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Trendsetter from Poland.

Miloslaw 15 | 4,732
22 Sep 2022 #61
I'm not dead wrong as usual!

But you are!
Your post was simply incorrect.

no need to get personal,

I was not getting personal.
Simply correcting your poor interpretation.
Lyzko 40 | 8,757
23 Sep 2022 #62
An interpretation is NOT a factual report, Miloslaw!
"Poland is located in Asia." FACTUALLY WRONG
"German men lust after Polish women" - NEITHER WRITE NOR WRONG, MERELY AN INTEPRETATION

Trust you see the difference.

Whoops, "right", just a silly typo)))
OP Alien 12 | 2,820
25 Sep 2022 #63
The next thing I have to bring from Poland for my son are Polish "świderki" pasta not made of "durum" wheat. Adding other orders, my trunk is always full.🚘
Lyzko 40 | 8,757
25 Sep 2022 #64
Will have to try them:-)
OP Alien 12 | 2,820
25 Sep 2022 #65
Do it, "weichweizen" spirelli is only in Poland available, not in Germany, they have only "hartweizen" spirellis.
Lyzko 40 | 8,757
25 Sep 2022 #66
I somehow recall the German name.

Home / Life / Trendsetter from Poland.
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