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Is there any English ToastMasters clubs in Poland?

auezzat 5 | 14
5 Dec 2022 #1
There is a public speaking club/meeting called ToastMasters it is self-funded and exists all around the globe.

I am currently in Gdańsk and I wanted to know if there are any clubs near me, I found one targeted for tri-city where they speak English but I sent a message to their group two weeks ago they haven't replied yet and so I assumed they are inactive.

If anyone knows any active club, I would greatly appreciate it.
jon357 72 | 21,259
5 Dec 2022 #2
They've got a group in Warsaw. It meets at the Marriott hotel and is findable online.

If there's anything in Gdańsk that isn't dormant, the Warsaw people will be able to put you in touch with them, and of its dormant, they'll put you in touch with any contacts they've got there.
Lyzko 42 | 9,091
5 Dec 2022 #3
An excellent opportunity for you to practice your English with native English speakers, auezzat!

Good luck,
OP auezzat 5 | 14
7 Dec 2022 #4
Thank you jon357, I just got a reply from the group in Tricity and they said they will resume the English meetings in January.

Thanks Mark.
Lyzko 42 | 9,091
7 Dec 2022 #5
Do let us know too how you're making out:-)

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