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Noisy neighbour - Law in Poland

28 Jun 2021 #1
I just moved into a block of flats. Just a month after moving in, i've got a next door neighbour who likes to organise weekday parties with loud music until wee hours in the morning. i did give a courtesy knock on the door a few times in the last 6 months. As well as sending in polite text messages to get them to tone down after midnight. Each time they apologise and two weeks later the same happens. Late night parties, loud music, shouting, noisy conversation along the corridor. I don't want to be the nasty neighbour next door to call in the police but i work from home these days and i have the need to get up early in the morning. My question is, if i were to ring in the police, will the police inform the noisy neighbours? What is the law in Poland like on this matter?
pawian 222 | 23,700
28 Jun 2021 #2
l as sending in polite text messages to get them

Where did you get their numbers from?

Each time they apologise

It is very nice of them.

to call in the police

What do other neighbours say? Don`t they complain? Party noise must be heard in all flats, not only on one storey.
mafketis 36 | 10,830
28 Jun 2021 #3
will the police inform the noisy neighbours?

If these neighbors are renting then the traditional way of dealing with it is to contact the administration so that they will inform the owners that their tenants are annoying other residents and the owners deal with them (maybe kicking them out).

A couple of times that's happened to bad neighbors in buildings I've lived in (I did nothin' it was the other neighbors)
If they're really a bother that may already be happening.
jon357 74 | 21,900
28 Jun 2021 #4
Call the Straż Miejska (something between PCSOs, Traffic Wardens, Council enforcement staff etc; they deal with plenty of noise complaints and issue fines for noise infringements in blocks) . Often if there's a loud midweek party with lots of guests, several people in an apartment building will call them so they'll not be sure who it is; after all, if they're as loud as you say, doubtless others will have either contacted them directly or just called the Straż.
pawian 222 | 23,700
29 Jun 2021 #5
Call the Straż Miejska

Yes, silencing noisy neighbours is their job. 20 years ago they dropped in my flat after my annoyed neighbour one storey below had called them coz I allegedly did weight exercise at night. Of course it wasn`t true coz I was doing it during the day. But he was a bit crazy - I already told you he was a retired mathematician who used to stand on the crossroads and count passing cars for mental statistics calculations. Today I say prayers for his troubled soul.
OP Silverfish
29 Jun 2021 #6
Thanks for the feedback.

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