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Lublin and Eastern Poland as an expat? Looking for work and a nice area to live.

16 Jun 2018 #1
I know most jobs are in Warsaw or other big cities. I generally prefer what is today Eastern Poland (afaik it was more central before Poland moved west...). Now aside from Krakow and Warsaw most cities are smallish there or not popular enough. Krakow is too touristy and historic and while I've been fond of Warsaw, she's maybe too big? I know it's not as dense as Prague as it has wider streets and is spread-out. Are there any jobs in Lublin or not? Are there any larger or more or less same sized cities in the Eastern part of Poland?

I've rediscovered my love for Polish culture and consider learning Polish finally. Now I speak only English, and a B1 French (losing it as not fan of their culture) and A2 Spanish. Always been fan of Polish culture so it's ironic I never learned the language. Olsztyn, Kielce? Doesn't have to be big but to have jobs.

I like nature and tree-lined streets of which Poland has more than say cities in Cz and Slovakia. What can I do for living - acting, singing, journalism, sales, promoting, PR ideally. Until I learn the language I could do a boring corporate job in bookkeeping in English or data entry, anything really in EN. Maybe graphic design until I pick up Polish. Thanks!
gregy741 4 | 1,221
16 Jun 2018 #2
I generally prefer what is today Eastern Poland

try rzeszow..i am from Lublin area,,dont really like Lublin too much.
especially if you like nature and stuff like got Solina and Bieszczady near Rzeszow.Cleaner and friendlier town.Lublin is a hole
OP Szczeszcz
16 Jun 2018 #3
Weird, on Street View I find Lublin more my kind of city. Its historic buildings seem more like the types I like and outside of city center looks more rough but it seems to have lots of greenery and more space.

Rzeszow outside of city center is more manicured/clean but also more bare from plants and seems to have narrower streets.

Bear in mind I do not care for classic private home buildings like those found in most of Prague's city center (I prefer cathedrals, castles, palaces, unis, monuments and city walls when it comes to classic architecture). Apart from those categories I prefer private houses to be more modern. I think Lublin matches more that, no? Rzeszin has less outstanding pallaces walls etc, but more classic buildings of the private home type which I do not care about.
gregy741 4 | 1,221
17 Jun 2018 #4
well..i though,you said you like nature..there is not much of that around Lublin. and last time i was there,the city look deserted.there is roztocze national park kinda near,but still about 100 km away.i dunno..its just my memories from teen age time,always seen Lublin as city of drunkards.and rough streets.but then again,i left 20 years ago and things changes alot.

as for Rzeszow,you got stunning Solina and Bieszczady just few miles away.and then Krynica and mountains not far ect.

Home / Life / Lublin and Eastern Poland as an expat? Looking for work and a nice area to live.
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