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SO I went to Poland Independence Day first time ever and I saw a serpent of fire

14 Nov 2017 #1
Apparently I took part in the largest nationalist or as they say fascist march in the world. I went to Dzień Niepodległości or independence day in Poland, 2017. I have heard this day is marked by ultra groups and hooligans fighting with police and Antifa, but I did not see any of this.

I actually am not in favor of right or left, or have anything to do with politics, but I give some respect at least to any groups - whether Antifa or nationalists - who stand up for something that has meaning and they believe in. There is some truth in all movements that have power behind them, especially in my opinion any that either resist or give checks and balances to the government (any government needs that orit becomes too emposing and powerful in the long run like the U.S.).

I saw fire, Is aw unity, I saw patriotism. This was much more about patriotism and being proud to be Polish and from Poland than anything else. Some od the chants and speakers were more fascist than solidarity- or unity- oriented, such as the Hungarian and Slovakian nationalists as well as anti-Russian red horde (czerwona hołota) chant, but overall this wasn't what the movement was about.

People were friendly, there was a mix of men, women, children and families. I saw race or flairs and a march that saw people standing and looking over this trail of fire, this serpent coming into the heart of my nation.

It was such a unique experience, to be part of something like this. I love people from all over the world, but I hate hypocrites, those who try to distort or pervert my history (Americans calling German holocaust camps Polish and other examples like Polish jokes) this was my way of telling myself for them to screw themselves.

Anyway, it was the first time I took part in something like this and if nothing else it was interesting to see and experience.

What took place on this march was one of the greatest and most powerful things I have ever seen. It was spectacular, like a trail of fire, like a blaze sweeping over the world and in the heart of one nation united with a single solidarity purpose behind it.

If you were there you would believe it, you would see it. A nation of warriors, patriots, of people of like minded unity. People who are united and strong enough to take on anything, including governments. The fire, the singing, the unity, the having each others backs was all ndescribable. And it took place only in Poland.

I love at the end armia krajowa, or AK, old warrior stood up at the end on a podium and talked about Germany trying to influence Poland and run the EU as an entity. And how Poland needs to be indepndent from EU and Germany/Brussels. This was interesting becaude it showed this wasn't a naxi or pro-German march at all. It was showcasing a unique nation and culture.
OP hijhlhjk33
14 Nov 2017 #2
I have been telling you guys this for years, Poland is different. The white people there are not like white people anywhere else, and many don't even really look white. They are gangster as fuk. Hooligans are not much different from any street gang but much more determined, trained, vicious and less about the money but more about the action or adrenaline. Here is an article talking about the greater role of the hooligan or ultra in independence day 2017 and the power they have over Poland, unbelievable power that is:

You can use google translate to translate entire page.
kondzior 12 | 1,242
15 Nov 2017 #3
Pictured: fascist nazi skinheads

OwCr 3 | 15
15 Nov 2017 #4
Just out of interest, what's the ANTIFA population in Poland compared to other countries like UK/Germany/USA ?

(I hate ANTIFA btw)
Wulkan - | 3,243
15 Nov 2017 #5
There are few hundred of them usually a few dozens in every major city but antifa from other countries like Germany often come to join them.

I hate ANTIFA btw

They are lowest from the low.
Nittanymet - | 3
1 Jun 2018 #6

Poland's Independence Day 2018 (100 Year Anniversary)

I am seriously considering traveling to Poland for the celebration of 100 years of regaining it's independence in November to take in the festivities. I've travelled to Poland before (Cracow and Zakopane), but am assuming the best place to take things in this go around would be Warsaw. I am an American of Polish decent and had a great time last time I was there with no issues at all. Before I get too far down the road, is there any reason to think the experience would be different this time? Or should I expect more of the same great hospitality I got last time I was in the country? Thanks in advance for the replies.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,663
1 Jun 2018 #7
Independence Day is an awesome time to be in Poland - especially Warsaw for the parade. You will be shown great hospitality - that's what Poles are known for. I'm a Pol-Am like you but was born in PL and moved to the US. Anyway, enjoy your time there.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
2 Jun 2018 #8
Will Poland have DEPENDENCE DAY?

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