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Hanging out with Polish Banda street people in Berlin

22 Oct 2017 #1
I got to tell you guys, it isnt the turks, russians, urkianians or even albanians that have a lockdown on the homeless and street lifestyle society down in Berlin, it is Polaks. The language is everywhere. The mission it is one group to another, one crew amongst many. Go to Warschau street or the street named after warsaw, and a whole black market is there mostly dominated by black or african drug dealers but plenty of polish husslers and huge groups of polish homeless and thieves in groups outside of the near s-bahn tunnels. The blacks knew this polish squad so well they would just start talking and following everytime we walked by to take a ****.

I got to know some of them, entered their secret world, and learned how they navigate from train to train, tram to tram, bus to bus. how they scour the entire city by night. how they have the schedules figured out when mission gives out food (loads of it in berlin as I was there one night) and I experienced being homeless myself (I am the polish guy kicked out of the u.s. recently constantly banned on here btw) and Berlin has to be the only city I would do it at in the world, the only one where you could kind of survive and be comfortable without having to officially work or even really steal.

You can get by the mission (gave me a sleeping bag plus food twice a day gets distributed I went once) and I hit my stuff in this park and slept in it that was gated at night so I had it all to myself in the nice or uptown part of berlin, while the polish crew were mostly at centrum or Alexanderplatz.

Anyway, I first ran into these guys and I only have this one pic of them from this day I took secretly after hearing their polish, when i went to alexanderplatz which is the main square in berlin full of shops and street music and husslers. I thought for sure they were russians or totally east euros in character people, maybe hooligans, when first seeing them from far away but then i hear the language. most of them had at least a couple missing teeth from streetfights and many had grown kids while they barely looked over 25. Most of their families were also trying to get them to come back or save fare money for them but they just got used to da life.

I will tell a funny story that feels like right out of a movie. In fact it reminded me, the situation, of the first godfather movie where Robert DiNero's character, older Corleone, went into that house with those two thugs, later underlings, to steal the carpet they promised him was safe and they knew the owner. Well, in my case they said they had a real warm place to sleep and asked me to join them. They also said they knew the main guy or that it was free for now by him, so I ended up going to this street near Warschau where a lot of action was happening outside. and all of a sudden one of them shoulder checked a main door and it opened.

So I thought ok, maybe it was just tightly shut but it didnt look like he broke no locks or nothing snd kept going with them. Then the same guy told us to kick back and be quiet. I got a bit tense at this point, but figured what the heck and kept going. Then some door in one of the apartments i side the building started creaking open and they all started bolting in different directions. I hid with the third guy. Then he yelled down in low voice, all is clear. and as we started heading back up we heard some loud bang. like he bolted a door in this time for real and opened it, but then some other neighboor got out and we left. at this time as the other guy hid and told me, "stay here. where are you going?" I just freaking bounced lol.

I had a bad image in my head of going down with them by a police raid for a robbery or burglary while i had an iPad and mac air with me in a backpack on me (they didnt know about as again this was all part of my pet project and the experience to live like them and not let them know i had any money or things valuable). It was straight like out of the godfather. you are hanging out with these guys and next thing you k ow some break in occurs lol. they were all masters at the night, masters of surviving urban lifestyle.

I have to give it to them, these were some of the most free people you can find in today's hight ech and corporate world where most of us are slaves to suits and corporations working all day for nothing. they at least live it.they dont just talk about it but live it. I douldnt figure out why there were so many of them and polish here living that lifestyle but i didnt even see that many in poland like warsaw. either berlin draws them here from poland or i imagine they go in search of work or hope then get caught up in the life and never look back. pure freedom.

That is the pic I mentioned I took before I got to know them. I never got to know the dress, o guy with sweats but the skinny dude is actually the one who busted the doors and he showed me where you can stash **** for all day like bags, in some store and all worts of survival stuff in the city. The other guy, short dude, with that hat or red shirt was funny. This all brings me up to the story that first day I saw them of their arrest or contact with police. Here is that multimedia:

I even have vids of this but the next ay they were out and about and this is when I first said, hey you guys are polish, I hear the language while I had a patriotic uprising sweater on and it rolled from there. Oh and the skinny dude above picture arrested and who broke he doors is from warsaw apparently piękna street or has some family here (or he says).
G (undercover)
22 Oct 2017 #2
wow fascinating...
Ziemowit 13 | 4,126
23 Oct 2017 #3
Can anyone with some more time on hand make a short summary of the OP's ranting, please? It is simply too long for reading...
Atch 17 | 3,227
23 Oct 2017 #4
I skimmed over the first couple of of paras quickly and I think it's that PolishUltras guy the one who's obsessed with 'hooligans' and organized crime gangs.

