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Polish people are the most ignorant people in the world!

19 Oct 2014 #211
ever think people get -oh you know OFFENDED!!! its insulting to polish people that DON'T say that stuff that you have to make an entire website about it! Maybe YOUR the ignorant one.And By the way I'm Polish so maybe instead of rambling on about how polish people are ignorant maybe you should actually think of how ignorant YOU are
Wulkan - | 3,249
19 Oct 2014 #212
Are people ever going to stop feeding that troll? This topic should be closed imo
6 Jan 2015 #213
Haha I just want to point out that you say that "Polish people are ignorant" like that itself is not ignorant. Also, did you visit every country in this world to say" in the world". Lastly, did you meet every person from Poland to generalize all your opinion about Poland ?

Please I live in America and I could easly say that American people are pretty ******* ignorant...basing my opinion on your opinion about Polaks.

Next time keep your gold thoughts to yourself.

Uneducated, ugly as ****, rude polish girl...hejjjjj !!
pigsy 7 | 305
7 Jan 2015 #214
I would fall under the term, dumb American by the insulting Poles.

Beleive it or not WE DO!
Mark rodgers - | 1
10 Mar 2015 #215
I think most Polish people I know and have met are nice,friendly,often shy because they do not know enough English to hold a conversation..but like a joke and a drink and work damned hard.I have several friends who are Polish and I find it very interesting to get involved in Polish interests...from picking Mushrooms and making soup to repairing cars and having a beer at a BBQ. Of course there are Polish people who are ignorant the same as any other race of people..and I think the Polish girls/Women are proud hard working people who keep a nice house and cook and take pride in their achievements.this year I am looking forward to travelling to Kraków to stay with some of my Polish friends in their home and see some of the beautiful countryside
Borek Falecki - | 52
10 Mar 2015 #216
picking Mushrooms and seeing some of the beautiful countryside

picking mushrooms
11 Mar 2015 #217
only the English dont know what Berlin is,
Only the English think that they are the best people in the world
only the English think that they are not Europeans but British

.. or maybe instead of bigotry and my minor experience ill just stay we are all the same, and our ignorance or knowledge only depends on how many individuals we meet along the way and thus is completely false to make generalizations on.
jon357 67 | 16,900
11 Mar 2015 #218
I wonder why you think that the English don't know where Berlin is?

And by the way, as I've said before, this is an unfortunate thread - no single nationality is especially ignorant - ignorance, like fanaticism, is a very individual trait.
trancespottingp - | 25
11 Mar 2015 #219
You're lucky you can hide behind your computer screen because if you said that Polish people are ignorant to me or any of my Polish brothers and sisters I'd rip your face off and wipe my ass with it..

Polish people aren't any more or less ignorant than other nationalities... Poland has been home to some of the most influential and intellectual people in the world - Marie Curie, Chopin, Pope John Paul II, Casimir Pulaski, Donald Tusk, Jan Matejko, and countless others. Poland has been at the forefront of medicine, science, mathematics, art, poetry, political science, and international business for hundreds of years - from the golden years of Poland when it was the 4th largest country in Europe and pushed back the Ottoman Empire, to the defeat of the Russians at the Battle of Vistula, to the reconstruction after WW2 which has allowed Poland to now have an economy roughly the same size as that of Sweden in terms of nominal GDP. There are now 2 Polish billionaires and thousands of Polish millionaires living in Poland and abroad.

Next time you belittle a country and its people why don't you first think of where you come from and the faults and hipocrocies of your own culture. Has there never been a thief, murderer, fascist, alcoholic, rapist, etc. where you come from?
jon357 67 | 16,900
11 Mar 2015 #220
I'm glad you agree. It's impossible to brand an entire nation as either ignorant or wholly unignorant - only individual people can be described as that.
11 May 2015 #221
The author of this thread is, as far as I can see, the most ignorant person here. Judging a whole nation as being "stupid or idiotic" as the author said, is not only ignorant but also racist towards the country.

I don't understand the comparing of America and Poland in this thread because:
1. They are alliances!
2. How can you compare a Polish person going abroad and an American? American people don't go abroad because they don't need to. Their country is huge and full of attractions whereas most European countries are fifty time smaller than America, but are all unique. This is why Polish people go abroad on vacations, because they are interested in other cultures.

The author says that Poland claims to be the best, whereas America always has to be better no matter what! I am not saying that the author or others in the thread are American, but from what I can see, the main focus is on America.

It is true that some Polish people say that other countries are stupid, but that is a vast minority and it is the same in EVERY other country in the world.

In my opinion, the most ignorant country is unfortunately America. Americans don't see world other than America itself! I've been to several countries in Europe and no one who I have met said such bulsh*t as the author, but they did say that America doesn't see world other than itself.

Now, others here said that most Americans know only English, this is true, but doesn't mean that they are stupid or ignorant. But as a matter of fact, learning a foreign language teaches respect, which the author doesn't have.

I myself am fluent in English and Polish, and I am also learning Spanish and Irish.

Now, for the sake of it I will say why some Polish people are like that. Poland has been through an extremely hard time during the history, but has withstood everything that has came across the country such as WWII. These Polish people that you consider ignorant are just proud for being Polish because of what Poland has achieved and they have the right to. And you may have your own opinion about Polish people being ignorant, that's ok, but calling them stupid and idiotic is different. That is no longer and opinion but an insult.

