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Right-wing events in Poland

Alltimegreat1 16 | 67
23 Feb 2018 #1
Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to find some right-wing, pro-white, etc. events to attend in Poland that would be held at least in part in English?

I'll be spending some time in Poland for work and would like to get to know some nice people.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
23 Feb 2018 #2
Or you're a left wing journalist or agitator just looking for controversy
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,799
24 Feb 2018 #4
Theres tons nationalist groups. Liga Polskich Rodzin aka League of Polish families RN Ruch Narodowy aka National Movement, NOP Narodowy Odrodzenie Polski aka National Rebirth, and ONR aka Oboz Narodowo Radykalny aka National Radical Camp. RN ONR amd NOP work together and promote events like the independence day march on nov 11. ONR and NOP are almost one and the same - both use the same green szczerbiec flag - the sword of an ancient polish king which is in krakow till this day. RN is close with Kukiz and a bit more mainstream. NOP is probably the largest amd best coordinated - they have offices all over Poland and many members internationally. They also have close relations with other european nationalist groups like german afd, british ukip, italian forza, hungarian jobbik, and even a few ukranian groups.

All Polish Youth is the youth wing.

You can find more about onr on their website which has an english option

Bog Honor Ojczyzna!!!
God Honor Motherland!!!

Also unlike the cucked west, patriotism is encouraged. Nationalist marches even have police protection who make sure no antifa thugs try to disrupt the march. As soon as some 30 antifa tried to do a sit in to slow down a march of 60k people this past November they were promptly man handled, arrested, and thrown into a cop car.

In Poland, its still okay to be white = )
mafketis 29 | 10,312
24 Feb 2018 #5
Why would such groups hold events in English... in Poland?

Liga Polskich Rodzin

barely exist anymore (like the other groups which are all very minor little things that have no connection to people's daily lives).

would like to get to know some nice people

learn Polish then, Poles in English are a mixed bag (and often kind of boring) life in Poland in Polish is many, many times more interesting
24 Feb 2018 #6
Speak English at any of these events and you will get your face smashed in. These people are nationalists they will want nothing to do with you

And using the word Pro White shows your foreign status. The idea of white in Poland is a completely new concept.

Go ask any youth at these events if they care that ukrainians or Russians are "white".
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
24 Feb 2018 #7
(like the other groups which are all very minor little things that have no connection to people's daily lives).

Exactly. These groups are very much on the fringe of society. If you think that they could only pull 60,000 to Warsaw on one single day when everyone is on holiday, then it shows just how miniscule their support is. Their candidate in the 2015 Presidential election only got 77,000 votes as well.

Still, the idea of nationalists actually working together is hilarious. The ONR even protested against Ukrainians stealing 'their' jobs (not that they work) once they realised that no-one cared about anti-Muslim protests.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,799
24 Feb 2018 #8
Speak English at any of these events and you will get your face smashed in. These people are nationalists they will want nothing to do with you

That's not true at all. ONR/NOP welcome anyone who believes in nation's sovereignty and for native citizens to determine the country's destiny. Their website is in English and Polish and they have many members in the UK and US - especially in Chicago.


You do not necessarily need to accept third position ideology to be welcomed - wanting to preserve a Christian European society is more than enough. And yes, ONR/NOP do work side by side and support other nationalist groups like Pegida, UKIP, Golden Dawn, Forza, Identitaire, Jobbik, AfD, etc. They are part of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom and coordinate with the aforementioned groups. This alliance has a few MEPs. Most of the nationalists (although yes there are exceptions) are promoting more cooperation and the more senior members and leaders of these groups with other nationalist groups. The ideology is that we're all Christian Europeans and there is a FAR larger threat from the Muslim invasion and EU's promotion of gay propoganda, destruction of the traditional family unit, hatred of Christianity, social conservatism and traditionalism, etc. Yes, ONR/NOP did complain at one point about the Ukranians - this is nothing new or specific to them. According to CBOS, half of Poles support Ukranian migrants, half do not. Naturally it's the same in these circles. Nonetheless, this is the nationalism of the 30's with France v Germany, Spanish liberals v falangists/conservatives, etc. Nationalists groups from Spain to Slovakia, France to Greece are cooperating, hanging out together, exchanging ideas, having fun outdoors, drinking beers, whatever. They see themselves as kindred European brothers and sisters - not enemies. But yes, there's obviously differences - many nationalists support Putin's policies but Polish and Ukranian nationalists generally don't. Yet Russian nationalists frequently work out and train with their Polish counterparts and are friends. Each group has respect for each other's nation - the purpose is to fight against the EU dictates and the migrants - not to fight against people who all desire similar things.

