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New Polish generation prefers black culture?

OP cheesymac 4 | 61
18 May 2011 #61

I agree people should take Gangsta Rap out of the air and ban it from television, but guess what? The predominantly white businessmen who are occupying all those jobs in the media circus like to promote and sell all that sex and violence to the masses because it's marketable, so maybe it's not *all* black culture that's the problem here? I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

I hear that a lot... but aren't Jay-Z, 50 cent, Eminem, and Dr Dre... also The Game... possibly Lil Wayne... but these artists... sell independently or from their owned label... the money goes and the ideas come from them...

It use to be the white-man, even then Def Jam was owned by Russel Simmons before he sold it to Jay-Z...
apparantely they are not taking the initiatives upon themselves, instead profiting...
but you did clear up the hip-hop culture and plastic rapper/ thug scenario out... I still think should not be allowed to blame a white person... unless he has a gun to your head telling you to rap... not a briefcase full of money.
Wroclaw Boy
18 May 2011 #62
I agree people should take Gangsta Rap out of the air and ban it from television,

What no:

Fuck dat n1gga


Its part of society mate, white dudes from well to do families sing hymns at Christmas, n1ggas form the ghetto rap about murdering and Police etc.
Havok 10 | 912
18 May 2011 #63
not at all, sorry. Why would I lie about it? Is there anything wrong with being Polish?

It's important to be very clear how you feel about your own Polish heritage. Following that train of thought you're as much Polish as I'm, therefore when you say "your countryman" logically I could say the same about you, unless you're telling me that you have nothing to do with Polish heritage. Do you catch my drift?"

Also, regardless what people say on this forum there are significant numbers of people who are ashamed of admitting being Polish. The underlining irony of this particular tread seems to be that these kinds of people tend to be very prejudiced towards others and the intensity of that feeling tends to be directly proportional to how they feel about their own self worth and the heritage.

In simple words, a lot of Polish are racists because they're ashamed of whom they are themselves, or basically you have to love yourself for what you are before you can love others for what they are.

I hope this makes sense to you my little grasshopper.
Trevek 26 | 1,702
6 Jun 2011 #64
Are Polish youth attending Protestant churches and listening to the repetitive histrionics of a sweaty fopishly dressed peacher before joining the rest of the congregation in a boisterous gospel singalong whilst dancing? I think not.

Well, there's a gospel choir based at the evangelical church in Olsztyn, it has Black guests from USA to run workshops. I hear they even go in for the old holy-roly blessings.

The local philharmonia has also hosted some splendid Black American classical singers/musicians and the Olsztyn Blues Night has featured Black US Blues artists.
PolskiMoc 4 | 324
6 Jun 2011 #65
In simple words, a lot of Polish are racists because they're ashamed of whom they are themselves, or basically you have to love yourself for what you are before you can love others for what they are.

Alot of Polish people are racist because racism is human nature. Poland has not been manipulated into White guilt as much as the West has been.

Before White Guilt propaganda most of the West was racist too.
Trevek 26 | 1,702
6 Jun 2011 #66
where blacks are there are drugs...

They say that about Russians and Albanians too
jarnowa 4 | 499
7 Jun 2011 #67
I don't think that black culture is very popular in Poland.
Sometimes i hear loud hiphop from a car radio, but when i look at the driver it's mostly some bald lowlife with tattoos who looks as intelligent as the average rapper. :D

Rap culture is only popular among youth with low IQ so no need to worry about a whole generation getting lost. :)
Meowmeow 5 | 58
7 Jun 2011 #68
I think the new Polish generation should not listen to black music as it can promote violence sometimes.... I think the new Poles should instead dress , listen and immerse them self in Indian music culture.... I can see it taking over Poland even having the evening news start with some traditional Indian music...

Even the kids can be entertained by Indian cartoons less violent than American ones!
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
7 Jun 2011 #69
Rap culture is only popular among youth with low IQ so no need to worry about a whole generation getting lost. :)

I think the new polish generation should not listen to black music as it can promote violence sometimes

Rap music as sometimes called sieczka by critics in Poland has been proven to make people dumber.

Also people should know just who really they're integrating their neighbourhoods with. We don't need anymore "White flight"
pretty soon we'll all be forced to live in the suburbs.
legend 3 | 664
7 Jun 2011 #70
I cant speak for Poland (havent been there too long).

But I can say that in general in America/Canada a lot of white people have been exposed to black culture and some of them enjoy it. The same is true for Poles over here.

We can say that part of black culture is rap maybe. When I grew up I listened only to rock/alternative (by choice) and christian songs (fed to me). Later I discovered metal and like it to this day.

Sometimes I got bored and have found some rap and/or hiphop songs.

Actually the two bands I have listened to (I dont know what to call them rapper group) have some interesting lyrics which mostly are true. So not all rap songs are "dumbing" down.

