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PO to boycott TVP in Poland

cms neuf - | 1,499
24 Jan 2019 #31
I have seen plenty of countries in plenty of different decades. Corruption always impacts on quality of life as the ordinary citizens always pay for it.

You can pack whatever heat you want in Chicago - here in Poland your obsessions mean you would probably fail the paychological tests needed to carry a gun.

Antheads - TVN and Polsat are private businesses aimed at advertisers.they do hVe a bias - towards the kind of people that adverts are targeted at. private right wimg stations and newspapers do exist bit less people watch them.

But TVP is funded by the taxpayer and its job is to be neutral not to redress perceived bias
delphiandomine 84 | 18,135
24 Jan 2019 #32
even PiS supporters, or certainly people on the right who are general for PiS over PO or Nowoczesna, have noticed the over the top bias in TVP.

Apparently even Morawiecki has had enough of Kurski, and the only reason he's still in the job is because Kaczyński refuses to fire him for whatever reason.

The interesting thing for me about the right wing media is why it's doing so badly. If there's such demand for what they publish, why are they heavily relying on state-controlled companies for 'sponsorship'?

It seems to me that the lack of genuinely private right wing media in Poland is proof that voters aren't really interested in right wing social politics.
jon357 63 | 15,060
24 Jan 2019 #33
had enough of Kurski,

A bad character. It's clear he's being protected for some reason by Kaczynski; he almost certainly has dirt on him. After Kaczynski's passing, which doesn't look that it'll be that long now, he'll no longer be in post.
bolek_tusk 3 | 243
24 Jan 2019 #34
noticed the over the top bias in TVP.

I have to agree. I always watch Wiadomości but it's getting to the point where the same stories are getting repeated over and over again and there is now as much commentary as news and a considerable amount of time is spent advertising upcoming TVP programmes.

At least everyone knows TVP's bias whereas in the UK the BBC claims to be independent and you have to pay the BBC tax whether you watch the BBC or not.

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