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Funeral Traditions in Poland

15 May 2018 #31
I recently watched a video by a photographer reluctantly employed by the Nazis at Auschwitz when a funeral prayer was spoken at the later burial of a female internee. Does anyone know this prayer please. It was so moving.
14 Oct 2020 #32
What is the Polish blessing/prayer when lighting the gromnica (candle) in a dying person's hand to light his or her way to the afterlife?
pawian 173 | 13,530
14 Oct 2020 #33
There is no special prayer for the candle lighting moment - you can say your prayers all the time while vigiling with the dying

You can check these special prayers for the dying, especially the first one

But Koronka do Bożego Miłosierdzia is also good.
Actually, any prayer is good. Also those improvised from your heart. God is not as formal as people imagine.

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