I will agree that is certainly possible that a lot of rap songs is maybe violence, going against society (oh some metal is this too), some rap songs speak badly of white people (if a white guy sang something bad about black guy he would get kicked off air, etc).
OP cheesymac 4 | 61
7 Jun 2011 #71
Meowmeow 5 | 58
7 Jun 2011 #72
I actually was taking the ***** don't agree with violent lyrics, but if the was no black culture in america, lord we would still be listening to classical music. Even country music has some black culture in it even tho it's predominantly white. Can we please stop with the black hating on these threads... That sort of behavior should remain in the 1950's.
TheMan - | 56
15 Jun 2011 #73
Oh dear, if you do not have at least two separate unrelated black friends I don't think you need to be commenting. The only people you see on the news or making the headlines are the stupid, ignorant "Thugs" in the same way that any documentary on football shows every football game east of germany as being a hooligan-filled riot. Like almost anyone growing up, there'll be youths acting out trying to define their "individuality" it doesn't always come out positively, but you hope they outgrow that phase quickly and get their heads screwed on straight.

It is RARE to see a black person above the age of 35 actually dancing to hip hop, appreciate it probably, sing along to it maybe, but there is only a narrow window where you are influenced by what you see and hear and as long as you have been brought up right, Eminem and Dr Dre will not make you gag your girlfriend and put her in your boot or shoot a policeman.

I'll admit I have and do occasionally listen to hiphop, not for the "message" or the bling but for the expressiveness. Nowadays though, I must admit very little effort goes into the majority of tat that is marketed so all you can do is focus on the content and it really doesn't make pretty listening.

Even Tupac, one of the more violent elements in hiphops history was a talented lyricist and in between his rants about money and hoes he actually put out a lot of positive messages and is remembered for those as well (e.g. Dear mama, letter to my unborn child, changes, hail mary, keep your head up etc) but you always have to pay the piper and his good messages didn't balance out the bad (karma) he accumulated and so he met his end at the hands of the same gangsta culture he helped cultivate.

No genre is as clean as we'd like to think, as Tennessee Ernie Ford said, "....shot a man in Rio, just to watch him die..." not the most positive role model from the country music legend.... Don't even get me started on Death Metal, so you have to think are a few kids pretending to be Eminem really going to bring about the end of days...?
PolskiMoc 4 | 324
15 Jun 2011 #74
Most Young Poles listen to Electronic music. Techno, House, Trance, Disco Polo.

There are enough Polish metalheads too. Poland right now has the best Death Metal scene in the world. With bands like Vader, Decapitated, Behemoth, Dies Irae, Vesania & many others.

Not all Poles who listen to Rap love Black culture.

Alot of Polish Hooligans hate Blacks but Listen to Polish Rap.

I am a Polish American living in the U.S & I think Poles here are less likely to listen to rap.
Especially compared to our Catholic rivals like Irish, Italians ect who are Catholics who moved to the U.S at a similar time to similar places as Poles did.

Irish & Italians in the U.S seem to listen to much more rap than Polish Americans.
15 Jun 2011 #75
Disco Polo

This is not electronic music. And this is not popular music (maybe only in small villages).
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
15 Jun 2011 #76
He wouldn't know a damn thing though - he's an American who sits in his parents basement reading "white nationalist" forums.

I'm sorry that these idiots associate themselves with being Polish :(
25 Jun 2011 #77
Rap music as sometimes called sieczka by critics in Poland has been proven to make people dumber.

Original publisher - Source WSJ:

"Of course there is the whole correlation is not causation thing, but, I mean, duh,"

It seems that it is more dumb people prefer Gospel and Hip-Hop than being the cause of being dumb. Pised me off a bit as Eminem and Kayne West(808s Heartbreak album) are two of my favs. But then anyone who listens to one genre is showing a certain narrow mindedness...Don't know if I'd call it dumb though definitely dull.

Only Polish pop music I've heard are Blog27 on UK airwaves,not at all black sounding, but they seem to have faded away.
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389
25 Jun 2011 #78
If young Poles look to present African-American culture for worthwhile content, they will find they scrape the bottom of the barrel.

African-American culture formerly was rich, particularly in music, because much of it came from the church, in terms of gospel, which gave birth to modern R & B, and pop...Jazz was also a great contribution, but a lot of this was drawn from European classical, in terms of harmony and structure.

These musics and artists, from Duke Ellington through Miles Davis and Coltrane, through Motown, Stax/ Memphis and artists like Aretha Franklin were all music that elevated...They were lookin 'upward' for creative inspiration, while mingling in elements of street rhythmns and such.

