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Internet providers In Poznan?

Da3bOur213 1 | 1
13 Sep 2014 #1
Hi Everyone

I have a simple question i hope i find an answer for it here
i recently moved to Poznan from Gdynia, I had Multimedia line for my internet and now in poznan i could'nt find it
so i asked in their facebook page they told me we don't provide it in poznan
and UPS too does'nt provide it, So now i'm confused, can please someone suggest a good net company to get :)

Regards :)
PC_Sceptic - | 70
13 Sep 2014 #2
Do you speak Polish?

if yes check this forum:

If no, I cannot help you. Unless Google translator will be sufficient, but i doubt it.

also check this :

You are in Poznan, talk to people, ask them. I'm sure that there are tons of gurus.

Actually I have better idea. Go to Old Square (Stary Rynek) which is loaded with wineries, cafes and other joints. Go inside and look for dudes around 20-25 listening to spotify or iTunes.

Sit by the table and say this.
"I will buy a beer for everyone, if you tell me what is the best combo provider in Poznań. Top speed internet, telephone and zillion channels in HD TV". I i guarantee it that you get your answers.

This way you solve the puzzle who is the best and maybe gain few friends.
Don't shop around providers, because each provider business is selling business and they will tell you fairy tails how good they really are, just to make a sale..

That's what I would do.
jon357 71 | 21,107
13 Sep 2014 #3
So now i'm confused, can please someone suggest a good net company to get :)

Ask your neighbours what they use. If you live in an apartment building it should be cabled up already, perhaps by more than one provider (I don't remember whether or not they do that in Poznań) ask the caretaker which company most residents use.
Gaucho 2 | 49
18 Sep 2014 #4
ask about Vectra, I got 30MBs fiberoptic connection on a monthly rolling contract of 45zl/month + 100zl installation fee. They give router/wifi to use for free as well. To take it down you have to give a 2 month notice.

I found it much better than all other big company options as don't need a phone landline and don't require long term 24 month-contracts.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
19 Sep 2014 #5
ask about Vectra

Da3bOur213 keep away from Vectra or you will be sorry.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,198
21 Apr 2020 #6
Any one know about good VPN in Poland?I was using windscribe but its not good any more.I heard surfshark is only $1.99 pm compared to Express vpn for $6.67 pm?

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