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The Polish Wedding - What is it Like in Poland?

3 Dec 2023 #331
NO LEGS so no knee lol

Are physical handicaps funny in India? Because in the civilized world.... they're not....
Cargo pants
3 Dec 2023 #332
Because in the civilized world..

This is PF dumb fool and am in America.
LOL did I hurt your feelings?I am sorry lolol,I will pay for the next service of your wheel chair to compensate lol.
LOL and since when PF become a civilized world??
3 Dec 2023 #333
The next game is again for prospective wedding providers. The quiz proving who is more knowledgeable and intelligent.
Spectators crowd in the mezzanine which leads to the dining rooms.

13 Dec 2023 #334

The one in the black dress that you did a poor job of cropping out her face looks kind of cute and has a nice body:):)

I bet she would make a lot of money working at my friends club in Chicago. She can kick you back a few zolty and tell all her friends.

13 Dec 2023 #335
a lot of money working at my friends club in Chicago

As a confirmed pimp, you are surely an expert on such matters. :)::):)
23 Dec 2023 #336
One of the last hot meals was soup which you see in the first photo. I don`t remember what it was exactly. Surely not flaki coz I love the dish while I remember I didn`t have the soup. Instead, I had pickled herring with salad.

23 Dec 2023 #337
Here are 3 last pics from the wedding party. We left at 2 am, the party lasted till 6 am.

Guests who leave receive two farewell gifts - home made vodka and cakes.

23 Dec 2023 #338
Now a question - was it a typical Polish wedding? Yes or no and why /why not.
Yes, it is a riddle. :):):)

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