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Radders 3 | 47
2 Feb 2013 #61
Instead of following the american model Poland should have invested more in the railways , like the czechs

Railways are good at moving huge amounts of bulk materials between a limited number of points - coal to power stations and blast furnaces, steel from furnaces to car plants, aggregates to roadstone plants, construction materials to new towns, shipping containers from ports to depots, bulk wheat from silos to food plants, bulk chemicals, fuels to and from refineries etc. This is what rail is designed for - you don't need heavy steel rails and massive locomotives to move people around; rubber-wheels and light transport like London's DLR are all that's needed

With e-commerce as the new world model, we need a distribution system with millions of destinations, and a transport and logistics system that can work flexibly down to local hub and spoke networks - this can only be done by road.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
2 Feb 2013 #62
The only way to deal with the Germans is to ignore them. You see what the German bankers are doing to Greece? You want that for Poland?

Poland is in the EU just like Greece. So feel free to make any sort of idiot comparison based on heat fact alone.

I prefer, Poland gets Greece's weather. The Greek Islands are beautiful. Poland should have that fate now its getting money from the EU. Poland will have to speak Greek, now its just like Greece.

Same country same fate same language, same weather.

Poland is now Greece.

My greatest pleasure every time I arrive at Krakow is the walk from the terminal to Balice International Rail Station

I was told they were a bit ashamed of it and wanted to replace it with some steel and glass modern thing. What a horrid idea.

Bad news, they are building the new station for next year.

No more money for you, Poland.

For a month or two, but you and Poland's other enemies can dream, eh?
ismellnonsense - | 118
2 Feb 2013 #63
How many of these new highways are private toll roads? They are building these roads with goverment money and then robbing the taxpayer again?

some are built privately
for example a2 swiecko-konin that was built with private money
(and a little bit of eu cash
for example the poznan bypass)
they arent robbing taxpayers because they didnt get taxpayer money

the ones that the gddkia built and are public
some are tolled
but these tolls are solely to pay for maintenance
which is why the tolls are much lower
i really dont think 16zl from wroclaw to katowice is a bad deal
especially given the lack of vignettes or road taxes

get your facts right
antheads 13 | 366
2 Feb 2013 #64
get your facts right

@ismellnonsense AKA delphiandomine

Aren't you sopoused to be suspended? I thought it was against the Privacy, Forum Rules, TOS, to have a duplicate account.
jon357 67 | 16,830
2 Feb 2013 #65
What makes you think they are the same poster?
monia 3 | 212
3 Feb 2013 #67
There was no Poland to speak of during that time, so the Germans must have "robbed" their own country then. Pretty stupid of them, don't you think?

The most stupid statement I have ever heard . No comment .
TheOther 5 | 3,682
3 Feb 2013 #68
That's why you comment? ;)
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
3 Feb 2013 #69
EU freezes billions in aid for Poland pending price-fixing probe .. Those bastards!!!
jon357 67 | 16,830
3 Feb 2013 #70
If someone is scamming public money by price-fixing, bastards is too mild a word for them.
monia 3 | 212
3 Feb 2013 #71
Those bastards!!!

EU clerks don`t understand themselves why they did it . Not only that Polish actions were headed to detect such frauds , it is not enough that we found such a scandal but we were punished for it. Better would be to do nothing, and no one would know. Shocking.

In March funds will be released again , don`t worry .

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