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Polish people are the most ignorant people in the world!

13 Nov 2015 #241
Hi Wizard :)

I am going to predict you dont have a day job because you choose to hypocritically sit on your phone or computer and write about a general people - Polish people. So let me explain to you why your erratic statememts are false and hypocritical to statements you have made more previously in your argument. First you claim polish people are ignorant, speaking for polish people in general, speaking for every polish person on the planet, no matter where they live. You have not met every polish person, therefore your simple, inaccurate opinion is openly invalid. However, it is your opinion. :) Also, the fact that you choose to use degrading words such as "$tupid, un-productive, lazy, and ignorant idiots" (only a few I choose to mention) suggests that you are a bully. Now that we have gotten a blatant suggestion from your own words that you are bullying the general population of polish people could lead to a few, more widely viewed "side effects", lets call them. (Who knows maybe I can help you learn a few things about yourself?) First, you are allowing others to believe (which is a natural human instict, by the way, which cannot be stopped; only through corruption of ones mind that leads to dehumanization because of the lack of emotion and thinking of ones mind) that you may possibily be looking for attention, want to get anger of your system and decide to take your anger out on others, and one more "side effect" i might say is that you are jealous and want to make yourself better by stating opinions and self-experiences of a people rather than stating facts, which therefore proves no point, because you simply have no proof other than self-experiences (as you choose to percieve them) and simple opinions. By stating a majority of negative statements, you dont make yourself look better but only prove to be a hypocrite because you say polish people make themselves look better and in other modern words they "hype themselves up" because they have "no confidence". I feel that you get my point and i do understand that you wanted nothing more than to share a black and white opinion of the polish people. I want to thank you for sharing your opinion that im sure everyone begged you so much for. :)
18 Nov 2015 #242
I'm married to a Polish woman. This is going to be a generalisation and correct me if I'm wrong, but polish women seem to be very protective of their men and very subservient and traditional too. I don't mean subservient in a derogatory manner, my wife is a successful career woman, but I think poles are very loyal and prefer to be traditional. They have a tendency to be overly jealous at times. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

One thing I've notice about polish men (above 45) is that they love to drink, dislike America and maybe they have fixed views of certain things in the world. They believe in conspiracy theories and however they are generally very nice people who do not like to rock the boat. I feel as though Russia has brainwashed the older generation post WWII. They need to let go of the past.

I'm of Greek inheritance so please feel free to correct and enlighten me on my post. Overall I have a very high opinion of Poles. They are warm good natured people.
25 Nov 2015 #243
Omg Polish ppl are Knts bullys bombastic arrogant sob ever walked the plant, my neighbour is one i feel like smashing her one.
25 Nov 2015 #244
I admit I could have stepped on a plant accidentally in the past but I'm sure I have never ever walked one.
25 Nov 2015 #245
Wizard most of the things you said are actually ignorant and very narrow minded. I think you need to learn a lot more about Polish culture and its history. More so I don't belive that you have been in Poland since your vile statements are very foolish. I can only agree with you on one thing Polish people are very patrotic because their love their country like many other nations in the world and there is nothing wrong with that. Poland has suffered much more then America throughout its history. Comparing Polish people to Hitler is the most horrendous think I hear in ages. Within current political events I would say that Americans are actually behaving more like Nazis. Since your government created a conflict of interest by killing innocent people in Middle East to harvest oil in places like Iraq and Syria. Well raised sensible person wouldn't say the things you said with such a hatred towards one small country which is grate and many different things. All countries are good at different things it's called diversity. I hope that they are less narrow minded people in America like you. You probably disagree since you can take all of this honesty. All I can say is sorry to be one of those people who have to state the facts. I understand that some people don't like this because they don't understand it. Apologies for my imperfect English but this is not my first language. One last thing learn not to rage it's a very useful skill in life.
27 Nov 2015 #246
I think you mean arrogant beacuse you are being ignorant, at the moment.
German George
17 Dec 2015 #247
That's why I love Polish people they are racist and not afraid to express their true feelings
nothanks - | 640
17 Dec 2015 #248

The overwhelming majority of the Planet is. This "equality" crap in Western Civilization is just a cultural marxism ploy and usually results in Whites losing out.

