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Tips / Help on moving to Poland from Australia

Skylargrey 1 | -
26 Feb 2020 #1
Hello everyone,

I'm a 28 yr old male which is moving to Gdansk in 6 months from Australia.

I'm in the process of working out where to live ( any advice on places to live and where not to live ).
I will be moving by myself and am wondering how i can go about making new friends and if i will need to learn polish fluently.

I'm learning polish now, but it's incredibly difficult as you all know so progress is slow.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
Lyzko 42 | 9,102
26 Feb 2020 #2
First tip I would give would be to secure some sort of firm employment before undertaking any lengthy sojourn to Poland!

Although learning the local lingo's a no-brainer (furthermore, Polish gradually gets much easier the more you stick with it, the opposite of English:-)),

the country can seem a booby trap of hidden fees from shady business people, so I've read, fly-by-night language schools, often frighteningly low salaries for equivalent positions back home etc. Therefore, it's most important, certainly just as important, to have at least the promise of a job and a contractual offer of money, prior to heading off half-cocked.

Six-months may seem like a short period, but, as someone who spent his twenties in Europe for nearly the same amount of time, it really isn't and so try to get both work along with survival language skills together first.

Best of luck!

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