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Maximum daily limit for international bank transfer to/out of Poland

4 Apr 2020 #1
Is there a maximum daily limit for transferring money internationally out of the country?

My bank has been blocking outgoing wires and I can't get an explanation.
4 Apr 2020 #2
Yes almost every bank imposes a limit according to its policy, not only for international but also for transfers within Poland.
pawian 179 | 16,124
4 Apr 2020 #3
My bank has been blocking outgoing wires and I can't get an explanation.

Tell us the name of it so that we know where we shouldn`t keep our money.
OP Bankster
6 Apr 2020 #4
Alior Bank. I have lowered the amount to be sent, and it keeps bouncing back. I ;have sent online messages for a week without a response. I have a bill due soon, and they won't transfer my money. There is no live chat, just a message system, and they won't respond to a basic question, why are the transfers blocked? I will now have to make an international call due to the lack of service.
cms neuf - | 1,600
6 Apr 2020 #5
I have had a problem with the same bank, same issue about a year ago. Was paying a tax bill outside Poland. It only took a day or so to sort it out, so you need to speak to your advisor.

Is it a normal country ? or is it somewhere like Cyprus, Malta, Monaco etc - that will automatically be held up
Cargo pants 3 | 1,170
6 Apr 2020 #6
Last time I sent money in $,it took only 5/6 days from States in my account,didnt have any problems.That was in 2012 and the amount was 6 figures.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 888
6 Apr 2020 #7
I wired money from US in USD on Friday, was in my account this morning. Have sent money the other way, and never a question or restriction. PEKAO Bank has been very good.
OP Bankster
6 Apr 2020 #8
Is it a normal country ?

Yes, very normal. I have sent money before through Alior without a problem. This time, everything is a problem.

so you need to speak to your advisor.

The problem is that the international phone number for customer service, +48 12 19502, isn't working. I don't mean no answer, I mean not in service. I tried the regular number and was on hold forever and I finally hung up. I found an email address which promises a response in 24 hours. Time will tell about that promise.

The customer service is horrible here. Perhaps it's related to people working from home due to the Coronavirus, but it's been over a week now and my money isn't moving.
jon357 67 | 17,054
7 Apr 2020 #9
I used to have trouble a few years ago making transfers to Citibank Polska. They wer useless; frequent delays and when I asked why, they just made stuff up from the top of their heads/ Usually blaming the kontrola dewizowa.

The transfer request is probably sitting in the in-ttray of someone who's off work and not having their role covered.
OP Bankster
7 Apr 2020 #10
So, 24 hours later, and no response. I tried to email again and it appears that the email server is full:

It appears the Coronavirus has shutdown all customer service with Alior Bank. The solution of staff working from home through all of this was not implemented here. It's very frustrating.
Piotr123 3 | 54
9 Apr 2020 #11
I have a private banking account and there is definitely no limit on any transfers, neither to or from Poland; however, big transfers coming regularly might certainly make suspicions arise, although it did not happen to me.

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