For example China, Japan and Korea altered the posters for the new Star Wars film: shrinking the black actor.

Asians are racist, we all know it and they could not care less. Increasing amount of Whites in Western Civ are losing this backbone. And our society is suffering because of it
3 Feb 2016 #249
polish people are rude, ignorant, pathetic and so hurtful. A few polish people go to my school and they all are mean and they make fun of me and the way i look. just cause i look different atleast i dont have a face thats is covered with pimples like them. Yes most of them are clever but they're just that and nothing more. They just go on and on about how good theyre country is compared to other countries and they at like the world is nothing with out poland and im like WTF!!!!! honestly, some are so butthurt and im writing everything i can to get rid of that horrible feeling i have inside me because of the polish people in my school. im not sayin all poles are bad but im just saying most of 'em are.
3 Feb 2016 #250
"get rid of that horrible feeling i have inside me because of the polish people in my school", I had the same problem when i went to school in the UK in the early 60's the English kids were a nightmare, I couldn't speak English at the time, I used to go home with that very same feeling, guess things don't change, idiots is idiots.
3 Feb 2016 #251

jon357 67 | 16,900
3 Feb 2016 #252
guess things don't change, idiots is idiots.

You've hit the nail on the head there, Dolno...
3 Feb 2016 #253
" JUST GET AWAY FROM ENGLAND", why should they leave England, the pay, healthcare and benefits are great little earner compared to Poland, at least you will be able to voice your opinion in the forthcoming EU referendum.
Wulkan - | 3,249
3 Feb 2016 #254

Nah, you are butthurt by them expressing their opinion, You can be either adult and get on with it or cry like a baby which is what you've been doing so far.
Poland girl
18 Feb 2016 #255
Um I'm sorry who are you to say what country is the most stupidest??? Well bet you dont know a single TRUE fact about Poland and by the way you just insulted everyone who's polish INCLUDING ME
porky pok 2 | 127
18 Feb 2016 #256
Um I'm sorry who are you to say what country is the most stupidest

most likely another jealous brit who is definately underachieved in his sad life and jealous of successful poles.I have never seen that feeling among poles for brits in Poland.
singingfalls 3 | 50
18 Feb 2016 #257
What a waste of time...but I will chime in anyway. Between 1964 and 1974 I traveled all over the world and have seen many people. I grew up in inner city USA in a "Polish" neighborhood. My grandparents on both sides were both Polish and came from Southern Poland and Western Ukraine. They were good hard working people that came to a foreign land without speaking the language in a time when the world was at war and was slaughtering each other by the millions. They suffered hardship. They raised large families and fed and clothed them well. They never forgot their roots and during the years after WWII sent and brought many things to their families in Poland from the abundance they found in America. I truly and heartily respect them for that. It was love and very powerful.

Poland is one land I have not visited but Lord willing someday soon I will.
I have seen the bias expressed by Wizard among many individuals and groups in the world. It is darkness and causes pain. He expresses the language of a fool and should be avoided and pitied. I am grateful to those of you who have expressed reason and wisdom regarding this matter in this thread. You give me hope. Thank you.
Wulkan - | 3,249
18 Feb 2016 #258
I have seen the bias expressed by Wizard among many individuals and groups in the world.

Don't let the trolls like Wizard cause you pain, this is what they live on. Be strong and visit Poland, the sooner the better.
singingfalls 3 | 50
18 Feb 2016 #259
People that are provocative like the OP do not live. They merely exist. But you are correct, "the sooner the better" regarding my visit to Poland. I have been doing googleearth and have the exact spot my paternal grandmother was born and a rough idea regarding my maternal grandfather's place. The draw to go there is very strong for me.
28 Feb 2016 #260
Wizard dont waste your time mate! its been the same crap down the years from them, I to have travelled loads also & what you were saying is bang on, Polish women are lovely lmfao, You dont even get so much as a nod! from any of them, & there bad attitudes is only matched by there fashion sence, I have Latvian/Hungarian/Serbian/Lithuanian & even Bulgarian friends & let me tell you they have more class than the pish on any day of the week! come to think about it ive never met a nice pole yet in all my 40 years, What gets me the most thou is if were all the junkies/homos etc & poland is so great well why do they choose to come & live here???, In a nutshell ive found polish people to be the most two faced/ignorant/uneducated/disloyal & just outright nasty people I have ever had the misfortune to come across, I normally don't get involved in there petty bs but there egotism needs to & will be cut down to size come june here, Just ignore them! there full of it! a polish politician says recently there the "worst kind of poles" so that kinda sums them up "the words" Thanks.
Librarius - | 91
29 Feb 2016 #261
Polish women are the most beautiful in the world

