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When Nikola Tesla mentioned Poland and Poles in historical context

Crow 160 | 9,545
28 Jul 2021 #1


In an interview to one of the best-known literary and art magazines of the period, "The Century Magazine" in 1894, Nikola Tesla, among other things, said:

......Evropa neće nikad moći da isplati veliki dug koji ima prema Srbima što su oni, žrtvujući sopstvenu slobodu, zaustavili taj varvarski prodor. Poljaci su kod Beča, pod Sobjejskim, dovršili ono što su Srbi pokušali, a za svoju uslugu civilizaciji bili su nagrađeni na sličan način.....

Translation >

``......Europe can never pay off a large debt owed to Serbs by heavy casualties, which they have succumbed to fighting barbaric intrusion (of the Turks). The Poles under Vienna completed what the Serbs could not do, and almost the same as these were rewarded for their services to civilization.....``

source >
27 Jan 2022 #2
Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia from Dalmatians. The Dalmatians were Aryans who had migrated from the Caucasus, and they shared the same ancestors as the Sarmatians, who were descendants of Noah's three sons.

The ancestors of the Poles, especially the nobles, were indeed descendants of the Sarmats who had migrated from the Caucasus, and who, like most of today's Georgia and Armenia, were descendants of Noah's three sons and messengers sent by God to earth.
Joker 4 | 2,567
27 Jan 2022 #3
Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia from Dalmatians

And also spend the vast majority of his life living in New York City. He dropped Serbia like a bad habit.

So, youre saying he is not Serbian at all?

Too funny, Crows been bragging about him for years.
OP Crow 160 | 9,545
27 Jan 2022 #4
Did some hunchbacked papal acolyte instructed both of you to ruin thread about angel named Tesla? Shame on you
28 Jan 2022 #6
From the most superficial point of view, it is his appearance and surname. Nikolai Tesla can't be Serbian regardless of his appearance or surname. The Serbian Slav nationality originated from the Germanic close relatives in northern Europe and Germany, The appearance characteristics of Germanic and Slavic people are the brain bag, yellow hair, short nose, tiny eyes, sparse eyebrows and thick and short stature with sideburns. Tesla's physical characteristics are completely opposite. This is also the advantage of Aryan Caucasian in appearance, IQ and EQ

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