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Hip Replacements in Poland

21 Mar 2007 #1
A Polish relative of mine is looking into getting a hip replacement. She has decided not to use the public sector for various reasons. I am interested in reading any helpful information on private medical facilities which could perform the procedure and other things one should consider when doing this in Poland. If anyone knows an MD who is exceptional at this, please recommend.
Varsovian 91 | 634
23 Mar 2007 #2
You may check

Interestingly, hip problems are more common in countries where the intake of dairy products is higher.
Milk especially, is a major cause of osteoporosis.
pawian 222 | 23,645
28 Jan 2022 #3
a hip replacement.

Ooops, I checked it out of sheer curiosity. The new hip costs over 20.000 PLN plus. Of course much less than in other countries but still a lot here.

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