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Are there street gangs in Poland like in USA?

Polskiej_Dumy 18 | 66
29 Nov 2009 #1
If so what are some of their names? What do they do?
DomPolski 7 | 33
1 Dec 2009 #2
As I heard there is a large Mafia presence in Poland with Pruszkow and Wolomin Mafia.
OP Polskiej_Dumy 18 | 66
2 Dec 2009 #3
And I heard those two groups have a big presence in new york and Chicago among other cities but they are really low-key. they hang out with the russians in US
jeden - | 226
2 Dec 2009 #4
There is no mafia in Poland, rather gangs. As far as street gangs are concerned There are hooligans .

What do they do?

They fight... We Poles, love fighting ;-)
OP Polskiej_Dumy 18 | 66
2 Dec 2009 #5
So do the gangs u mentioned have names or no?
Polskiweed 1 | 9
29 Mar 2010 #6
there are a lot of football hooligans (also known as ultras)

if you go to... for example... warsaw, and warsaw has a soccer team called legia
and your just wearing the Legia soccer jersey in a different city in poland. you will likely to get jumped or jacked. always if you will be walking in a city full of people like NYC, you have to be careful of getting your cellphone, wallet, etc. stolen. people will grab it like THAT!
kondzior 12 | 1,221
29 Mar 2010 #7
Well, from my youth, there was some serious fights between fans of music bands Republika and Lady Pank. I do still have a scar on my head from a brick. But I got the one who has throwed it. Let's just say, he did end up worse then me...
jonni 16 | 2,485
29 Mar 2010 #8
kondzior: serious fights between fans of music bands Republika and Lady Pank

Which did you prefer?
kondzior 12 | 1,221
29 Mar 2010 #9
I loved Lady Pank untill Borysewicz waved his dick :-D
wildrover 98 | 4,451
30 Mar 2010 #10
kondzior: some serious fights between fans of music bands Republika and Lady Pank.

Really..i have never heard of people having a punch up over musical differences...its a new one on me...I thought it was just football...

Mind you..we had the Mods and Rockers going at it in the UK some years ago...but that was more about lifestyle , not just music...oh..and the fact us Rockers rode proper mens machines..and not girlie hair dryers...
kondzior 12 | 1,221
30 Mar 2010 #11
Here it was also about lifestyle... somewhat. We considered Republika fans to be conformists.
After Borysewicz's stunt we were going to Metalmanias (haevy metal rock concerts in Katowice, in Spodek). We were fighting Skinheads then, for some reason they were against metal music. Our battlecry of that time was "Bij skina skurwysyna" (Beat skinhead, the motherfuc*er(?) in Polish it has rhyme)
enkidu 7 | 623
30 Mar 2010 #12
These guys are not street-gangs. They are rather interested i sport activities and healthy lifestyle.
southern 75 | 7,096
7 Oct 2011 #13
Merged: What is your opinion about Polish dre or dresiarze?

What is your opinion about these decent guys dre or dresiarz?They seem quite faithful to their admiration of Adidas.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
7 Oct 2011 #14
They seem quite faithful to their admiration of Adidas.

not a lot wear adidas around here.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
11 Oct 2011 #15
They tend to wear Lonsdale. What's that other company beginning with E that does hooded tops? Everlast? They tend not to harm people so I just let them get on with their lives as they do to me. I wouldn't cross a group of them.
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
10 Mar 2021 #16

These guys were off the hook: Bukaciak's gang in Warsaw

I know you guys dont speak or understand polish but this came up on my recommended list of my youtube feed. apparently this is some recent **** like they are still taking down the remnants of this gang. there was a gang called gang of mutants sort or like the batman dark night returns comic I read in San Quentin these guys either were offshoots of or inbred with. apparently there is 200 confirmed me,bers and they are still finding offshoots or guys that escaped the Rico and indictments as well as the other rival gangs the main guy their leader took with him when he went to prison and told the DA or prosecutor about and has a death hit on him. he also had like graves in two different places of people they found. Still, according to polish law they can only give him 25 yrs max and they did:

its crazy thinking i was in Warsaw when i got deported when some of them were still around or they were still active.

hey jon have u ran i to those guys or heard of em or gang mutantów (the gang or mutants i think batman graphic novel return of batman was based off of)?

lol here is the translation of first thing the voice over dude says:

"mutant gang became famous and started from late 90s as a gang that hired professional murderers and car thieves. they were packed with steroids... they were famous for their brutality. they took over trucks and killed for contracts...

i never knew such people exist... professional murderers lol.

damm only 15 yrs for killing a cop (he appealed it to 12 yrs lol) cold blooded these guys got love and im glad im in Poland. in California they'd either be killed or shot by cops or get life or the death penalty.

they made the batman comic and even i guess video adaptation based off these guys
jon357 71 | 20,328
11 Mar 2021 #17
gang mutantów

The name's new.

Are they the ones who were stealing the cigarette trucks about 20 years ago?
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
11 Mar 2021 #18
lol at the guy mentioned in 7:25 igor:

this guy was seriously off the hook named igor. he was operating in Poland but was stealing cars from Germany and somehow they let him off two rapes of women and he killed 7 people na zlecenie zabojstwie or contract killings. Damm these guys were seriously off the hook they than barricaded themselves knowing the cops and forces are after them with grenades and high caliber machine guns wanting to go out in a shootout. Im still watching this guys...

holy ******* **** 18 cops wounded in the first minutes trying to go inside the safe house. they had a booby trap for swat or special cops in Poland killed the squad leader than threw grenades from top window within seconds of raid.

this guy at the second half of this vid Robert k or whatever was totally off the hook:

he was in front of a terrorist suspect in Germany murdered a family of rich gypsies and ran from Poland later to Ukraine where even there he was so brutal they deported him back to Poland and he has multiple life terms now,

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