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"Weird" "Strange" "Unique" Polish Customs

Ironside 50 | 12,438
6 Jun 2021 #31
is about unusual customs,

Her custom of sh//ing on her own people and glorying others is somewhat odd. Unless one conclude that Poles are not her people and she is a Soviet.
pawian 223 | 24,535
6 Jun 2021 #32
It's disgusting...

Yes, but rightards still do it.

Again, I must ask you to stop discussing marginal issues and focus on the custom of sending back books. Simply speaking, stick to the topic.

Her custom

No, we are talking about books.
Novichok 3 | 7,845
6 Jun 2021 #33
she declared she would offer the books for a charity auction to help persecuted LGBT. haha

You turned this thread into an LGBT crap. You could have stopped at "charity" or at least not editorialize with that "persecuted". To normal people, "we don't want you here" is not persecution. Only to the leftards.
pawian 223 | 24,535
6 Jun 2021 #34
You could have stopped at "charity

That`s what communist censorship did in the past or rightist one is doing now. I know that you spent 1/3 of your life in communism and then acquired rightist views while living in a democratic country.

But, please, don`t try to involve me in your complexes and flawed beliefs. I refuse to use such censorship in my posts.
pawian 223 | 24,535
1 Aug 2022 #35
Taking sb away on a wheelbarrow is an old tradition here. Practically since the wheelbarrow was invented. It happens to leaders who terribly let down their followers or supporters.

sports club supporters want to remove the club management
local believers want to remove their priest
workers want to remove their boss
residents want to remove a politician

etc etc

pawian 223 | 24,535
5 Feb 2023 #36
My close friend collects alcohol. He buys it or receives as gifts. He rarely drinks it. Prefers when guests do it. I can`t help him coz I always visit him by car.

This edition of his collection includes a lot of booze from Ukraine - he works with Ukrainians in the food processing plant as a manager.

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