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Polish and Czechs

gumishu 11 | 4,850    
6 Jan 2018  #151
It's a friggin psycho "expat".

judging from his user name a Jamaican
Lyzko 18 | 5,309    
6 Jan 2018  #152

You choose only the most extreme examples to prove your premise. Why not simply come out and admit that many Poles during the War agreed with Hitler that the Jews were less than worthy of saving, if only for different reasons.

Study the history of anti-Semitism some time and learn how the Church taught the heresy for centuries that the Jews killed Christ.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
6 Jan 2018  #153
It's funny how hypocritical you are. When Jews betrayed their own kind, you claim they did it for their own safety. Even if they did it for money. When you talk about Poles, you accuse them of innate antisemitism, you can't help blaming Catholicism and so on.

You see - it's you who's prejudiced against Poles and Catholics - not all Poles are Catholic, just like not all Catholic are Polish, BTW.

The difference between me and you is that I condemn people of any nation or ethnicity that had bo respect for others' lives but you come up with excuses for your folk.

What do you know about Poland then or now anyway? You just come here to give vent to your anti-Polish sentiments.

Is there anything you can contribute to this forum except for accusing Poles of antisemitism?
Is there nothing else you can talk about except for aantisemitism and Holocaust when it comes to Jews?
mafketis 16 | 6,295    
6 Jan 2018  #154
you come up with excuses for your folk.

As someone said, most ethnic guilt is about feeling that your descendents will think you were too xenophobic, most jewish guilt is about feeling your ancestors will think you weren't xenophobic enough...
G (undercover)    
7 Jan 2018  #155
Study the history of anti-Semitism

Stop polluting every thread with this crap. It's boring.
Ironside 47 | 9,254    
7 Jan 2018  #156
Study the history of anti-Semitism

Study the history of anti-Semitism is a sophisticated way to promote bigotry, hypocrisy and a victim complex used oft as an excuse to be a xenophobic, racist a-hole to all but your own tribe. In this way atheist people can base their religion sectioned prejudices on 'scientific' resentments.

Czech and Poles are different cultures. Due to same historical connections and some similarities people might think otherwise. In fact there is little nowadays that would connect both cultures. Poles and their culture are not interested for Czechs and vise versa
Lyzko 18 | 5,309    
7 Jan 2018  #157
Poles and Czechs are nonetheless Slavs, much as the Portuguese and the French are technically Latins and therefore will share certain common tendencies (linguistically, for instance), even though they might indeed have little to do with one another on a practical daily basis:-)

As far as the rest of what I've posted, I consider my remarks both appropriate as well as historically accurate.
mafketis 16 | 6,295    
7 Jan 2018  #158
Poles and their culture are not interested for Czechs and vise versa

A number of people I've known rather like a lot of Czech movies both classic and more modern, not to mention the classic tv series hospital on the edge of town and woman behind the counter (and a couple more).
Lyzko 18 | 5,309    
7 Jan 2018  #159
Used to be during the Sputnik Era, Russian (more then German, even more than English) was the glue which held communication between most Slavs together. Much later during the '90's after the fall of the Wall, English of course took over (German though overtaking in certain sectors among the Poles).

Today, I personally know any number of youngish Poles terribly curious about Czech Republic as well as the Czech language. Vice-versa though, I really couldn't say.
NoToForeigners 6 | 986    
9 Jan 2018  #160
Trusting Russia..... always a miscalculation.

Exact same rule applies to Hamburgericans.

Remember that Hamburgerican Democracy is measured in megatonnes.
Lyzko 18 | 5,309    
10 Jan 2018  #161
I repeat, who pray are the Hamburgericans? Do you mean perhaps butt-kissing Germans who tow the party line of the West, chiefly the States??!
If yes, then say so plainly:-)
Crow 146 | 7,595    
12 Jan 2018  #162
By the God, brat pan Czech president Zeman was today attacked by mad naked black woman. What a crazy times




Source: Serbian media, only truly free European mass media > b92/info/vesti/index.php?yyyy=2018&mm=01&dd=12&nav_category=78&nav_id=1346375
Taxpaying voter    
12 Jan 2018  #163
Zeman was today attacked by mad naked black woman.

He wasn't attacked, she wasn't naked and she isn't mad. But it's easy to see why you're making clearly false statements about her and him: he is exactly what she said he is (and so are a sizable number of Serbs) and she is Ukrainian, i.e. a member of a nation which Serbs who are descended from Nazi collaborators are now helping the Russians to occupy pieces of.
Crow 146 | 7,595    
12 Jan 2018  #164

I admit, its not worse from what brat Walesa got on London airport. Zeman at least didn`t got finger in dark place. To put cross on myself, what is this with Europe when maniacs assaulting Slavic officials. Is this some kind of revenge for maniacal Ferdinand??

and she is Ukrainian

no, you are wrong man. look better. Its some Gypsy woman, with all due respect on Gypsies, of course and all that
Crow 146 | 7,595    
13 Jan 2018  #165
he is exactly what she said he is

Zeman have quite correct stance on events in Ukraine. On Yugoslavia, Kosovo, too. Zeman exposed Anglo-Franko-Germanic double standards. Czech Republic here have truly admirable stance.

