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Mister President Andrzej Duda - Best Poland could get.

Rich Mazur 4 | 3,752
3 Sep 2018 #31
That is because Duda is a politician and Trump is not nor has he ever admitted to being one.

I don't blame him. I mean Trump.
There was a survey that showed the 20-buck prostitutes commanding more respect than the US Congress. Some prostitutes were deeply offended by being compared to our "legal representatives". They were extremely upset when they found out that the rep list included Durbin, Pellosy and Maxine - whatever her name.

I wonder if the Polish sex workers feel the same about Sejm.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,093
3 Sep 2018 #32
That is because Duda is a politician and Trump is not nor has he ever admitted to being one.

Basically, president Duda is a puppet in the hands of the real Polish leader Mr Jarosław Kaczyński. Having realized he would never get sufficient popularity among voters to win any election, Mr Kaczyński had made a brilliant step indeed towards a winning of the 2016 presidential election by a PiS candidate. Chairman Kaczyński had put forward and succeded in the promotion of a new face - a canditate that was totally unknown to the public, but one who was skilful enough to win the election or could have got a good result in it which wouldn't have been insignificant for PiS. Some years before that election, Mr. Duda lost the election for a councillor in Kraków. Without party leader Jarosław Kaczyński promoting him for the post of President, Duda would have remained an unknown party functionary somewhere in Kraków to this very day.

Mr Kaczyński repeated this brilliant move in the parliamentary ellection that followed suit. In this election he put forward Beata Szydło, also an unknown politician, for the post of Prime Minister in the future government. Likewise, she also lived up to the expectations of the party leader and had a big share in winning the election whose result would certainly not have been so good if Mr. Kaczyński had declared his wish to become Prime Minister in the future government himself due to his unpopularity among the general public.

Such are the meanders of Polish politics of which you have probably been not aware of, Johnny.
Ironside 49 | 10,327
4 Sep 2018 #33
who would stand up for democracy,

What? Do you suffer from Kaczynski derangement syndrome?

The opposition doesn't even give Duda's policies a chance to work.

His postion is different than that of a president in the USA. He has very little political power. The only reason he is getting all that flak is because he is part of Kaczynski and his party which are in charge in Poland at the movement. All those soviets and progressives or some clowns have meltdown.

Hopefully we will get someone in 2020 who at least is his own man

Why? We need a new constitution that would make presidency into the real seat of power. Also we need someone to stop PiS to pretend to be on the right. I would see endecja in that role, should have a few more people in the parliament.
Lyzko 25 | 7,139
4 Sep 2018 #34
Trump sees himself as a maverick. A maverick "what" is my question!
At least Duda appears to be trying to do something for his own, NOT putting foreigners at the front of the line.
While I'm scarcely defending the PiS party in any shape or form, Trump got elected on a platform of "America First".
Although he talks a good game as far as his ignorant electorate are concerned, don't please sit there and tell me that
he ONLY hires American workers on his construction sites, 'cuz that's just a flat out lie.
mafketis 23 | 8,417
4 Sep 2018 #35
Trump sees himself as a maverick. A maverick "what" is my question!

Look at the funeral for John McCain* the entire elite of both parties united... except for the president of the country who was excluded. Pretty maverick.

*an excrable piece of filth repsonsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, may he rot in hell
Lyzko 25 | 7,139
4 Sep 2018 #36
...add, a true hero who was sharply in tune with suffering, as he'd been through ever so much himself! Even Meghan, his daughter, confessed in her beautiful eulogy that her father wasn't perfect. To paraphrase Churchill's rhetorical question about democracy, "Have we got anyone better?"
mafketis 23 | 8,417
4 Sep 2018 #37
a true hero

Oh please, he was totally on board with every morally bankrupt neocon military action (none of which did any good whatsoever for the US or the countries being invaded)

Name three good results of the Iraqi invasion!

"Have we got anyone better?"

anyone who deviates from the neocon manta "Invade the world, invite the world, in hock to the world!"

let's back on topic about Polish president please
Crow 139 | 8,631
10 Sep 2018 #38
My Polish brethren should ask themselves who is behind Duda.

Polish patriots aren`t. They support Serbs. Ultra right Polish Catholics also aren`t behind Duda. They also support Serbs.

Vatican also isn`t behind Duda because Vatican now also support Serbs. USA now also support Serbs.

And we immediately see who is behind Duda. Its western Europe and on the first place Germany and plus, former US administration.

This is key. Former US administration. See, Duda is obsolete. Man of past. Man of time when Poland was weak, humiliated and obedient. Of time when Poland worked against interests of Poles.
Crow 139 | 8,631
5 Oct 2019 #39

I apologize to Polish President Duda - defender of Central Europe

I apologize to Polish President Duda because I now clearly see that Duda have specific and utterly wise style in playing politics. I thought Duda is German player and I regret now. Many times here I criticized venerable Duda but, I see I mistaken. Duda is deeply dedicated to interests of Poland and Central Europe.

Thank you President Duda and, I sincerely apologize. My critics were public and my apology is so public.


Venerable President of Poland, Andrzej Duda
pawian 170 | 11,433
5 Oct 2019 #40
Duda`s election enriched Polish vocabulary. Today, instead of saying: I have it in dupa, people say I have it in Duda. It is safer to write so in online comments to make sure they won`t be deleted for vulgarity.

It means President Duda has been working hard to let the new saying come into being.
Crow 139 | 8,631
6 Oct 2019 #41
Dupa, you say? Well, politicians brate. Politics cost us mere mortals a lot of nerves. We don`t have full information and we struggle to understand. But paradoxically, more stupid person is, person is happier.

As for venerable Duda in particular, he played politics so well that he convinced me he is Slavic and Polish traitor, that he wants to join western Europe in lies and genocide on my people. But, I mistaken and so I apologized publicly to veliki Pan Duda. See, you know Serbia is encircled with NATO countries? If not for hallowed Duda, dobri Orban and noble Visegrad group, my people would be even more weakened and left to mercy of aggressive pro-germanic Nazi ustashe movement that pollute number of Catholic Serbs of what is now Croatia. Not to speak of mad mujaheedine maniacs that seek to secede Kosovo and form Greater Albania on sacred Serbian and Slavic ground.

All in all, thanks to import of armament from France and Russia, Serbia recently dramatically strengthened her army. Strengthened to the point where we shifting power balance in the region. All that thanks to brat Duda and brotherly Visegrad group and their allowance to Serbia to use their air space for import of most heavy armament from Russia, including Mi-35m, Mi-17 helicopters, tanks T-72ms, BRDM-2`s fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft system Pancir S-1. All that no matter that western European NATO members protested and yet would hysterically protest when via Polish air space Serbia import Russia`s S-400 missile system.

Visegrad summit (plus Serbia and Slovenia) at Prague, these days >

Nicely about Serbia from all Visegrad Presidents >>>>>
Serbian President thanked and said how are good Serbian-Russian relations on the good of Visegrad, that complete our history speaks of our loyalty to Central Europe, that Serbs see Visegrad countries as closest brothers >>>>>


You know, Yugoslavia isn`t country that crumbled just like that, from within. No, Yugoslavia and later Serbia was victim of organized attack from leading NATO powers of western Europe that were supported by weakling and madman US Clinton. They sponsored local Nazi movements and imported mujaheediens into region, lied in mass media about Serbia and Serbs. Now with President Trump in USA, world change and Serbia gets more and more support. So, Visegrad countries now dare openly to support Serbia, too.

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