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So I found out the guy I was prepping myself to fight in Warsaw

Narodowiec33 1 | 6
8 Jan 2018 #1
Is already fired for attacking other patrons or throwing himself at people. See I am usually right and judge of character well. All those situations in Umerica I got in legal trouble with was with guys exactly like this except who were sleek and used the law and lies to their advantage against me. Anyway, this mongol or asian used to work at the Sogo club and I fought him on independence day because he got in my face threatening just because ai tried to use the bathroom and even said I wouldorder a drink. I actually was walking by and the main bar and he got in my face like an incha way and I was already hot due to the atmosphere of independence day so I said he is a kurwa or behaving like one and he got even more hot and jittery literally he shook his hea dlightly and fist like I spat on his mother. hehad suchw eak impulse control. anyway, I was. osntantly prepping myself and teying to psyche myself out to go back in there and go a second round with him and this time without a jacket he can grab and hold onto and not let him get the full attack dirst but either square up or give myself some space so when he attacks ill have more time to react. In our fight I only hit him with like one or two hooks and he went all full on me kneeing me in the face until i straightened my head and pushing back at end we were fighting over a chair that fell over who would grab it first and I said get my stuff or bag that fell and Ill leave and left. but when he was in my face I kept telling him touch me and see what happens and he got right against me so I shoulder pushed him baxk thats when he went all out at me.
OP Narodowiec33 1 | 6
8 Jan 2018 #3
What do you mean? the guy was a hothead and attacks people. he didnt have to attack he could have just backed up or not got in my face in the first place. Secondly all I wanted to do was use a restroom, he took his bias or hate against thr march on me. I was right in the end because he obviously had priors or after situations hence why hes not working there no more. How do I need help? unlike him, I dont work in customer service, am a bar tender, or a bouncer (not sure exactly what he was). Plus, if I was really tough or fewrless like. Dirk Dagger, for instance, id have got right back in there with a knife or other marchers or legia people like those hooligans who tear entire bars up.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
8 Jan 2018 #4
How do I need help?

with your aggression and desire to get into physical fights with men..:):)
OP Narodowiec33 1 | 6
8 Jan 2018 #5
I sont desire it, but Im not going. to get punked or put down for no reason on a constant basis. I let a lot of **** go and people constantly perceive me as weak or think Im rich or something and try to walk all over me, so all I do sometimes like in this case is stand my ground. I didnt actually plan on fighting him the who,e time he was in my face, I never attacked him, I think he is more like the way you describe. The only time in my life I straight attacked was when Iw as in peison and that was like only twice to put myself in the hole away from the Northern Riders prison gang who were all Gatheirng forces against me. All those situations in Umerica were a result of their slyness and trickery and cops hating a foreigner or wanting ane asy case and no. i vestigation, not because I was the agressor orstarted the problems. I simply didnt baxk down and when the fights came they came, in Poland no one really goes to cops or uses cops with lies or suing people or trickery or go to doctor for insurance money, etc. so its a whole diff world. even a guy like this isnt afraid to attack people i side an establishment he works while in the usa hed probably be sued by now.

Trust me Dirk Dagger would probably go back in there or hiring people to shoot him or something, knowing his mo. I actually did let it go even though i tried to go back in once when he was there it wasnt to fight him but scope the cameras out and he charged me with another guy and i got out.i could have easily maced them if I had a mace or brought one there but didnt. see i do hold back and am peaceful and changed now. I let it go because ai remembered in pruson I pro ised my grabdma before giving me the strength to attack those gang members that this will be the last time I will attack or fight by will.

Lol speaking of which a song is playing in this restaurant I'm at right now thst brought me right back to prison, to the hole or SHU in San quentin adter ai attacked two of them in one day after they threatened me across all tiers the previous night and ai didnt sleep just prepped myself all night. In morning before chow when the cells opened one od their heads went forward to grab a piece of trash they kept throwing in front of my cell and that was when I kneed him in the face.They went backward and I went into their call and threw some jabs and walked out. the taller one, wino or sticks lent badk looking at me and I told him I actually wanted him instead as he was the one who threw the whole water bag in front of my cell and my cellies trying to flood us. so later they were hot when Iw alked to chow and had their top shirts off as they paced at me pointing. I went in to sit and they sat newr me saying they will shank me and started pointing at other ryders in chow for signs, hand signals, and thats when well dirst I said, go hands id you have balls. but I got up and put myself in the hole by exchanging with wino. then they yelled to get down and before they could mace me or us I did. But in the hole we had crank radios and I would listen to that song: do you recall, the time we were together or some crap but love the tune, do you recall something like that.
Sparks11 - | 335
8 Jan 2018 #6
funny...i've been in wawa for over a decade and have never popped into the sogo club to use the bathroom or for any reason for that matter....i also never end up getting into weird situations and fights like the ones you find yourself in on a near daily basis. You are truly special.
cms 9 | 1,271
8 Jan 2018 #7
You didnt pay to get in ? Thats probably why he got upset. Anyway good luck fighting them - I've been there before and they do not look people I would take on.

Next time go to the bathroom in Luzztro next door - its only 10 zloty to get in, open all night and a favorite place for Legia fans to let their hair down.
8 Jan 2018 #8
Sogo club

Google reviews report it as a clip joint. Its run by gangsters.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,062
9 Jan 2018 #9
Beat up all leftards and make the World better!
OP Narodowiec33 1 | 6
9 Jan 2018 #10
Whats funny is I went in there to est one time and drink a beer before ai had the incident with the perfectly spekaing Polish Mongol, and I saw this chick who was eating or something and sitting alone and she straight reminded me or looked like one of the girls being trafficked or eillingly stripping/hooking in the recent Denzel Washington movie where he takes on the Russian Mafia in New York or east coast. She had the same look and everything as that girl in thst restsursmt lol and like her was earing alone. Another funny thing is one time I ran i to a black guy at that fist bar in fromt of Pawilony newr the store and he met some hooker or ran into her who was drinking there. I overheard the whole underworld scene of Warsaw in bits and pieces. He said he was like me actually an expat from usa but running from the law ther or from consequences of having a record like me, so that got me curious from the get to. then he said something like why do police allow something at some of the joints and she mentioned because the big boss or something about a big boss paying them off or being important or something it hella reminded me of that denzel wqshington movie as well. Its likelife is calling on meto be a hero or savior again andbecome denzel wqshington or somejonf. likei did in claifornia to the gypsy who was abusing his own kids and taking advantage of the welfare system lol that put me in prison.

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