God, what an unmitigated eejit. He's talking some rubbish about Polish guys who live on the street in Berlin and don't want to go home even though they have families who want to help them - all very well until you hit forty and the rheumatism starts to kick in.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,851
23 Oct 2017 #5
I think it's that PolishUltras guy

yes that was my first thought too. Kind of hard to hide the 'style'
OP ExpatLifestyle
23 Oct 2017 #6
Yes that is me I never denied it, Im the guy kicked out of the u.s. for hooliganizm what else do you want? want to get some lol? Im also proud east euro slav non west pro east motherfuker. fuk the west and us and trump. ultras worldwide unite.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
23 Oct 2017 #7
kicked out of the u.s. for hooliganizm

Wasn't there something else?

How come (banned) non-members get to open threads?
OP ExpatLifestyle
23 Oct 2017 #8
No, for the actual charge and reason I went to prison and got kicked out (not counting urs before history or I dont need to esplain myself to you in any way anyway) I got kicked out for beating the fuk out of a gypsy named raphael luciano who attacked me first and was abusing his kids. look the name ralph or raphael luciano up he has pics of naked kids he is holding and he tried to do that to me by holding them that way and using them as shields while he threatened me and talked ****. that is what the west thinks of polaks, they punish us for doing a good thing and really defending ourselves and believe a gypsy trash. and you still think were west lol. go hit those courtrooms in west and youll see what we are.
OP ExpatLifestyle
23 Oct 2017 #9
Here is my whole story on my blog, and I actually have a higher education so obviously if youre polak that doesnt matter because they will believe a gypsy scum like this over you in the so called "west":
Roger5 1 | 1,458
23 Oct 2017 #10
"I left and helped my mom's friends with a resume (another her skill I have in case anyone wants o hire me to fix up their resume)."

Are your services very expensive?
OP ExpatLifestyle
23 Oct 2017 #11
by the way if you want to concentrate on me liking teen girls (i would go a bit lower in the past but nothing ever happened besides one time kissing in poland with a chick who was from a cillage and could easily have passed for 18 her breasts were literally size od my head and I was only 22 the. and her mom and family knew about it but because at the time I lived in us and was just visiting they threw her st me like those moms at polanski daughters) let me tell you. read an article in wprost recently about how in poland no one really even gets punished for anything but rape. if you sleep with an underaged girl the courts only take cases where she screams or there is some trauma. nothing i ever did was like thst nor have anything done was against the will. i always looked young and young chicks always liked me and checked me out. why dont you just accept this fact. i was czught in a small hick us town cop sting trying to meet so eone for which they gave me a misdemeanor. do you need anymore info. i am in poland now in my culture and i would never have been punished because i am not in west or judged by west nor have i again done nothing against anyones will. age is just a small factor snd meeting someone is not even illegal. they punished me for being polak, not for doing snything. why csnt you accept that? all mys tuff since then were hooliganism.
OP ExpatLifestyle
23 Oct 2017 #12
No, I can fix up resumes for $50 give or take and that is if you are satisfied with it.
OP ExpatLifestyle
23 Oct 2017 #13
Here is he wprost article:

it clesrly mentions that for what i did, simply flirt maybe trade pics and mess around online and then try to meet who herself was willing and i even waited the whole time to i itiate anything as not to push anything on her, girl even that same age esp since i was onli in my early 20s in Poland either there would be no case or suspended and no registries or anything of the sort. this article mentions some guy in poland actually raping a girl that age and getting nothing. poland is no u.s. or west. in fact i really am surprised no one tried to set up modeling studios or porn rings like in the urkiane here with these laws.
OP ExpatLifestyle
23 Oct 2017 #14

