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Polish films... where to find them?

29 Jul 2008 #31
P.S. is there any links you can give me so i can watch it in subtitles??

Your best bet is to download it as a torrent, I have just tested this link and it is a 4 hour download @74 kB/s.
It is with English subtitles.
tornado2007 11 | 2,274
29 Jul 2008 #32
thanks a lot, i'm downloading it now, will let you know what i think :)
Wroclaw Boy
29 Jul 2008 #33
If you prefer torrents you can register on ( via sms, cost about 5 pln ). best torrent download tools are &

File sharing is ILLEGAL
tornado2007 11 | 2,274
29 Jul 2008 #34
ow what a shame, go back to your basket weaving lessons :)
29 Jul 2008 #35
File sharing is ILLEGAL

10 Sep 2009 #36
Tray --
filmpolski - | 1
11 Sep 2009 #37
here ( are plenty of polish movies from 70's and 80's. you can watch for free
anamsav - | 1
7 Feb 2010 #38
Hello -
I'm looking for Krzysztof Krauze's 1988 film NOWY JORK - CZWARTA RANO (NEW YORK, 4 A.M.), with or without subtitles. Have looked around (Merlin, Polfilm, Netflix, etc.) and no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Eurochannel - | 1
2 Jun 2010 #39
Hi !

Eurochannel, the 100% European content television channel presents Polish Stories, a new batch of unique Polish short films and documentaries that connect viewers to the heart of Poland.

Tune in on channel 7-5-2 and discover Aria Diva, Stiepan, What it’s like to be my mother, A woman sought, Behind the fence, Rendez-vous.
4 Feb 2014 #40
Hi, I am looking for movies for my husband who is Polish American and very interested in his heritage. He loves old films, indies, and documentaries. I keep reaching dead ends on amazon and on the Internet in general. Where can I buy a good selection of several films, and can some be suggested for me? Thanks. Monica Slubicki.
30 May 2014 #41
Couple of options:

netflix - quite a lot polish titles
dish network with Polish premium package
ebay - surely more polish movies than in amazon
polish tv on internet, for example,, and other
3 Jul 2014 #42
I recommend Dorota Kedzierzwaska
15 Jul 2015 #43
A list
miodowe lataAaaa
11 May 2017 #44

Miodowe lata - where you can watch online or buy?

Does anyone know where you can watch online or even buy miodowe lata thanks :)
Kuzyn - | 23
12 May 2017 #45
26 Jan 2020 #46
Can anyone recommend any more sources, torrent sites, etc for Polish films and TV programmes, preferably with English subtitles? I've found a bunch of old classic films on youtube but I'm looking for more modern stuff as well. The main reason is having another aid for learning Polish.

For anyone who's interested this site is good -
Lyzko 30 | 7,431
27 Jan 2020 #47
I'm currently watching a recent Polish movie, "Zimowa Wojna". Anyone familiar with it?
It comes with Polish subtitles and so it's ideal for learning:-)

Miswrote the title! It was actually "Zimna Wojna" and it was made by Anton Pawlikowski.
pawian 178 | 15,547
7 Feb 2020 #48
Yes, the one nominated for Oscars and with European awards two years ago. No, I didn`t watch it coz I don`t like psychological dramas anymore. Watching them brings some memories from my life which I would like to forget.

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