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Owning a house in true countryside of Poland - stories

cms neuf - | 949
14 Sep 2019  #181
He means that even for Polish citizens there are restrictions - you now have to be a registered farmer in order to buy and some other requirements like living a certain amount of time there.

I haven't heard about your solution but it sounds risky - I would be very cautious about buying a building without title to the land underneath.
OP pawian 161 | 9,906
21 Sep 2019  #182
Yes, it is not possible. You buy the complete property: the house and the land.
OP pawian 161 | 9,906
5 Oct 2019  #183
After summer holidays I come to the farm 2,3 times a week. I pick up the fruit, mainly raspberries, but also black berries or kiwis. Veg is abundant, too. I plant new fruit trees or bushes. Oh, I nearly forgot my main activity - picking up walnuts from 3 big trees. I eat two dozen every day but that`s not enough to deal with the constant supply so I put the rest in the freezer coz I don`t like dry walnuts. I am going to eat them out next year. Soon, I will have to remove the fallen leaves from the lawn.

A few days ago one walnut tree lost a giant branch during strong winds. It fell onto my neighbour`s field. I had to cope with it for a few hours, manually coz I don`t possess a chainsaw - I never needed it. Now I must think about the purchase coz those trees are getting older and older.

The area is busy with tractors, farmers either collect summer crops or prepare fields for winter.

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