A perfect example of this is the Ukrainian flags intermixed with Polish flags on the independence day marches. You'll even see a few Poles, Croats, even a few French and Brits with their flags in Right Sector, Azov, etc. events. 60k people in just Warsaw alone this year. Some marches had even 80k, 100k in Warsaw alone. ONR/NOP support for Golden Dawn -

ONR/NOP have many summer camps, hiking outings, social events, etc especially in the summer over the weekends. There's a surprising amount of beautiful young Polish girls at these events too. There are thousands of RN/ONR/NOP members all over Europe and offices in every major Polish city. They also organize motocross rallies, runs all over europe, etc. There's a lot of bikers in these patriotic groups as well. A lot of RR's and other 1%ers are members of such groups as well.

These groups tend not to field candidates and run serious campaigns - it's more just to get their name out. They primarily support Kukiz, a few PiS, but none PO. Nonetheless, RN has been able to gain Sejm seats.

If you want more info pm me.
24 Feb 2018 #9
Organization perhaps as a whole claims this, while they invite foreign nationalist groups for support but rest assured the majority people in the crowd won't abide by that.

But go ahead try it and see what happens

You should understand that the reason these Nationalist organizations have languages in English, German, etc is because huge portions of Polish nationalist have never actually stepped foot in Poland or if they did it was when they were little children when their parents emigrated. Happens often with all types of groups of people who have a lack of identity in their host country.

It is far more complicated, while they include moderate Ukrainian Patriots, for example at independence day, have you ever seen the inclusion of the far right Ukrainian nationalists groups from Ukraine, they're both white and far right right, they should be best friends! Of course not. This type of white nationalism is a pure product of American society and again is only being pushed recently in Europe because of the introduction of non-white people.

Most poles accept Ukrainian economic migrants because it Enables Poles a higher standard of living while an underclass works for probably below minimum wages and doesn't complain as much as a native worker, same thing that Poles basically do in othe
Ironside 51 | 11,510
24 Feb 2018 #10
Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to find some right-wing, pro-white, etc. events to attend in Poland that would be held at least in part in English?

Hmm... I wouldn't hold you breath if I were you.
If you're talking about some fringe organization there are one or two of the kind you are looking for pro-white, etc.. they might hold some events in English because they have no support in Poland.

If you are talking about national/nationalist serious organization with a significant support they wouldn't hold events in English unless they would host some foreign organization. As an individuals you have a better change to look for some org. like that on line and e-mail them directly. Also, as you been told this thingy of pro-white is no issue in Poland.

Most poles accept Ukrainian economic migrants

Because Poles are actually accepting and tolerant unlike some who only declaratively tolerant.
25 Feb 2018 #11
This was an easy ploy by those in business as to not be forced to start accepting millions of Arabs economic migrants instead.

This was not done out of the goodness or kindness of any Poles heart. There is severe working shortages on low wage no skill jobs as majority of poles doing these jobs have left and ukrainians will do this better than Arabs, and complain less than native Poles who are already abroad and not available to do these jobs anymore. Those who have stayed in Poland have it well enough that they would never imagined of working these jobs which ukrainians do. They are paying these people lower than the legally required often because they simply can.

And there is a thin veil of dislike that many Poles have for the newly arrived ukrainians, who aren't employing them, as they literally work for crumbs.
OP Alltimegreat1 16 | 67
25 Feb 2018 #12
I'm definitely going to get in touch. The situation in Germany, especially around Frankfurt, is horrible. In many areas you'd be hard-pressed to find any ethnic Germans, and the Germans who are still left are all so concerned about right-wing radicalism and not at all about the death of their people. The average modern German male has absolutely zero balls. I don't know what can be done about it. It really inspires me to see countries like Poland and Hungary showing some serious backbone against thr EU dictatorship.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,799
25 Feb 2018 #13
I'm aware i have family and friends in dortmund and near berlin. There were a lot of turks and kurds since the 70s but for the most part they worked contributed and werent out raping women or committing terror attacks like afghanis and n africans. Plus turks amd even more so kurds dont buy into salafism wahhabism etc. Finally people im east germany are saying enough and afd is hearing the citizens strife. Theyre sick of it. Many germans welcomed migrants till the rapes and massacres and terrorism not to mention economic burden started becoming apparent. Poland knew this would happens thay why we refuse to take me and africans in. We took 1 mln ukraniand and crime raise barely rose and eben then its mostly petty crime. They shouldve been way more careful amd merkel shouldny of opened the doors to germany and with it much of europe to everyonr who could make it regardless if theyre legit refugees or not

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