Here it is google translated, here is the original article:
Paulina 9 | 1,448
26 Oct 2017 #15
That's a very good article, quite an eye-opener. I must admit that I was shocked by some of the info included there. Maybe I'll translate the article later on if I have enough time, because that Google translation is crap.

i would go a bit lower in the past

Only in the past? Then why did you post this photo and write on this forum that you would "f*ck" this "goddess"?:
She doesn't even have breasts yet. In the same comment you wrote that "in Poland there are many slutty girls like this too this age". How would know that?

one time kissing in poland with a chick who was from a cillage and could easily have passed for 18 her breasts were literally size od my head

In another thread you wrote that she was 12-13 years old. I really doubt that a girl this age could have easily passed as an 18-year-old and have breasts the size of your head.

and her mom and family knew about it but because at the time I lived in us and was just visiting they threw her st me like those moms at polanski daughters)

You mean they knew you were having sex with their daughter?
26 Oct 2017 #16
No let me tell you this, I was only 22 thenand never had sex with her in fact my whole life I never had sex with anyone I dońt think under 24, yes I wasted my entire life. and that stupid conversation those kids were discussing about age of consents around europe in that cafe in warsaw was bullshit cause I cant get any of it snyway, none want me and my whole life was a waste and now i can only get older lonely ladies while I am ignored everywhere. I had my chance and blew it msotly only fue to fear of how people around me perceive me if I hit on them in piblic or being very insecure and one slight rejection I leave instead of trying to keep talking.

None of those aoc mean anything, its all the same fuk those idiots discussing a moot point. and no she did look old i had a pic of her with me yrs ago and people on imdb said she looked my age or older. she was like 5"8 living in small village near lubsko and we only made out, she two days after meeting her wento to austria for vacation and I had to come baxk to u.s. she was also very good with the baby (her nephew) and would cradle it, and she and her friend were talking to or hitting on some other guys when I first saw them in lubsko then they walked by and when she kept checking me out i said how are you doing and asked if she wanted to talk and she came baxk later and wrote her gg on my hand. when we met her mom was around and gave us even rides to her place i lied about my age but i think she knew truth because she asked about my college studies (at the time i went to uni in ca).

It was the greatest and only romance od my life and now wenever had sex I respected her wishes but she said ahe would have if she stayed longer didnt nee dto go to austria and would ask her mom to let me spend night and sneak at night to me.
26 Oct 2017 #17
Her name was Natalka, she was a tall and slavic looking girl. Beautiful but kind of tomboy. I did finger her and she let me and even put my hand there, she even let it from behind and it was smooth snd she told me she either had that done that way or possibly she meant all way in lol. she was just so ahead of her yrs and mature it was unreal. she literally was more mature looking and ahead in terms possibly of esperience than the polanski girl. too bas i had audh luck and she was going to austria with fsmily two days later. she wrote poems to me though and called me at dirst and left me a bracelet to remember her.
26 Oct 2017 #18
and again thst was then over 10 yrs ago, this is now. Now I just want to say I had sex (full sex not just kissing or foreplay) with one 16 yr old in my lofe where 16 is the aoc like Poland. Is thst too much to ask for out of life?
26 Oct 2017 #19
what was funny is when she walked me back to the forest path to go bakx to lubsko I guess her reputstion preceded her because some other teens and kids sitting st some bunch bench were harassing her and calling her names, so I am guessing she dates a lot or theyw ere jelous she went after guys not them, I domt know but I finally said for them to shut the hell up and leave her alone and she tried to calm me because one of them is big nad hooligan or something maybe olde rso close to my age at the time.
jon357 63 | 15,216
26 Oct 2017 #20
yes that was my first thought too. Kind of hard to hide the 'style'


uys who live on the street in Berlin and don't want to go home even though they have families who want to help them

Yes. Homeless people have a very low life expectancy (in England 47 and in Scotland 39) and very few people survive sleeping rough for more than a few years. Berlin is bitterly cold in winter.
Roger5 1 | 1,458
26 Oct 2017 #21
few people survive sleeping rough for more than a few years

Especially as so many of them turn to adulterated smack or Spice for comfort.
jon357 63 | 15,216
26 Oct 2017 #22
When life is saying a great big 'no', it's hard to blame someone for jumping at the temporary 'yes' that drugs bring.

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