I sense in this a handsome compliment paid by an old English lecher aimed at young and stupid Polish girls to make another conquest.

However, if this gent sexsual advences are repelled with scorn then suddenly he is painting a picture of Poles in general as the most ignorat People on Earth, the chipest slaves, usualy working at a waste recycling plant or at most at a warehouse - filling up the lowest of the low social strata of OUR SOCIETY. Am I right?
10 Mar 2016 #262
Im living in the US and from what im seeing so far is not very good for the Americans. Heres what ive abserved in my years at school, Americans tend to instantly have this blind habit of asuming that "the great and powerfull America" is the absolutly best,most powerfull,most influential countrey the world has or ever will know. Heres the truth, Americans are messing with half the world saying how powerfull they are and thinking that their opinion is worth 10 times as much as anyone elses. This is not a very thought out tactic is it. The truth is America may have one of the best armed forces in the world, but messing with every countrey is just plain stupid. This is literly one of the first things i heard when i came to America in 1st grade."What is poland like, are the houses like those indian things?", and then the folow up "wouldnt those things burn, but now youre here in America and our houses dont burn". Ive seen these stupid assumptions all throughout elementary, middle and even in high school. Face it allmighty Americans, you are the most arogant nation there is. Polish people may be very over protective of their countrey and coulture, but at least they make the effort to learn about other countreys before assuming that they have "straw houses".
11 Mar 2016 #263
Can someone enlighten DONLOSLASK that Poland pilots helped England in there greatest time of need in WW2 and Winston Churchill stated without the help of the Poles they could have lost the war. Of

Polish and Slavic women in general are the most longest lasting beauty of all women
11 Mar 2016 #264
Polish people are the Best among Europeans. If I had the privilege to marry an European that would be a Polish Girl...
12 Mar 2016 #265
Polish pilots helped in ww2, Yea & it was because of you guys we had to get involved in the first place! learn to live & let live, We don't all want to work 60+ hours per week & be drunk the rest of the time! & when your in other peoples countrys well live by there rules! just like i would if i ever went to Poland, Scotland isn't an extension of Poland man & the way you guys carry on is nothing short than shocking!, Ps you guys don't realise the amount of hate you have all built up due to your ignorance & arrogance! believe it or not theres people that only want to pay there mortgage & the left/right arguments don't matter here!
scrapiest - | 3
12 Mar 2016 #266
They are not only the most ignorant people of the world but very arogant, greedy, selfish and manipulating ones too.
12 Mar 2016 #267
1) ", We don't all want to work 60+ hours per week ". Comment from a lazy Marxist

2.) "They are not only the most ignorant people of the world but very arogant, greedy, selfish and manipulating ones too) Comment from a Hitler youth born a little too late

Guzeman "Can someone enlighten DONLOSLASK " don't get what you are saying to me, can you elaborate which of my comments you are Rerering to
24 Jun 2016 #268
I am neither Polish nor American, but I have visited both.

I think Poles are far more cultured, happy and intelligent, to the level that they don't even compare!
27 Jun 2016 #269
How many pollocks find this thread offensive. I'm sure I do. What's next a "how many pollocks does it take to end a thread comment" This thread is hurtful.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,085
27 Jun 2016 #270
"How many pollocks find this thread offensive." Not many we are used to it, believe me when I say this forum is now more Polish friendly in the last two weeks than it has been for years, so carry on I'm sure all your questions can be answered, we are not so ignorant honest!

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