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Owning a house in true countryside of Poland - stories

cms neuf - | 1,140
14 Sep 2019 #181
He means that even for Polish citizens there are restrictions - you now have to be a registered farmer in order to buy and some other requirements like living a certain amount of time there.

I haven't heard about your solution but it sounds risky - I would be very cautious about buying a building without title to the land underneath.
OP pawian 161 | 9,971
21 Sep 2019 #182
Yes, it is not possible. You buy the complete property: the house and the land.
OP pawian 161 | 9,971
5 Oct 2019 #183
After summer holidays I come to the farm 2,3 times a week. I pick up the fruit, mainly raspberries, but also black berries or kiwis. Veg is abundant, too. I plant new fruit trees or bushes. Oh, I nearly forgot my main activity - picking up walnuts from 3 big trees. I eat two dozen every day but that`s not enough to deal with the constant supply so I put the rest in the freezer coz I don`t like dry walnuts. I am going to eat them out next year. Soon, I will have to remove the fallen leaves from the lawn.

A few days ago one walnut tree lost a giant branch during strong winds. It fell onto my neighbour`s field. I had to cope with it for a few hours, manually coz I don`t possess a chainsaw - I never needed it. Now I must think about the purchase coz those trees are getting older and older.

The area is busy with tractors, farmers either collect summer crops or prepare fields for winter.
OP pawian 161 | 9,971
19 Oct 2019 #184
October and November are forecasted to be cool, even warm. It is good coz I can keep veg in the ground without worrying about them getting damaged by frost. Last year I lost a lot of crops after a few days` freezing temperatures. Even when they come this year, I am ready coz I have prepared a few boxes with sandy dirt in the coldest room in the house to store veg as long as possible.
OP pawian 161 | 9,971
31 Oct 2019 #185
The temperature dropped to freezing levels last night and are forecasted low tonight too - as low as minus 6. Fortunately, I had moved half the crops to a safer place - white and black radish (diversity rulez again!). I also dug out the remnants of cauliflower, red beetroot and leek. The rest are still in the ground - carrot, parsley, celery, artichoke, chicory, turnip.

I also gathered a few piles of veg leaves for the rabbit. :):)

The season is slowly ending - I just collected last tri colour raspberries. I still must replant some young trees and bushes which I once put in the wrong place.

That was another fruitful year in our summer place. Thank you, Lord.

The freezing temperatures have set down the period of winter hibernation for me. I need to take a rest now. See you when it gets warmer. Good morning, and in case I don't see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night! hahahaha

jon357 63 | 14,255
5 Nov 2019 #186
Fortunately, I had moved half the crops to a safer place

We brought some of our things inside at the weekend.

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