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The Adult Entertainment Industry in Poland?

Ironside 51 | 11,299
21 Dec 2011 #62
Guess, I mean somebody who would say around blacks - white power !
Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
21 Dec 2011 #63
He does have a point.

It pains me to admit it, but he does.

However, you must remember that this is the guy who said that "Polish women won't be attractive until they're mixed race" and also stated that "white women should be REQUIRED to marry black men" - as a marriage isn't legally a marriage until it's consummated, he's effectively encouraging black men to have sex with white women against their will.

He also can't wait until the world is more mixed, which effectively means he can't wait until there are fewer whites. That's as racist as saying "the world would be a much better place if there weren't any blacks", so he can't be taken seriously. Even the mods have noticed that he is trolling. Simon Mol ffs!!

I never said ALL Polish women don't like black men; I said MOST. Everyone knows that some Polish women will go with blacks. But very few do, even over here.

But who is the best judge, anyway?

Someone like me, who has associated with a wide variety of Polish people for four decades?

Or a South African prnographer with an anti-Polish/pro-Black agenda? Especially as he probably wasn't even born when I first started dating Polish women.

I have to back you up on that. You are in your la-la land!
Majority of Polish women are not interested in black men. And some are very open about the fact they do not like fooking niggers(funny hearing that form a cute blond thing)!

RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
22 Dec 2011 #64
- white power !

Bollix to that. Just keep the foreigners, well, foreign.
OP EM_Wave 9 | 311
22 Dec 2011 #65
He also can't wait until the world is more mixed, which effectively means he can't wait until there are fewer whites.

What? Wouldn't that imply that there would be fewer of all "pure" races and not just whites? Anyway...

Genetic variety = Stronger immune systems

Does a future with more biologically advanced humans not excite you?
25 May 2023 #66
I have some **** ideas...
I'm looking for a producer/owner & co-director.
Get in touch, if you want.
Alien 13 | 3,053
27 May 2023 #67
have some **** ideas.

Certainly nothing new.

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