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What do Poles really think about cats?

pawian 190 | 19,211
5 Aug 2022 #181
The cold winter is coming

Yes, we know. I don`t mind wearing my warmer garb while at home - normally, I only wear shorts coz it is so hot.
Crow 157 | 10,874
5 Aug 2022 #182
Good for you. Stay warm. See, cats could be used for fur, too. Cats are very useful friends.
Alien 11 | 1,652
6 Aug 2022 #183
I would find some old russian fur in the wardrobe. Everyone in Poland had them.
pawian 190 | 19,211
6 Aug 2022 #184
A stray village cat hunted down a mole and left it in the garden so I took it home for our cats. They were a bit disgusted.

Alien 11 | 1,652
7 Aug 2022 #185
Poor mole, pity him.
Joker 2 | 2,442
7 Aug 2022 #186
Cats are very useful friends.

Only Serbian Cats, right?
Crow 157 | 10,874
7 Aug 2022 #187
Cats don`t have ethnic designation, my friend. They are useful to us same way as we are useful to them. Are they cute? Sure, as we are cute to them.
pawian 190 | 19,211
9 Aug 2022 #188
Poor mole, pity him.

I don`t. They dig fekking tunnels, after heavy rains the ground collapses when I walk in the garden. Do you want me to break my fekking leg? Sorry, I can`t afford it. That is why I use drastic measures on moles. Krety - wypierdalańá !!! :):):)
pawian 190 | 19,211
1 day ago #189
What do Poles really think about cats?

Some cretins keep cats and don`t think. A family lost a pane in their car after it was smashed in by the police rescuing a nearly dead cat locked inside on a hot day. Serves them well. Besides, they might have a court trial for abusing an animal.

Still, they were lucky. If I was there, I would smash all their window panes. I would do anything to rescue that cat.

Crow 157 | 10,874
1 day ago #190
I hope the cat crapped their car. and enrolled and vomited in car. And tore the upholstery on the seats with her claws.
jon357 71 | 20,403
1 day ago #191
For once we agree. Mistreating a cat like that is a wicked thing to do.

You'd think that cat owners would cherish their pets, however sadly, there's some who don't.
Crow 157 | 10,874
1 day ago #192
Its not wicked. Many people are just that. To pats, to their jobs, to their own children. They want pets, they want children, job, partner, ... then, they don`t give a shi*. Or just forget to take care. Not to care is mama of every decadence.

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