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Best broadband supplier in Poland

Luke84 7 | 114
6 Nov 2015 #1
Hello Everyone,

I do have internet LTE connection with Play (2years contract for 89.99PLN per month), recently I started having a problems with it, for example they are blocking my sending emails so to use outlook properly I need to connect via VPN, that is fine but it should not be the case if you are paying for the service. Now I'm looking for something more descent, and I would hate to sound like an ignorant who don't know how to use google but I have done enough research and unfortunately all suppliers I spoke with they have been extremely unhelpful, even thought I was ready to spend pretty penny (or grosz) with them... I'm looking for a good and stable service with upload of minimum 10mbs, I preferably need static IP address and no limits whatsoever... as at least 3 times per week I'm copying 30GB files so any limits would not help at all...

I was talking to PLUS (Polsat people) their staff seems to be not educated enough, when I asked a question on chat I was getting reply in 5-15 minutes (not seconds) that was beyond the measure, they couldn't answer basic questions, spoke with Orange, but when I asked about static IP they said "nie wiem" - nice reply! UPC, Vectra - apparently won't serve me in my area - that is in Chrzanow (Malopolskie)...

I would really appreciate if someone could point me into the right direction, preferably based by experience...

Cheers Luke
Looker - | 1,096
6 Nov 2015 #2
You are more interested in a mobile or home broadband? Land-line Internet is much more reliable and cheaper in Poland - no data limits and sometimes great speeds (it depends on an exact location)
OP Luke84 7 | 114
6 Nov 2015 #3
Hi Looker,

I can have home broadband, mobile is good as if there is no electricity I can still be online... but I have mobile already so as a second one home would be fine. Any recommendations? It's Chrzanow so I'm not sure if you can have anything better than 10mbs at the moment, download it's not so important at this time but I would need big upload - around 10mbs!

Looker - | 1,096
6 Nov 2015 #4
Check the offer of - they provide services also in Chrzanów.

For details check here - (more affordable option of 8mb upload):

Or for the fastest Fiber net check this (20mb upload):
OP Luke84 7 | 114
6 Nov 2015 #5
Thanks a lot Looker,

I must admit that I have never heard of them, but just contacted them in their chat... Thanks again...

Unfortunately SBL just get back to me saying they cannot provide their service - ouch...
Looker - | 1,096
6 Nov 2015 #6

I was worried about that - the range of the fiber lines in Poland is very limited. I'm afraid that your only option now is the regular upload speed offered by Netia or Orange.

Check also cable Internet availability at your home - ex. Multimedia:
OP Luke84 7 | 114
6 Nov 2015 #7
Thanks Looker once again.

If you would have a choice between Orange and Netia? Which of these two you would pick?
Looker - | 1,096
6 Nov 2015 #8
It depends on a specific offer - just think before you want to save some 10zl/month and sign longer (2 years) agreement. The prices getting lower in time and speeds are of course better.

You may also check the additional services which an operator may provide, the static IP for example (extra payable).
Rather just don't take the Netia on Orange network - any repairs take little longer. The genuine Netia is very good, Orange is not bad either. Just look closer for the details and compare recent options.
adamlever 3 | 3
23 Mar 2016 #9
Hi Luke
How did you get on with this?

I'm in exactly the same position. I'm with Play (mobile internet). Although I thought I was getting unlimited data with 10 up / 10 down connection speeds, this is not the case. I am maxing out the unlimited data (hahahaha!) - turns out only limited to 100GB per month. I'm not even downloading movies. It's simply the volume of work I do.

Anyway, did you find a decent provider in the end?

We've just bought a flat in Bydgoszcz centre, so plan to be here a while. So, landline and long contract is fine. Just need massive data and at least 10/10 speeds.
OP Luke84 7 | 114
23 Mar 2016 #10
Hi Adam,

To be honest some circumstances has changed recently as one of my big contracts will be cancelled end of April so I would no longer need fast upload and static IP address. However we had a battle with Play, wrote loads of complaint letters (my wife did - so no credits for me), and we have discounted rates till end of the contract form 89.99 to 59.99, yes true, 100GB per month this is their unlimited limit ! Poland is an amazing country and ideas these people have are beyond the measure!!!

