one angle:

* Poland is stuck within the Anglo and Germanics dominated world with prospects of inevitable assimilation, if fails to escape and realistically, alone don`t have capacity to escape.

* In order to escape Poland needs to coordinate with Russia. Now, Russians learned that they can`t control Poland (so there is no direct profit for them in helping Poles), while Poles have heavy opposition to any kind of coordination with Russia (on which Anglos strongly relay).

* In turn, there won`t be any direct coordination between Poland and Russia but, Russia would found interest not to complicate to Poland and even indirectly to help (for Russians do have interest that Poles escape to Anglos)

* So, Poland have Visegrad as its last resort. But, Visegrad countries themselves have their fears and they needs guaranties, which Poland can`t provide. Then Poland play its trump card (that can provided reasons to Russia to act on behalf of Poland, that can keep Russia calm, that have latent and enormous diplomatic influence in China, India, among non-aligned countries, etc, etc) called Serbia and Visegrad becoming truly operational. But, BUT, to activate trump card, Poland needs to make a move to drag Serbia in the game, to give excuse to Serbia to activate all its potentials. Here, my contemplation again ending in some future game that would occur on Kosovo and around Kosovo (where radical Muslims threatening Slaveno-Serbian Christian population) which would force Poland to annul its Kosovo recognition and then even to move Poland to military intervention on the behalf of local Serbians, in order to protect them while in fact desperately seek out solution for its own problems. Now, is Poland capable to do it? For sure Anglos monitor carefully and hold Poland and Polish military pretty well. Sure, there are patriotic circles that shows resistance form time to time. There Anglo control fails sometimes. These circles may trigger the necessary spark. Then, nobody control actions of radical Muslims entirely, 100%. They could act and provide a spark. Serbians themselves may provide spark, no matter all Anglo power.

Anyway, we shall see.
OP Crow 155 | 9,030
22 Aug 2021 #30

Poland in next 200 years - Geo-strategic thinking

I hope you people here help me this thread live and you contribute, make this interesting as it is. All have right to state their opinions, myself included.

Now, how I see this... Poland in not so far future unites with other Central-European states to form kind of conglomerate, confederation or federation.

Something like this >

It eventually growth to include more countries. Capital? I see Krakow as suitable.

or like this >


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