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Self-employed and wife on contract job. How much in social charges should I pay?

Gaucho 2 | 49
10 Jul 2014 #1
This guy explains the general process pretty well: foreigners in poland /work/start-business-in-poland.html

But I have this doubt to go ahead for it (already have Karta Pobytu and PESEL):
- I understand the % of what I have to pay in income tax. But I think it's too high the social insurance of roughly 400PLN(per month) during the first two years and almost 800PLN later, as I'm not sure if I'll win much and my wife already has me on insurance thanks to his full time contract job with an auto company.

My question is, if I register myself as self employed, with my wife paying insurance for me on his current contract job, how much would I pay in social taxes (not including personal income)?

Thank you in advance!
11 Jul 2014 #2
and almost 800PLN later

That's what kills business and entrepreneurship in Poland. These fees are too high (especially for new businesses).
Snowflake - | 71
11 Jul 2014 #3
If you're register your own company since then you're not longer under cover your wife social insurance.
OP Gaucho 2 | 49
12 Jul 2014 #4
hmm that sucks. Really sets the whole idea back. I have valid permanent residence in another country, but also the temporary in Poland. I'd prefer to pay taxes only in country of origin but if I'm right Poland makes you pay anything you make while you have Polish residency (and live in Poland more than 180 days a year) Thanks for the info! I'll post again in case I find new information on this.
Snowflake - | 71
13 Jul 2014 #5
My advice is choose place to pay taxes in most comfortable place for you. Earn here in Poland and have registered your company in some other country (read: cheaper). It is all legal. Poland is not friendly place for small or medium business.
OP Gaucho 2 | 49
14 Jul 2014 #6
Oh ok, so even residing in Poland most of the year, if I have my own personal project in another country, pays taxes there and collect my money there (my case, Argentina) and even use foreign credit cards to buy everyday groceries here. Then I wouldn't have to pay any kind of income tax to Poland? (granted that I have ZUS insurance coverage thanks to my wife's company contract)
milawi - | 60
14 Jul 2014 #7
Actually, it's possible that you have to pay taxes in Poland AND in your home country, I can not find on the Internet information whether Poland and Argentina have signed a convention for avoidance of double taxation. You should ask at your embassy.

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