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My Polish girlfriend and her change of behavior

Ishq 1 | -
24 Mar 2017 #1
Hey lovely people.
I'm Ishq and I'm half Indian (mom) and Bangladeshi (dad) living in Phnom penh, Cambodia and i'm in relationship with an amazing polish girl Maja.

I am one of the organisers just started organising Art Festivals like an year and half ago here in Cambodia. Me n Maja met through our festival just 4 months ago on 27th october for the first time. She was just travelling through asia. and after festival we met again few times in our art community place. She was traveling with her polish friend (male) and she went back to her city Opole at december and came back january and from then we are living together.

I know, in relationship there will be love, fun, fight, understanding/misunderstanding.
Also we are from totally different country and culture and so some misunderstanding will come i knew it. It happened and we solved it by talking.

She is an amazing girl. An artist and also very hard working. Working as a kindegarten teacher now.
I never been to relationship and i never wanted to. But from the very first moment i met her i got totally lost. Everything about her. So i fall in love with her without knowing so much about her. Even though i didn't even knew her city name at the begining haha.

Undoubtedly she love me . Really caring jolly minded girl. Helping me to grow my art community. Always by my side whenever i needed.
But I noticed one thing is changing really slowly between us i am scared about it. I don't wanna loose her and that is i need your wise words.

i have noticed millions of times of her change of behavior. Just in a blink she is changing her behavior with people and with me. And also it changes in front of people and only at home we are together. Her over friendly attitude now mostly for friends now than me whatever i am there or not. Before whatever we did or planned used share with each other anything and everything. If we go somewhere are seat somewhere she always used to talk with me nonstop blablabla. In those moments i felt like the luckiest person in the world.

But this change of behavior is really killing me from inside no. I know all my words sounds so childish.
But still please try understand me people and please help me. I tried to talk with her whenever i asked her or ask her anything she's replying me in a way that i never imagined. even though the conversation goes into break up as well and i literally begged her to be in my life.

I don't know how explain more about our situation to you people. and i have plenty of good friends around me but i just i can't discuss with them cause then it will make her impression bad to them.

also i have a problem with anger when i go angry i can't control myself from saying useless bad words and aggressive behavior
cms 9 | 1,271
24 Mar 2017 #2
You are posting too much personal info about someone over the internet. If she sees that then she would be very unhappy that you have shared your issues with strangers rather than with her.

You need to talk to her and ask her what has changed but given that you are only together a few months then probably she is just not sure about you and maybe you are a bit too intense - she is young and travelling the world so will have lots of different ideas in her head. Take it a bit more slowly :).

And I am not sure what you mean by aggressive behaviour - if it's shouting then OK, if it's something worse then her change in behaviour is probably because you are being abusive.
DominicB - | 2,704
24 Mar 2017 #3

Reading your post is like walking in on somebody "enjoying themselves". Excuse me for not knocking.

And I am not sure what you mean by aggressive behaviour - if it's shouting then OK

It is???
Ziemowit 13 | 3,882
24 Mar 2017 #4
Depends on what the person is shouting. If it is "I love you", it's OK, although a bit annoying at times.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
24 Mar 2017 #5
You are posting too much personal info about someone over the internet.

Ah, give him a break. People are posting this kind of content all over the internet now. Just in places a bit more tailored to it (Relationship/Dating forums for example). If anything this is just a weird place to vent to this kind of extent.

It sounds like this girl is bipolar, I would advise you to steer clear, because this isn't going to change. Rule of thumb is; if you have to ask anonymous people on a forum for relationship advise then you should end it. Most posters are merely looking for affirmations to keep trying, which is ultimately futile anyway.

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