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Nightlife in Poland

14 Dec 2022 #1
Hi! Im a medical student and I'm going to be in Poland during July as part of an exchange programme - and I'm trying to decide where to go.

Keeping in mind the cities with the best nightlife, best tourism, and most things to do - could u recommend 1 place for me from each group please?

Group 1 - Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław, Gdańsk
Group 2 - Bydgoszcz, Bialystok, Olsztyn, Lodz; Poznan;
Group 3 - Lublin, Silesia (Katowice), Szczecin, kielce, Rzeszow.
Alien 12 | 2,773
14 Dec 2022 #2
Group 1- Gdańsk
Group 2- Poznań
Group 3- Katowice
OP hani02
14 Dec 2022 #3
Thanks for the input! Could I also ask regarding nightlife and tourism - would you suggest Krakow or Warsaw?
jon357 71 | 21,124
14 Dec 2022 #4
Krakow or Warsaw?

Warsaw, every time.
OP hani02
14 Dec 2022 #5
and between warsaw and gdańsk in the summer - which would you say has better nightlife?
Alien 12 | 2,773
14 Dec 2022 #6
Krakow is a "must have" for every foreign tourist in Poland. Warsaw is less interesting for tourists. I am no expert when it comes to nightlife, but others on the Forum are.
cms neuf - | 2,097
14 Dec 2022 #7
Lodz or Poznan
jon357 71 | 21,124
14 Dec 2022 #8
Warsaw is less interesting for tourists.

It's got a lot for tourists. Kraków has more tourists than it has things to see and do.

The nightlife in Warsaw is certainly by far the best too, especially if you know where to go.
OP hani02
14 Dec 2022 #9
What would you say are the best places to go then?
jon357 71 | 21,124
14 Dec 2022 #10
Depends what sort of place you like, what sort of age group or demographic.

Large and loud, classy, lively, cheap and cheerful, druggy or not, types of music, pulling places?
OP hani02
14 Dec 2022 #11
To be honest I think we have people in our group who would be interest in abit of each! So whichever you can recommend, we'll definitely give a visit to :)
jon357 71 | 21,124
14 Dec 2022 #12
Chinatown (the pavilions behind Nowy Świat (findable on google maps as Bar Żyrafa etc) are a whole load of smallish bars with good music and a nice atmosphere. Students and 20somethings but not only. Open quite late, some better than others. If they don't appeal, there are lots of places nearby. There are plenty of bars/clubs on Foksal and Chmielna (both 2 minutes from there, but avoid the ones where girls try to get you to go in; they're clip joints). Luzztro (round the corner on al. Jerozolimskie is the place for pills and thrills).

There's a whole row of places (some with strict door selection, some not) on ul. Mazowiecka; that's very much the place to go for the 23-35 demographic but each place is different. People speak well of Enklawa.

If you want beer, the bit of Nowogrodzka and Żurawia between Krucza and Marszalkowska is the place, some very trendy loud places too. Cuda na Kiju (a big place in the basement of the old Communist Party headquarters right in the centre by Nowy Świat) is very popular.

I'm out of touch with the very big nightclubs, but Hybrydy (on ul. Zlota) and Level 27 (a rooftop club past the station) are still I think popular.
Lyzko 40 | 8,740
14 Dec 2022 #13
Does there exist a bar/night club in Warsaw known as "KROKODIL"?
I understand from a Polish friend that it has been around for many, many years and was extremely popular during the Communist period.
jon357 71 | 21,124
14 Dec 2022 #14

There used to be a restaurant called Krokodyl in the Old Town however it was a bit quiet and is long closed now.

Thinking of the Old Town, there are a couple of clubs there and some good studenty ones on Krakowskie Przedmieście leading up to it.

Plus there's Bar Warszawa on Krakowskie Przedmieście which is big and lively at weekends (or was, when I was last in there).

We go to Loreta on ul. Widok nowadays which is a 30+ crowd, expensive and chic. Nice music too, but a place to dress up for.
Lyzko 40 | 8,740
14 Dec 2022 #15
Thanks, jon. 'Scuse the typo!
OP hani02
14 Dec 2022 #16
@jon357 @Lyzko
thanks so much for the suggestions guys! will definitely check them out :)) If you have any other "must see" places in poland for us to visit while we're there, please let me know!

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