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How do you fight such a hypocryte society?

11 Apr 2024 #1
something in your life you truly want not evens ex just attention form them and being with them that society fights so hard against and make sup lies makes up fake age of consents (saying its 18 in poland and thinking im too stupid to google it or read actual lawyer pages saying it is 15 and even ironside on this evry forum tried to make an idiot out of me btw) makes up name calling ad hominems just to stop this thing you want? lets say this is somehting you want more thanw ealth than anything.
Miloslaw 21 | 5,170
11 Apr 2024 #2

Someone help me out, what were some of the names this drunken paedophile used in previous posts?
11 Apr 2024 #3
nobody wants you or your polak filth bro. go back tyo ur sh-thole brown ugly country run by your stupid religious church form the vatican.
11 Apr 2024 #4

fuckin polaks unterm,enschen go figure. they have issues with over age of consent se xbut sell drugs to kids. hope russia can make it great again soon.
11 Apr 2024 #5
sorry i got a bit carried awa with the anger but i hat ehypocrytes. if ur going to drink smoke with or own kids common in lodz or beat people up common in ldoz or be a nationalsit common in lodz or sleld rugs to kids common in ,odz why not 16 yr old hoookers then?
11 Apr 2024 #6
i actually met and had sex with a 16 yr old sort of chubby but not bad big breasts girls off fotka dot com in lodz who was nypersexual and an ex drug addict and says she started prostituting herself ehre at 13. but girls like this are hard tyo find even in the most patologia areas of poland i mean no one like tiffnay taylor seems to exist here:
11 Apr 2024 #7
why cant poland be more like australia and accept stuff like this like her fmaily accepted she was giving lapdances and hanging out with a 38 year old guy at 12? why is poland so different from austrlaia where even ghetto areas like lodz wouldnt accept such behavior or regular normies would even stare or make comments unlike australia?

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