My suggestion is complaint, complaint, complaint, until you will get sick and tired, call them thieves, call them liars, end of the day you are right by doing that so...

The descent provider - tbh not such a thing in Poland, but the best out there is Orange, the cable one of course, stay away from LTE scam...

Are you using that purely for work - there is an option but this need to be a business lease - it's not cheap thought, you will be looking at around 300zlots per month through Orange, depends if you need static IP address and how many, the 300zlots option was a full with 10mb upload and 5x static IP addresses...

Any questions you may have just pm me as I rarely look at the forum these days...
adamlever 3 | 3
23 Mar 2016 #11
Thanks for the advice. Can't PM at the moment, just joined and need to post at least 2 'useful' forum messages.

It is mainly for work, but everything in the flat (laptops, pc, ipads, phones and TV) all connect - bandwidth is very prohibitive, tried jury rigging an old wifi router from UK to act as a gateway, but didn't make a lot of difference. Will only need one static IP, so I can VPN more securely into my UK office.

Slowly learning that everything here is all about the gloss... scratch a little deeper and you find layers of red tape and bureaucracy (and limitations that are professed not to exist).

Still, I love living here and don't have any plans to move back to the UK any time soon - as long as my company keeps paying me and is happy for me to work remotely.

Hi All
My wife and I have just bought a flat in Bydgoszcz and I'm looking for the best options for internet.

We have a LTE mobile connection from Play, but I have just learned that the 'Unlimited' deal is not actually unlimited. Because of the volume of work I do, I am exceeding 100GB a month.

Does anyone know what the best and most cost effective way of getting a decent (and truly unlimited) connection is?

I need:
At least 10MB/s upload and download.
Properly unlimited (or at least 500GB data per month)
Static IP address
Decent wireless router

Any ideas?

OP Luke84 7 | 114
23 Mar 2016 #12
Hi Adam,

No worries, I just looked if there is any messages and seen your post here. I can tell you that this forum is extremely useful, it will help adopting within the country!

Have you considered buying a NAS box, it may help you keeping all of your media at one place. In regards to VPN I use Hotspot Shield and they are pretty good, not expensive at all, cannot recall how much I paid but it's extremely useful, you can browse through different countries and can watch+enjoy most of US TV as well as regular UK stuff!

Unfortunately I cannot protect this country from what you are saying, I'm here since July last year, sometimes I have this feeling that I need to pack all of my bags and just go... It's hard to find any professional here which is very worrying... I'm not saying there is no Polish professionals but the numbers are pretty low!

In regards to your remote work - be careful, one of my clients/partners decided to take advantage that I'm not there anymore so he is secretly bringing someone over to "replace" me, what he doesn't know yet is that acknowledged that fact already. If you can try to find more jobs which you can do, and try doing it now, create yourself a safety nest that way. Even if you spend more time on that now it will all pay off in future.

With play - fight with them, get your missus to write nice complaint and send it to them, don't waste your time on telephone, they are useless, keep all communication in writing...
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
23 Mar 2016 #13
Any ideas?,Bydgoszcz--m-n-p-p--,Bydgoszcz.html

UPC are apparently in Bydgoszcz, so they'll be your best bet.
OP Luke84 7 | 114
23 Mar 2016 #14
Not sure if UPC offers static IP, as far as I know only business account in orange offer that option
5 Feb 2018 #15

FTTH or xDSL internet in Torun, Poland


I am gonna live in torun for 6 months and I have already found an apartment but it doesn't have internet.
So I wanna know which broadband companies are available in torun for FTTH and xDSL.

Thank you
kaprys 3 | 2,498
5 Feb 2018 #16
I have no idea what these letters stand for ;) but the most popular internet providers are neostrada, netia, UPC and there are some more. But I'm not sure you can get a six-month-contract. They're usually for two years.
Roibeard79 3 | 50
17 Aug 2020 #17
Hi, How can I check if I can get fibre broadband in my area?
Looker - | 1,096
17 Aug 2020 #18
Write your location here:
click "szukaj" and check the map
pawian 178 | 15,582
19 Aug 2020 #19
Here is another link which also includes non-orange fibre.

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