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Bad Polish mothers

rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
30 Aug 2013 #31
she is now in the pysch ward claiming insanity but her facebook profile shows she was happily playing farmville 4 days after burying her kid amazing how people become unstable after they get caught

it was hardly the action of a sane person, and you dont need a clean bill of mental health to play farmville
30 Aug 2013 #32
Yeah but strange how when she realized she was caught she became unresponsive funny saw the father on the news pretending he had bought clothes for the baby and was really looking forward to meeting the kid which is weird as the woman had hidden the pregnancy from doctors co-workers and neighbours she was denying she was pregnant to the police at first and has no excuse at all for what she did i know the town she lived less than 1km from the hospital also her mother in a totally unrealated issue took emergency holiday from work the day before she gave birth and they also sent the grandmother away for a few weeks all stinks really and the family are just digging themselves a deeper hole
14 Jul 2015 #33
Merged: Polish woman who starved & beat her son to death dies in British jail

The pity is that the vile creature didn't serve longer.

Magdalena Luczak, 29, was found unresponsive in cell, while serving 30 years for murder of her four-year-old son with partner, after 'unimaginable acts of cruelty'
The mother of murdered four-year-old Daniel Pelka has died in prison, less than two years into her 30-year jail term, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed.

Magdelena Luczak and Daniel's stepfather, Mariusz Krezolek, were jailed in August 2013 for the "incomprehensible cruelty" leading to the toddler's death.

Luczak, 29, was found unresponsive in her cell at HMP Foston Hall in Derby at about 7.15am on Tuesday.

14 Jul 2015 #34
Hopefully she got the same done to her from the female inmates and hopefully her murdering bf will be next.

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