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Do you support Poland's frisk and search policy?

JeenCzlowiek33 3 | 14
8 Dec 2017 #1
It seems to me that he difference between cops in Poland and usa, in terms or cops what they can do particularly New York where Hilary was campaigning big on not allowing cops to do this, is that in Poland they are allowed to frisk and search with no provocation other than their own suspicions.So if you are wearing hooligan or even soccer gear, they will do it and check you. If you are wearing any nationalistic or patriotic clothing or have such tattoos they will as well. Here is an example where they frisked a group who had ammunition and guns on them. and were doing robberies, below they talk about s group who either were preparing for na ustawka (soccer hooligan brawls) or using weapons in some way:,4303848,artgal,t,id,tm.html

So are you with Hilary and the rest of us hools and against this policy or are you with Trump on it and think Poland is doing a good job by allowing cops to harass people including fans for wearing fan-wear and nothing else here?
8 Dec 2017 #2
The article states that it's illegal in Poland to have "dangerous tools" like knives or axes in "public places." Is it really true? What if someone buys an ax in a store and takes it to his car - while walking with it on a public parking lot he is committing a crime in Poland?
OP JeenCzlowiek33 3 | 14
8 Dec 2017 #3
what I wonder is if you can have pepper spray?
8 Dec 2017 #4
I can understand getting frisked for possessing a gun or ammunition, but having a big knife, pepper spray, or even machete should not be considered a criminal activity per say. Wearing a certain type of clothes = racial profiling, isn't it. In general, Police in Poland does whatever they please because the constitution was not designed to protect "we the people" as much as it was in the US.
OP JeenCzlowiek33 3 | 14
8 Dec 2017 #5
yes, they are even guarding the entire sejm and govt installations in Warsaw right now without letting anyone walk by near where i live. no wonder there is a cup or all cops are bastards and hood graffiti all over Warsaw.
Lyzko 42 | 9,095
8 Dec 2017 #6
So long as it's done discretely, I'd have no problems with it.
Joker 2 | 2,488
12 Dec 2017 #7
It has been proven to reduce crime, then the nanny state took it away and crime shot right back up again.

How do you discreetly search someone?

NYC was a perfect example of how it works correctly when mayor Giuliani was in charge.
SigSauer 4 | 397
12 Dec 2017 #8

Stop&Frisk is an atrocious policy that disproportionately effects minorities and is the laziest of all policing methods. I give them credit for being proactive, but it really isn't a way to solve crime. I am looking at this through an American lense, and in that regard (saying this as a registered Republican), Guliani has no respect for core American tenets that the 4th amendment guarantees. The simple fact of the matter, and the case law is clear, you cannot stop people and search them, or ask for ID, unless there is reasonable suspicion to believe they've committed crime. Simply being brown and sagging your pants doesn't qualify. In Poland, I'm not familiar with their constitution, but I suspect that like most European countries they don't guarantee freedom of speech or the right of people to be secure in their person.
Strzelec35 36 | 928
7 Apr 2021 #9

frisk and search in Poland

are cops in Poland allowed to for no reason ask you to search you or search your bag or pockets wallets etc.? like if you dont answer any questions they ask can they start harassing you and frisk you to see if you have weapons? if you take the fifth i mean if they ask first? like if some guy attacks you for no reason and you mace him and stomp his teeth in and he calls them can you just take the fifth or will they search you for the mace? im trying to figure this out ahead of time whether in such situations its better to get rid of the weapon or item like mace brass knuckles in some bush or why worry keep it on you since anyone is allowed by law these things anyway or at least mace whether you use it or not?

I want to sleep outside in a tent or a sleeping bag and if someone attacks me or harasses me i want to know ahead of time how to act later after the pos not mining his business or harassing me gets his (if this happens hopefully not but these polaks you never know Americans or hick white Americans are even worse with this **** policing other sor acting like kyle rittenhouse because someone wants to sleep near a lake watching the star sor parks near them etc.). i did this before in Warsaw and i was making a fire and some sausages and this ahole came out to try telling me not to burn the grass or some **** so i want to be prepared in the future how to deal with such people if it escalates and if the cops can trick me later if i end up macing them to get an exclamation point across not to fuk with me even after im done putting hands on em. and so they cant follow me or call their friends to jump me just because i like sleeping outdoors sometimes.

the problem with getting rid of mace or anything really after using it and before cops run into you by say your description and the bus doesn't get there fast enough or tram is mids can grab it and use it like on their eyes by accident. but my freedom is way more important and me going through what i had to in California than the risk or slight potential of kids using it.
Novichok 4 | 7,375
8 Apr 2021 #10
I support F&S everywhere. It made the hellhole that NY was before Gulliani into a nice, peaceful, and very boring city. Then came the ACLU and the Democrats...

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