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Where to buy kettlebells in Poland and swinging pendulum bag?

Strzelec35 36 | 988
4 Apr 2021 #1
I want to set up my own home workout area or gym and I just ordered a double end punching bag now i need a of 25kg kettlebell and a set of two 15kg kettlebells as well as a pendulum bag that sits on a stand with water in it and swings back and forth as you hit it. any idea where to order these things?

edit i found some pendulum bags:
Zobacz ofertę: Profesjonalna Gruszka Bokserska Gibon Cobra Bag
Zobacz ofertę: GRUSZKA BOKSERSKA STOJĄCA z regulacją 130-160 cm
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
4 Apr 2021 #2
Waste of money,lol with your drinking habbit you will only be motivated to use them when you will be drunk/tipsy.Why not instead buy Karnet at some local gym and try it out its cheaper.There is a gym by Mcdonalds on Nowe Swiat and Swietoshiska on first floor by you.
Novichok 4 | 7,121
4 Apr 2021 #3
There is a gym by Mcdonalds on Nowe Swiat and Swietoshiska on first floor by you.

I went there and got a one-time guest pass. Right next to my high school #37.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
4 Apr 2021 #4
Its a alright gym,cpl of Americans go there.
OP Strzelec35 36 | 988
4 Apr 2021 #5
right now gyms are closed besides mma gyms for some reason but they tend to be secretive or working down under under the table or some ****. im thinking of going back but due to my last leg injury i started slacking and have a hard time motivating myself to start going again plus my leg is not gully healed. i mostly like zdrofit for kettle bells and some stuff but its all closed now and has been foe months,

I am actually in pretty good shape even though i drink a lot i work out as well and sweat it off. Right now I just went for a ran and did some tree kicking practice skills in the park flying left and rights and jumping side kicks etc. also some shin conditioning hitting small tree right on shins. also handstands and trying to get closer to do splits. than i just got a four pack of lechs as i came back in. its the greatest feeling ever to get hella good work out in and feel tired and get a bit tipsy or have beers right after. its like fuking nirvana.

there is a park krasinski near old town i go to do my tree kick training and do rounds of running in between my sessions and hand stand splits practice.

one of the reasons i want a gruszka or pear punching bag is so i can practice my flying knees or possibly develop head knees. ive been playing street fighter four for my 3ds lately as the muay thai guy adon and it motivated me to develop this skill. by the way i now or today on the tree was able to do a reverse to the head kick after one knee goes up of the rear leg than you kick with the other as you do a 360 degree tun on both legs. i just cant roundhouse it or the kick leg with my left yet fully. i was able to stand on my hands handstand one time real well as well but cant walk it i lost strength or balance on my left arm but do walk it with my right or shift with my right forward but my left never moves than eventually i fall. ive been also trying to develop the cartwheel kick but i never kick the tree or target it always misses with the rear leg or probably goes right in front of the target but the cartwheel feels good.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
4 Apr 2021 #6
here is a park krasinski near old town

Go to Browar,take a walk/jog/run by Viswa,I do it in summer and then have beer there with Pizza:)or even bike its a good stretch of 2/3 kms and now city rental bikes are also there.The more tired you get more better you will feel.
OP Strzelec35 36 | 988
4 Apr 2021 #7
the best jogging path is at praga or beginning of it right after the bridge from old town where the trees are or small forest and beach. i did it so many times tho i got bored going there i still do once in a while.

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