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So if Poland is apparently "97% Polish" according to official statistics, what is the other 3%?

20 Nov 2020 #61
Sure, even Bulgarian shows some common features with all Slavic languages, meaning geographically it must've been spoken somewhere in the middle between South, West and East Slavs, where now it's Hungary and Romania. But as for common Sarmatian culture, that was sooo long ago that nowadays Poles and Czechs for example are quite different culturally. One reason is religion - Poles stayed very Catholic, Slovaks are somewhat in the middle and Czechs turned very atheistic, but there are other reasons (more Austrian influence on Czechs and Slovaks). Even between South Slavs there's a notable difference between Orthodox, Catholic and those that were converted to Islam. Those that were in Yugoslavia and not etc.

Anyway, the Western-made guide books on Poland are sooo biased, they're filled with Western/Zionist propaganda and revisionist history of the worst kind. They elevate Jewish diaspora's cultural contribution while diminish White/Christian Poles' one just as footnote and apart from Chopin they paint Poles as victims, which is kinda true in the 20th century context, but you know Polska existed long before WWI and WWII, it's much older than most European states. Nowa Huta itself was inhabited long before most of the West.

African Americans have had a larger influence on mainstream US culture than Polish Jews had on mainstream Polish one IMO, no matter what post-WWII revisionists claim. It's also offensive how they ignore the many Christians killed in the camps. Western people making Poles look bad again, what a surprise! Also talking about the camps for several pages on a tour brochure of Krakow does disservice to the beautiful city it is. I don't see so much talk about Jews in guidebooks on Austria and even Germany itself, it's obvious the West is trying to make Germany and Austria look good and paint Poland as the bad place. One Jewish blogger even was shocked that a father and a kid were enjoying the sunny weather several miles in a village near an ex camp. Well, just as many people died in the Middle East and ingenious were killed in America, but you still see people going about their daily lives. If it's OK in the USA and there why shouldn't Poles continue living normally?
mafketis 24 | 9,124
20 Nov 2020 #62
Bulgarian shows some common features with all Slavic languages

IIRC a linguist in the 1960s did a village to village survey from Serbia to Bulgaria and couldn't find a clear border where one turned into the other... that might be different now in an age of mass media...

It's my understanding that Bulgarian disappeared from the written record as a living evolving language (preserved as a fossilized Old Church Slavic) for several hundred years and by the time it re-appeared it had acquired its current form which is heavily Balkan (with a bit of Turkish with evidentiality, which is not as clearly marked in any other European language that I know of).
21 Nov 2020 #63
Yeah 500 years of cultural "enrichment" by the Ottomans. Hence why we don't like Muslim migrants.
Crow 146 | 9,105
21 Nov 2020 #64
300 to 400 years ago all experts and travelers of that time would tell you that only three Slavic languages exist. Russian, Polish and Serbian.
21 Nov 2020 #65
Oh come on, now your going to claim Bulgarians are in fact Serbians. We are not. I see more similarity in the looks of Bulgarian women with Ukrainian and Romanian ones, not with Serbian ones. Serbian women look quite different, so apparently we have mixed more with Ukrainians and what are today Romanians (Latinized Slavs + Latinized local Thracian/Dacian tribes). DNA tests confirm that. Also makes sense because our first country in the Balkans was way up north-east, around Bucharest to Contanta and Danube delta area. Also don't forget the previous state Volga Bulgaria that's now in Russia. Serbians look more Dinarid, we don't have this type much here. Croats are more classic Slavic blonde looks but they also have darker, more southern types that are not like the Serbian Dinarids as they're usually shorter and with rounder or at least softer-looking faces. Those people look very similar to us, surprisingly many Croats seem closer to Bulgarians physically than Serbians, like Severina and Nives Canovic. No offense, but Serbians and even Macedonians genetically don't seem very close to us, despite Macedonians once being part of our state and speaking a Bulgarian dialect (I guess North Macedonians intermarried a lot with Serbs). I could never mistake Severina or Nives for Serbian women, but I could totally mistake them for Bulgarian, so Croats are quite not like Serbians either.

Anyway, let's not derail the thread, after all this is Polish Forums, not Slavoforum or sth. If I was a Pole I'd be offended by the tourist guides made by Westerners (e.g. Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, various online guides) that focus way too much on the Jewish Polish contributions to culture, food and architecture. They actually just mention Balts/Lithuanians in a few lines and I have the idea that Lithuanians actually played a larger role into the country. Heck, it was named Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, not Polish-Jewish. I'm offended without being a Pole by this propaganda. And I actually like Jewish people, just not the way for some reason Western media try to portray Poland as a country shaped mostly by Jewish culture and acting like Slavic Poles were some kind of illiterate, inferior peasants compared to them. Next time you read an English-language guide or travel blog on Poland, count how many times Jews are mentioned.
mafketis 24 | 9,124
21 Nov 2020 #66
your going to claim Bulgarians are in fact Serbians. We are not.

Crow divides the world into two groups, Serbians and non-Serbians and people themselves have no say in which group he puts you in.... so you're Serbian (if you weren't he'd want to ethnically cleanse you....)
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,423
21 Nov 2020 #67
...and a third group: Germanized Sarmatians! (Me:)
Crow 146 | 9,105
21 Nov 2020 #68
Oh come on, now your going to claim Bulgarians are in fact Serbians. We are not

No, you are not. Maybe only those along the Danube, and Shopi and those who are more White. Maybe they remembered.

...and a third group: Germanized Sarmatians! (Me:)

What again return you to the genesis. Sooner or later.

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