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Nice sections of Krakow to live in, and other questions

mattyz 1 | 1
24 Jan 2010 #1
Hi guys,

My long-term visa was just approved, so my planned move to Poland is defiantly going to be a reality!

I'm 90% settled on Krakow as my initial residence, so I'm currently researching the areas of the city. However, it is really difficult to get good information on Krakow's neighborhoods, at least in English. Polish is technically my first language; however, compared to a native, it is terrible and I can not read or write in the language. So any help here would be most appreciated.

I don't have any hard criteria. I could comfortably pay 2000pln a month on rent, but that seems a bit excessive (but maybe I'm wrong) and obviously the cheaper the better provided it is not a horrible/unsafe location. Ideally, I'd like to find a roommate because living alone (at least initially) doesn't appeal to me since I'd be alone in a new country, and of course, there are savings associated with a flat share.

Finally, what would be the best method for finding a roommate? In the US, people are all ways advertising available rooms or roommates wanted on Craigslist or in the local newspaper, how or where is this best accomplished in Poland?

And just one more related question if you guys do not mind. My strategy so far is to fly into Krakow, and then stay at an affordable hostel until I find the above desired long-term flat. I'm guessing I'd be stuck in a hostel for at least a 1-3 weeks, but who knows, is this even a good plan? Are there better, faster, (and cheaper ways) to find housing?

Once more, any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
Wroclaw Boy
24 Jan 2010 #2
Are there better, faster, (and cheaper ways) to find housing?

When i first came to Poland we lived in a hotel for about a week, during this time we visted a few estate agencies and they showed us some real crap, many not available for months and most well over priced 3500 PLN +, my advice is buy as many private advertising papers as possible and call the owners direct. You'll save the commission which is usually the equivalent of one months rent.

Im not that sure of areas in Krakow, i drove through the North last week and noticed lots of new apartment blocks and the neighbourhoods seem failry nice.

Theres plenty of expats on here living in Krakow they'll know more.
jwojcie 2 | 763
24 Jan 2010 #3
mattyz, if you are a student or in student age, then good option are student organizations. Usually they have some good and relatively cheap offers.
24 Jan 2010 #4
Try - lots of ads for places to rent there.

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