People like the author make me truly ashamed of human kind.
24 May 2015 #222
i must say that they are most racist and no one can drink more than Poles
Crow 146 | 9,292
24 May 2015 #223
i don`t think that are Poles ignorant. i rather sense deep confusion in Poles.
GodWhy - | 5
26 May 2015 #224
Wow, you haven't said a word of truth. I suggest you educate yourself.
zeeke 1
11 Aug 2015 #225
american people are very liminated they dont know nothing at all about other country ,you can see on american tv shows how stupit this nation are.

thanx .regards to all polish people in the world.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
11 Aug 2015 #226
@Zeeke: unfortunately you are right. 99.99% of Americans don't know anything about the outside world. When as a teenager I first went there for a vacation, I was asked "do you have cars, fridge... in Europe?" I know some Pole who was asked in the US whether there is ... running water in Polish homes. Sad but true!
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,840
11 Aug 2015 #227
99.99% of Americans don't know anything about the outside world

wild exaggeration.
There are stupid people from every country in the world. Just that AMerica is bigger so there are proportionally more of them.
I have also found French people to be extrememly insular and unadventurous, but I would not be so arrogant as to apply this to the general population..:)

I dont find Polish people "ignorant" either, but I am not really sure which definition of "ignorant" you are applying.
Crow 146 | 9,292
11 Aug 2015 #228
ha, all who thinks that are Poles ignorant are crazy morons.

One only need to be elementary normal when talk to Poles and they opening itself.
Wulkan - | 3,249
13 Aug 2015 #229
I want nothing to do with any more Poles!!!!

Boo Hoo. What are you gonna do with your wife now?
befranklin 1 | 41
13 Aug 2015 #230

You're from the USA that you need to say!

Has anyone met so many people from another country who is more arrogant and ignorant than Poles?! - Yes My fellow Americans!
bullfrog 6 | 603
13 Aug 2015 #231
Has anyone met so many people from another country who is more arrogant and ignorant than Poles?!

- Yes My fellow Americans!
Sometimes I think my fellow countrymen/women the French could compete for this title!
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
13 Aug 2015 #232
I love the generalisations in this thread.

5 times in Poland and you have seen the whole country, that is impressive.

Like Jon357 says - Ignorance is an individual trait not an ethnic trait.
I would say about 50% of Americans have never left their shores and know nothing about the rest of the world from my experiences of meeting Americans.


I have not experienced the French as being ignorant, they choose not to speak to the English and pretend they don't understand :D

The world has lots of stupid and ignorant people and they are equally shared out amongst all the countries.
bullfrog 6 | 603
13 Aug 2015 #233
I have not experienced the French as being ignorant

You're right, it was more the second adjective in befranklin's sentence I was thinking about...
29 Sep 2015 #234
Wizard oviously has waaaay too much time on his hands to write this much about a country that is proud of themselves, and Wizard do you live in the South of America because you sound like a person who listens to FOX news everyday and thinks that all foreign countries are inferior to America.
3 Nov 2015 #235
First of all, I'll Answer PennBoy's question about why Americans haven't traveled as much as poles. A) Look at America's size. Can you really travel all over countries as easily as in Europe? I can surely travel more states than you ever have in your life. So don't give us that. One can travel from eastern America to the west, then up to alaska, than to mexico and back on up to Canada, just like you poles travel to Germany, and to France and Spain.

B) You also don't need a passport if you just want to travel in America. Simple as that.

Also, about poles being rude in general, it is somewhat true, because if you look go on Google Search and type in: "Why are polish people so", the first thing that comes up is "beautiful" 2) "strong" 3) "rude" 4) "proud". The first two are probably most searched by poles themselves. "I am so beautiful and strong". And the latter two are most searched with people who are annoyed by poles being, just as stated, rude and proud. So please don't be racist toward poles, just because they are poles. (Those poles jokes are old anyway.) But if you actually have problems with poles [specifically] being more nationalistic and arrogant and rude, then I suggest three things to do to either stop them from annoying you, or stop being annoyed with them.

A) dont listen to their overly-excessive love for country.
B)dont say america is better, because its not. We have our own problems.
C) try to make peace by saying, "Alright, lets say great things about eachother's country every time we say something great about our own."
Wulkan - | 3,249
3 Nov 2015 #236
"Why are polish people so", the first thing that comes up is "beautiful" 2) "strong" 3) "rude" 4) "proud". The first two are probably most searched by poles themselves. "I am so beautiful and strong".

Interesting logic you follow, you made my day with that one :-))))))))))
Crow 146 | 9,292
3 Nov 2015 #237
No, Poles aren`t ignorant. They don`t ignore anything. They are well aware of the facts and only idiots would be surprised by the Poland`s actions in time that is in front of us. Poland and Poles is about to finally try to do something for themselves, thanks to historical circumstances and without being patronized by so numerous false friends (within NATO and EU) of Poland and Poles, who in fact utterly despise them and hate.
3 Nov 2015 #238
If I had to choose one country to take this prize it would be the poles.

I have been to quite a few countries, including America twice, and Americans are probably the friendliest people I have come across, especially New Yorkers. They help you without even asking for help.

You come across Poles that have decided to move to England and they are so passive aggressive. I have one Polish Friend who asked me to their country and I had to say no because I honestly could not bear to be around them with no get out. If the ones that choose to come and live in England are that rude then god knows what the ones still over there are like.

I went into a Polish shop once to by something recommended by a Pole and I was refused service for being English. That even surprised me.

All in all they are just not very nice people with very few exceptions.
3 Nov 2015 #239
If you're English pinhead then I recommend spending more time learning your own mother tongue. Think you're one of those approx 20% of youths leaving primary school early to become jobless because... well... Why waste time for things you don't enjoy when your Gov will help you survive anyway with all those benefits for illiterate slacks?
10 Nov 2015 #240
I'm German American truck driver I love Pollocks they have a higher value to the survival of the White race. Brains are not everything

I never thought of Pollock s as being rude. Less obserant. Retarded body language. Vulgar pessimist. Hospitable, narsassistic. They are my favorite people.

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