My dear, same as it was with internal borders in Yugoslavia, borders of Ukraine are in great deal formed by communists. For the first time in history Ukrainian nation forming its own fully independent state. You Ukrainians should negotiate with Russians about borders. Its clear to any sane and honest Slavic man in the world. If Ukrainian Nazis didn`t exterminate a lot of Poles during WWII in what is now Ukraine, today`s Ukrainians would by all means have to negotiate with Poles too about defining borders between Poland and Ukraine. Frankly, if its on me, I would strongly suggest that Poland needs to gets territorial compensation for that genocide that happened on Poles. Otherwise, Nazi ways would be rewarded.

So, instead having negotiations with Russia and Poland about newly emerging Ukrainian state, we have situation that Ukrainian representatives speak about `international borders of Ukraine`. But no, its not about that. On territory of what is now Ukraine, Russians too, have right to their own states. Situation is complex and should be solved with negotiations about borders.

As for your mention of Serbians in Ukraine, how I see things they are there to underline fact that conflict in Ukraine represent situation of internal Slavic interest and dialogue, rather then non-Slavic meddling. It is we Serbians who were involved in history of what is now Ukraine. Much of people there having Serbian origin. You don`t suggest that Brussels have more right to be present then Serbian volunteers in Ukraine?

BDW, what you talking about Serbian Nazi collaborators??? My people never collaborated with Nazis. Serbian Chetniks were even involved in saving Poles around Lwow from onslaught by Ukrainian banderist Nazis. It is completely another issue that, tragically, thanks to British and USA schemes (all well documented; USA even officially apologized for this, Britain never apologized), during WWII, we had situation that our patriots who fought against Nazis, also waged Civil War among themselves (communists vs. royalists). So, in that situation, some of Chetniks and some of Partisans dared to collaborate with Nazis in order to harm other side involved in Civil War. But those were sporadic and isolated cases and all perpetrators of it were hanged in time for treason. It belong to that old story that we all have our traitors. Problem is, my dear, when traitors wants to rule country, to form policy, as it is case with `Nazi banderists` in Ukraine, thing that already happened in Croatia- where rule `Nazi ustashe`.

please back on the topic of this thread
Crow 146 | 7,595    
10 May 2018  #166
So, Poles and Czechs, my beloved sisters and brothers, how I heard today brat Duda got interesting information from brat Zeman. Seams that brat Duda learned from brat Zeman that Czech Republic also used to produce `Novicok` nerve gas and, if that is truth, it is one more proof which suggesting that evil Britain used nerve gas on Skripal- Russian citizen, kidnapped him and tried to blame Russia for that. Zeman`s point is that these days Russia was target of British scheme and tomorrow target may be Poland and Czeska. If not already, actually from long time ago.

Glad to see that Polish-Czech relations nicely develop. Good to see you side by side, in these troubled times, when western Europe collapsing and, in its mortal agony, grabbing what can be grabbed.
4 Jun 2018  #167
In the US Czechs and Poles are quite friendly to each other. They consider themselves "of similar stock." To Poles here, Slovaks are considered "hillbilly Poles" and some regard Slovaks as Goraly who made it all the way over the hill (I do see the resemblance).
Lyzko 18 | 5,309    
4 Jun 2018  #168
If nothing else, the two peoples look similar to me.
15 Jun 2018  #169
Polkas are hotter than Czech women in the faces ;)
Lyzko 18 | 5,309    
15 Jun 2018  #170
That's your opinion. I've never been one to test the hotness of Polish as opposed to Czech faces, so I really can't say.
15 Jun 2018  #171
Yes, it is a personal opiniin based on observations.
Lyzko 18 | 5,309    
15 Jun 2018  #172
Most personal opinions generally are:-)
Miloslaw 8 | 874    
15 Jun 2018  #173
Not that many Czechs in The UK but plenty of Slowaks.
Slowaks get on very well with Poles here and even adjust their accents slightly to speak in Polish.
Interesting thing is that older Czechs and Slowaks could understand each other because Czechoslovakian TV and Radio used both languages.Now separated,young Czechs and young Slowaks cannot understand each other.
mafketis 16 | 6,295    
15 Jun 2018  #174
What I've heard (from a couple of different Slovaks) is that Slovaks still understand Czech (when I've been in hotels there at least 50% of the TV channels were Czech and newstands display Czech and Slovak magazines and newspapers together) but Czechs are losing their ability to understand Slovak. When it was one country there was always a Slovak presence on state radio and TV and now in Czech it's all Czech all the time.
16 Jun 2018  #175
It really is painful for me as my nation is very Russophilic (they helped us liberate ourselves from the Ottomans). Despite all the problems they've caused us open up any news Bulgarian website and the comment sections are full of Russophilic trolls. What is scary that some might be unpaid. Bulgarian Russophiles like Russia so much they in fact like Bulgaria less and want to see us as a dependent territory. They tell me that the Black sea coast has many Russian residents. Most Russians I've met have been terribly rude or annoying, they act imperialistic. I also hate how the politicians in Bulgaria are almost all Russian puppets.

What I find weird is how many there are in Prague... and they act around with more confidence than locals. They are very rude and agressive. The girls are hot but still often cold or rude. Imperialistic attitudes. If Russia is so great however, why don't they go back?!

I hope Warsaw is not as Russified (unfortunately the Baltics already are!). I don't know why Czechs don't do someting? Russians are doing to Prague and the Baltics what refugees are doing in the West - overtaking the local's cities by mass immigration.

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