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Where to buy cosmetic items such as razor and pumice in Poland?

Atch 23 | 4,057
26 Jul 2016 #31
They're often known as a cut-throat razor and with good reason! My husband wanted one years ago and we were living in Dublin at the time. They were simply not available in a high street chemist or drugstore because, not surprisingly, they're not very popular. They were replaced in general use by the safety razor about a hundred years ago. We finally tracked them down by going to a traditional barber's shop where they also sold them. They were extremely expensive and the barber actually advised Mr Atch not to buy one as he said many people find they simply can't learn how to use them and he sold him a much cheaper version which would be ok for a few uses, just to practise and see whether he liked it (he didn't!). If you were buying the 100 euro version they gave you a practical tutorial in how to shave with it. I imagine the one for 30zł shown above, is the disposable version where the blade will be ok for a few uses.
Atch 23 | 4,057
26 Jul 2016 #33
Not at all Interface, you're very welcome. Here's an article you might enjoy and it contains a link to an Amazon page with a huge selection of such razors. I am sure you can get something suitable on the internet.
cms 9 | 1,255
26 Jul 2016 #34
ok now I understand ! If you want that then in Poland you could try the brushmakers shop on Emilii Plater, or a bit further down next to Legends there is a high end barber who might have one. Another high end barber shop is across road from WSE, next to Muji.

But internet might be your best bet
13 Feb 2019 #35

Nivea MENTHOL Refresh Power shower gel

Does anyone know anywhere in Warsaw still selling the menthol flavour Nivea shower gel? Thx
Pujan Patel
13 Jun 2023 #36
Can Someone know the Rolason SHAVING A razor brandfromn India literally this brand razors are fantastic. please suggest some stores to haveit in poland.
jon357 74 | 21,930
13 Jun 2023 #37
please suggest some stores to haveit in poland.

There are many, many brands available in Poland. Not much reason to import ones from so far, especially from a third world country with poor labour standards.
Alien 18 | 4,831
14 Jun 2023 #38
They have a tough beard, they need a classic shaver and that's the Rollason double edge.
jon357 74 | 21,930
14 Jun 2023 #39
They have a tough beard

Indian people? Not especially. They certainly don't need anything you can't buy at Żabka.

Most Indians buy the cheapest of cheap disposable razors, ones that can cut you to ribbons.

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