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Procedures to open college in Poland with studies in English.

love_sunil80 14 | 127
11 Jan 2012 #1
My friend is considering opening a college in Poland. He would like to know the procedures involved in opening a college in Poland. Can you guys put your input for the same. He is planning to start courses for Polish and for foreign students but only in English. Your suggestions are most welcome.

Midas 1 | 571
11 Jan 2012 #2
And 90% of these foreign students will come from Pakistan/India for visa purposes? :-)
11 Jan 2012 #3
Think about hiring Brits or Americans to staff your English language program(s), otherwise, you may have a recipe for disaster. My colleague's question re: visas is a good one. Think about it as well.

Very best of luck! You'll surely need it, what in this market:-)
mauritius_2302 8 | 21
11 Jan 2012 #4
I am Indian and Looking to open some business in Poland. I am living in Poland for past 4 years and I speak the language little. I was doing previously business of Indian handmade jewellery but didnt work quite well. I am in India now and I am planning to open some business in Poland. If you have some good business Ideas which can be done please do suggest me. Also I am looking to import things from India, Please advice. Your valuable suggestions are welcome.

Best Regards

So your friend is actually you! good to know that! looool! Get it straight mate!
OP love_sunil80 14 | 127
11 Jan 2012 #5
My friend too much thinking and R&D is not healthy :) I am looking for business Ideas to open in Poland which means I am looking for some ideas which can work in Poland. If I would already have an Idea I wouldnt be looking for ideas am I right? My friend has Idea and I am collecting info for him, Does it make sense? I hope I am getting it straight for you cheers mate :)
16 Apr 2013 #6
If you want to teach English in Poland you need to be English or American. Unfortunately Poland is not that multicultural and I think your friend may have some difficulties.
Sonu 2476
9 Jul 2020 #7
Hilo sir I am indian how can opan in private institutions in Poland
pawian 218 | 22,787
9 Jul 2020 #8
All Indians are welcome in Poland and they can opan in wherever they want.

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