Hip hop or rap is simply low ghetto culture mixed with computer programs, and it looks to the gutter, not upward.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
25 Jun 2011 #79
You can still hear rap music blaring out from car stereos here. I was making this point to my wife last night, that there is more and more emphasis on English-language music. It's almost like Poles seem to think they have nothing of their own to offer and look beyond.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
25 Jun 2011 #80
It's probably some sort of a Polish nation's complex. Like people think they're worse than other nations even if they know it's not true. Because abroad there are mostly negative stereotypes of Poles.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
25 Jun 2011 #81
There could be many reasons for favouring black culture but a lot of it has to do with escapism. It's not that rap music is their no1 choice, it just represents a change in thinking.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
25 Jun 2011 #82
It's theirs. It's one of the few things they can call their own.
25 Jun 2011 #83
Enticing thread, guys!

I can only confirm many prior postings and add that in much of Northern Europe, the trend towards the so-called 'Afro-American' culture/musical expression (hip-hop, rap, reggae), slang (ebonics) and dress (doo-rags etc..) has been going on for at the very least over twenty years. When in Denmark, Germany, Holland and Sweden during the late 70's and well into the 80's, established 'classical' European culture started to become marginalized and the more aesthetic 'African-American' culture of prior generations, e.g. Langston Hughes, Marion Anderson (castigated by some as 'too white' leaning LOL!!), Henry Ossowa Tanner, James Wheldon Johnson, even the great Satchmo himself, gradually fell into disfavor.
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389
25 Jun 2011 #84
There could be many reasons for favouring black culture but a lot of it has to do with escapism. It's not that rap music is their no1 choice, it just represents a change in thinking.

You are right.

BTW, I talk as someone who knows, because I have been a musician for almost 30 years...I was influenced by the great Black blues guitarist like BB King, Albert King, and bluesmen like Muddy Waters...I have also played a lot of Jazz, and had the privilege of studying with a few of the greats.

Mist older African-Americans, who grew up listening to all the great music, look at rap and such as garbage.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
25 Jun 2011 #85
Hardly what Martin Luther King had in mind in Aug 1963 :)
25 Jun 2011 #86
Amen, Seanus! If he were still alive, he'd turn over in his grave.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
25 Jun 2011 #87
Lyzko, more likely than not, yes.

Joe, the new generation, like any, are influenced by their peers who were largely cut off from music like Motown, Blues and Soul. Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and so many others were left unheard for the most part. Although not majorly into the music stemming from black culture, I have a healthy appreciation for so many black artists due to spending a lot of time with my old man and his music collection. We must remember also that, despite having communism, black American artists were far more in the spotlight in Britain than in Poland. Another salient point is that we had/have many more commercial outlets in GB. Music is expensive here, horribly so at times. It's not that easy to come by.
8 Aug 2011 #88
There is no such thing as ''black culture''.

I believe what you want to talk about is "Ghetto African American black culture".

Unbelievable that youz group so many people, so many lifestyles and cultures into one segment of one country's culture.

Who you are you to say that there no such thing as black culture? I dare you, I double dare you to stand in front of the Jewish community and say in front of them with a straight face that theres no such thing as Jewish culture. I highly doubt you would because they would shoot you down since you'd insulted them. So what makes think that am entire community of people who identify as black and have music, history food, spirituality etc that is unique to them but then you have the nerve to turn round and say theres no such thing black culture. At the same time you were prepared to acknowledged ghetto African American black culture. Black culture does not just exist in the ghettos as it may be a surprise to you that not all blacks live in ghettos and yet they still maintain a unique culture outside the ghetto that is separate from mainstream society an example still being the existence of the black church. Or does the black church not exist either research the civil rights movement before you say the black church doesn't exist. Black culture is varied and diverse and whilst some may rightly argue that there is no clear cut definition of black culture it most certainly does exist because if it didn't then why is it so influential around the world to the point where even white polish youth are copying it? I think you would rather close your eyes ear and brain and deny the existence of Black culture then acknowledge that a brunch of dark skinned people have any sort of influence to white polish youth and degrade it by saying it ghetto. How DARE you deny the existence of the culture of MY people and call it ghetto I KNOW there is black culture outside the ghetto because I myself grow up, experienced was and raised by it despite myself being half polish.
8 Aug 2011 #89
The polsi are not very hip like alot of eastern european countries .....look a russian idiotic attempt at making a fantasy movie( A SUPER CHARGED FLYING LADA) ............i rest my case .It is the same with poland, they think its hip to listen to rap and dress like charvers .Ive seen many a polish chav clone .Trouble is that polish(like charvers) are obsessed with the new and white and clean and trainers..thus driving in the chav direction.........shame really because polish are not out and out scallies like chavs are, its just that poles associated with chav to get the hookey gaer and on the side deal (POLISH/JEW MISERISM .

nunczka 8 | 458
8 Aug 2011 #90
WOW! No truer words were ever spoken.. London just got a taste of a mixed culture society yesterday.. Hang in there you European liberals, it's heading your way

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